Tantra 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati to find clue of Tantra Nagri

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Tantra 9th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Damini shows the letter to Sumati that Niyati is responsible for her suicide. She could have got Niyati caught in police using this letter but this wouldn’t have brought peace to her daughter. She went to their home but Niyati was speaking of some magic, Tantra and the sort. She suggests Sumati to stop Niyati, else she might spoil other’s lives as well. After Damini had left, Sumati tells Prithvi that Niyati isn’t responsible for one but two lives. They must stop her before she ruins someone else’s life. She decides to return Missouri as soon as possible.
Damini thinks no matter Niyati is dead or alive, she will harm her connection with her family.
Bharat asks Niyati if she had seen that black costume man. Niyati says she couldn’t, but she is sure it was connected with that sketch lady. Bharat asks her to shed some light over this Book as well. Niyati was sure no one will believe. Bharat says whatever is happening in the case for past few days compelled him to change his thought. Niyati says she followed Saudamini on the day of accident, she slipped her bike and met a Baba there. He had given her something but she reached late and Nirwan had already jumped off the roof of Jalsa. Later, that Baba came over to Jalsa by himself but a few happenings at Jalsa didn’t let him tell anything. Bharat tells Niyati that Agoori Baba’s corpse was found, he had been murdered last night. Niyati wonders how people may would be killed in this circle. First, the manager, then Geeta, Nirwan and then Baba. She now opens the book to find a solution, and reads the script. It says, eighty years from now, where Missorie now stands was a Tantra Village. The people of these Tantra Village vanished as the city was dwelled. A few believe it existed near Behram Temple. Niyati wished to go to Behram Temple. Niyati tells Akshat if there is 1 percent chance of getting to Tantra Nagri she will, she can do anything for Jalsa as it’s her father’s dream. Bharat tells Niyati that law demands proof and witness, but he is ready to unofficially allow her to any clue. Meanwhile he would seek that sketch lady. Kanchan hears this from outside the window.
Niyati tells Akshat to hire a taxi for the temple. Akshat gets a call from Sumati and says they are returning back home. Niyati runs to Jalsa and stands at the gate of Jalsa. She forbids everyone to enter Jalsa and claims Jalsa to be a cannibalism beast. This house arrested her when they were away, she nearly escaped death. Sumati heads to unbolt the gate. Niyati tries to stop Sumati but she jerks Niyati’s hand away, walking inside.
Damini reached behind and stops Sumati. She says Niyati is right, this house is really under the influence of Tantra. This girl won’t silence if they continue listening to her. Niyati question what this lady is doing in their car? Sumati scolds Niyati for forgetting her teachings as well. She tells Niyati that Damini had gone with Nisha’s visarjan. Damini warns Niyati to never claim that Nisha’s suicide was because of some magic. Sumati asks Niyati if they can now go inside. Niyati can live wherever she wish to, but she and her family wants to live in this very house. Prithvi asks Niyati how she is, he was much concerned for her. He says he doesn’t believe in Tantra and magic at all. They live in 21st century and these things doesn’t exist in today’s world. The family heads inside. Damini watch them with a smirk on her face.
Khanna family walked towards Jalsa. Niyati held her breathe out of fear. Akshat was also not convinced by Niyati and asks her to come inside. Damini came closer to cut a piece of cloth from the back of Niyati’s dress. Damini asks Niyati if she is really fearful of going into the Jalsa. She must be, because whatever she faced is true. Jalsa is under the influence of Tantra; if she wish to know who did that Tantra. I did! Niyati was shocked to hear this. Damini accepts being a Tantri-ca, she has send her family into a death well; this house will eat them all up like Shambu, Mohan and Geeta and the way it attempted to gulp her as well.

PRECAP: Niyati walks into the Jalsa. Damini tied a knot of Niyati’s dress. Niyati was under the influence of her Tantra, she accepts killing Nirwan through her Tantra and clutches Damini’s hair for disclosing her truth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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