Tantra 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sumati bursts over Niyati

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Tantra 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Niyati tries to explain herself to Prithvi. Sumati comes and slaps Niyati and questions what is Tantra, here Nirwan has died and she still wants to prove herself right. Prithvi silently asks her to stop. Sumati shouts that she lost Nirwan right in front of her eyes, and she can’t even mourn her son well only because of this Niyati. Prithvi says he also lost a son, but this doesn’t mean we blame our other children. She doesn’t believe in Tantra, but doesn’t she remember Saudamini deterred to take Nirwan to police and Niyati was only saving him. Sumati accuses that now Prithvi is saving his daughter likewise. He only gave Nirwan his name, he never considered him a son truly. Niyati requests her parents not to fight, she promises she won’t even touch Nirwan. Sumati warns Niyati to even call Nirwan a brother, she don’t even know whose filthy blood runs into Niyati. Prithvi shouts at Sumati then joins his hands to stop it. Sumati cries that she won’t live silent anymore, Niyati isn’t her daughter, and she is only his sin. Everyone in the house was shocked to know this. Sumati swears to Nirwan that she brought up Niyati and now she has to bear a huge cost of bringing her up, her own son was lost because of her. Dadi and Nani both ask Prithvi if Sumati is right. Prithvi interrupts saying he isn’t answerable to anyone. If they really think this is the right time for such a question. He comes to Niyati and claims her to be his daughter, the daughter of the house. Niyati cries hugging Prithvi, he says Niyati will always be the daughter of the house. Sumati says for her she will never be.
Mr. Bharat comes there to take Nirwan’s body for post mortem, it’s a court procedure. They even need to take their verdict.
Nisha was in the car. Damini says she very well did the role of her daughter, now she is sending to her mother. Nisha smiles weakly and leaves in the car with driver.
Niyati comes to her room, crying. Akshat places a hand over her head. She tells him to leave but he doesn’t. Niyati cries hugging Akshat, Nirwan left her and Maa hates her. They can’t even share their pain of losing Nirwan. Akshat says Sumati has stood beside her in all of her troubles and successes. Nirwan’s accident has broken her, and she couldn’t resist speaking the truth. This must have lightened her heart. He believes if Niyati continue to love and respect her as a mother, she will surely hug her again. Love is always victorious over hatred.
In the midway, the driver of Nisha’s car jumps out on the road. The steering wheel of Nisha’s car moves on its own. The car hits a tree and the oil seeping from under the tree catches fire. The car burns badly. Damini watches from behind and says she never leaves any proof of her Tantra.
A few days later, Bharat Rathod reads the report of post mortem. He says Nirwan hadn’t taken any drugs, the report shows he died of suffocation. He wonders what’s wrong with this case and remembers Niyati’s accusations over the lady the night she brought rotten cake.
At Jalsa, Niyati brings juice for Sumati but she throws the glass. Nani consoles Niyati as it wasn’t her mistake if the relations were complex. Sumati is stressed right now, things will soon get better. Prithvi comes with Astiya of Nirwan and says they will leave today for Astiya Visarjan. Sumati says everyone will go for her son’s peace; but not Niyati. Nani insists on Prithvi to let time heal everything and leave Niyati back home. Kartik says his parents will be here in Missouri, they aren’t home as they went to get Nirwan’s death certificate.
Inspector Bharat comes to mortar house with Inspector Dubey. Dubey says Nisha died on the night of Nirwan’s death. Bharat says this case is twisted and not so simple. He asks about Nisha’s mother, Saudamini.
Niyati watch the family leave in car. The Baba she met in forest appear at the entrance of the gate. Niyati walks downstairs and tells Baba she couldn’t save her brother. Baba says he is aware. He came here because this house has been turned into a beast by Tantra. Niyati says she can’t lose anyone else now. Baba says it took him a lot of time, but he found a remedy for this Tantra.

PRECAP: Damini works on her Tantra. A twister raises from within the swimming pool, and heavy winds blow around Baba. He runs for his life into the forest where wild dogs take on him. There, earth around the Jalsa begin to crack, Niyati runs inside the house. On the way, Prithvi calls Niyati and was worried why he didn’t attend the call.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Interesting episode….
    Poor nirwan died, i thought niyati would have saved her, but no….
    Some episode back they showed that gangajal failed tantra, why niyati don’t use that????

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona.

  3. Cgirl

    Sumati is a trashy nasty ass b*t*h! I hate her how she always treated Niyati and today was jus utterlyt disgusting! I will be so happy if she dies off in the show trashy woman.

    1. Actually even sumati isnt wrong.
      Her husband cheated on her and had an affair even after having wife and a child (nirwan)
      He even had a daughter wid her niyati
      Then sumati took care of her for many year even wid hatred but still
      And at last nirwan was blaming niyati so her hatred for niyati increased

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