Tantra 29th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Akshat’s body freed

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Sumati asserts that Kanchan is thier biggest enemy. Ashutosh and Nani come out of the car and says Kanchan is innocent. She initially lost her parents and now rots in jail. Sumati asks what kind of a magic is this. Kanchan speaks from behind that they are now concious.
Niyati and Akshat reach Daksh’s room. She tells Akshat that her body is here. They hear Daksh call Niyati and warn that the powers of ring are diminishing. They might vanish within two minutes and then Niyati will be trapped. He asks Niyati to give a signal that she is around. She throws a book over the floor. Niyati asks about Akshat’s soul, then writes her message through the color on floor. Daksh was worried that Akshat’s body was still in the control of the soul.
Kanchan comes from behind and calls Sumati as

Bari Maa. Sumati was aggressive and forbids her call Bari Maa at all. Akshat says Sumati isn’t in senses. Prithvi is right, Kanchan and Niyati are alike and she has same relation with them. Sumati always had a problem with Kanchan. Sumati asks what magic they created on her family. Akshat says actually Sumati has been effected by black magic.
Dr. Daksh says he must bring Akshat’s body here. He must do something which forces him to accept his defeat and come over. He takes a digit of finger from the skeleton of the coffin. He then meditates. Akshat at once feels his finger getting black. Kanchan asks Ashutosh and Nani to grip Sumati tightly, they have to free her from black magic. Sumati resists but Kanchan reads something and rubs her thumb over Sumati’s forehead. Akshat thinks Daksh and Niyati are trying to burn his corpse, he leaves. Sumati was unconscious. Kanchan says she freed Bari Maa from the magic. Prithvi joins his hand in gratefulness. Kanchan says Niyati is still left to be saved from black magic. Daksh thinks he must put Akshat’s body into further trouble so that he comes over himself. Akshat enters the house and shouts at them to stop it.
Daksh says he is here.
Niyati prays for help of Dr. Daksh. He is about to protect Akshat from that devil soul. He at once sense Daksh sent Niyati’s spirit in the Spirit world to protect Akshat, but it can’t happen. Akshat says he won’t let this happen. Daksh throws another digit into the fire. Akshat moves ahead but Daksh was under a strong shield. Akshat holds a candle stand and warns to burn Niyati’s body. Daksh holds the stand in midair. Daksh says he can get him peace forever. Akshat asks how Daksh will now protect this corpse. Daksh was shocked to see Akshat who attempts and pulls the coffin from amidst the protective cover. Daksh wonders how to stop him. He notices the decreasing powers of the ring.
In the Spirit’s world, Akshat was worried what’s happening.
Daksh sat helpless and tensed about what to do.
Akshat had pulled the coffin away from the pure shield. Daksh tells Niyati he has five seconds to connect his soul with his body. He throws a burning log into Akshat’s corpse, burning the skeleton. Niyati sits into her body. Daksh watches Akshat’s body fuming. Niyati’s ring vanishes. Daksh wonders if Niyati’s soul would be able to return to her body. He watches Akshat’s body fell down on floor. Niyati’s body also gets loosen. Daksh feels upset for not being able to help Niyati. People like her are much needed in this world. All at once, Niyati opens her eyes and was revived. Daksh was elated at the miracle. Niyati runs to Akshat who lay motionless. Niyati was worried that she brought Akshat’s soul along with hers, why his soul didn’t return. Daksh place his thumb over Akshat’s forehead. Akshat at once get a jerk and he opens his eyes. Daksh says it was the toughest case of his life, it was a miracle from God. They help Akshat stand up. Daksh says Niyati is really the Sati Savitri of this era. Niyati thanks Daksh. Akshat thanks Daksh for standing besides Niyati. They decide to return to Jalsa where everyone must be in trouble.
At Jalsa, Sumati opens the door. Niyati was relieved that everything was fine. They step inside. Sumati and everyone doesn’t recognize them. Niyati asks why they are saying so. Sumati questions who they are, it’s their house. Prithvi also seems clueless and didn’t recognize them. Akshat asks if this is a joke. Kanchan appears from upstairs that who is here.

PRECAP: Niyati asks Maa, Papa how they can forget her. Prithvi says she has only one daughter, Niyati who has died. She points towards a stranger’s photo.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    It was most difficult situtaion actually nail biting episode….
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