Tantra 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati and Akshat remove hidden cameras from Jalsa

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Tantra 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Niyati tells Guru Jee this is Saudamini. Guru jee clarifies to Saudamini she wouldn’t anymore be able to make ill uses of Tantra. Saudamini takes the challenge on a condition to counter the Tantra she did on Jalsa. They turn around to find Sumati stand behind. Sumati questions what this happening, and what’s Akshat is doing so late. Prithvi comes outside and asks Sumati what happened. Sumati says she asked his daughter the same question. Prithvi comes to Niyati and asks if she is fine. Niyati says she felt unwell, she called Akshat who already spends nights watching movies. She says Guru jee wakes up late so they walked outside to the lawn. Prithvi asks if she feels fine now. Niyati nods. Prithvi tells her to go inside and sleep. He tells Akshat to go home as it’s really late. Sumati stops Niyati and says she doesn’t trust Niyati at all, until she is completely fine she will stay in her room. She can’t mistakenly leave her alone in a room. Niyati goes with Sumati while Prithvi cautions Sumati to be careful.
In the room, Sumati lay in the bed. Niyati sat on a couch and stared the clock. Sumati tells Niyati she is sure something is taking place. Niyati proved her wrong even when she was right, now she will prove what’s going on in her life. Niyati thinks she always wished so but today situations are really different. She wish to see love in Saudamini’s eyes.
Akshat comes to Guru jee and says they can delay this search of the roots of Tantra. Guru jee says each and every moment of these nights is important and death is nearing. Akshat asks whose death and life situation this is about and swears Guru jee to his prayers and Tapasia. Guru Jee tells Akshat about Niyati’s vow to sacrifice her whole life in order to save her family. Akshat pleads Guru jee to save Niyati. Guru jee says this is a Tantra of blood, done through blood shed and life sacrifice. It can only be diminished and countered by bloodshed. They watch a nearby nail moving with a pressure. Guru jee tells Akshat that if these nails eject out of the land, Niyati will be destroyed. Akshat was determined to save his Niyati at any cost. Akshat goes to throw a brick over the trembling nail. Guru jee stops Akshat while the nail catches fire and flies up in the air to burst.
Saudamini smirks watching this.
In the room, Niyati gets a severe cough. Saudamini wakes up and asks what happened, why she doesn’t drink a sip of water. Niyati felt unwell
The next morning, Akshat comes to Niyati’s room. Niyati wakes up and thinks she slept on sofa, her maa must have brought her on bed. Akshat sits beside Niyati and complains about not telling him the truth. He was only waiting for her to wake up, so that they can tell the family about this whole truth. Niyati forbids Akshat swearing him on her life. Akshat wasn’t ready to accept it. Niyati says its about saving her family and she can give up on her life for their protection. Akshat asks what about him, what will be do without her. Niyati gets weepy and thanks Akshat for being with her forever, she won’t be able to stay with him after five days but she will always need him afterwards. She demands his promise to protect her family ever. She hugs Akshat who promises to always stand beside her. He says God can’t be stone hearted like this. Saudamini and Kanchan have no right to live or interfere in their life. Niyati wonders how Saudamini and Kanchan always know what happens in their lives and this house. Akshat says it’s the effect of their Tantra, but Niyati says their Tantra has been slept. She says there must be cameras in the house.
Niyati and Akshat look for the cameras. Saudamini sat worried for losing her eyes in Jalsa. They take off each of the hidden camera from Jalsa. Niyati tells Guru jee that now Saudamini and Kanchan can’t know what’s happening here. Guru jee tells them its their third night, they must find the roots of Tantra tonight.

PRECAP: Guru jee was sitting on the floor of his room. All at once the window behind him opens. Guru jee sense devil powers around. Saudamini bends closer to him and says she came over to diminish his powers and end his life

Update Credit to: Sona

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