Tantra 26th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati and Daksh save Sumati

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Akshat turns to Sumati who hides herself. He gets a call from Prithvi and confirms if he has kept Niyati’s mother back at home. Sumati was tensed to hear this conversation. She calls Niyati but was gotten by Akshat. Niyati was at once tensed. Sumati’s phone fells down. Akshat asks Sumati if she doesn’t care for her life anymore. Sumati says he can’t be Akshat. Akshat replies Akshat’s soul is far away, Sumati will have to shout to speak to him. He attacks Sumati but the dagger gets into the wood. Sumati runs away and hides behind a wooden cupboard. Akshat follows her inside. She decides to push the cupboard over Akshat but he saves himself using the powers. Sumati runs away but Akshat uses his powers to make a pile of boxes fell over Sumati. She was hurt in her head. Akshat clutches her neck and

says Sumati can’t live. She is Niyati Khanna’s mother and Kanchan’s enemy, she must count on her last breathes now. Someone hits his head from the back. Niyati and Dr. Daksh display their lockets which pushes Akshat behind. Akshat decides to hide the coffin, he may not be able to face Niyati and Daksh’s powers at the moment. He leads them to the coffin. Daksh throws a powder over Akshat which makes him weak. Daksh tells Niyati to take her mother outside, meanwhile he will bring the coffin.
Niyati tells Daksh that Sumati is injured. Daksh says cremation of the corpse is extremely important, he can treat Sumati as well. He brings an ointment for Sumati and goes to get the coffin from the car.
Niyati watches Daksh drag the coffin. She says finally they have got a way out to their problems. They must do the cremation as soon as possible. They open the coffin. Inside was a skeleton. Daksh sits for a Havan. He hands the lantern to Niyati to burn the corpse. Before Niyati could burn the corpse, Daksh stops Niyati and points towards a ring. Niyati says they must end the corpse as soon as possible. If they burn this corpse, Akshat’s body will also burn. Akshat will die, as this ring has special Tantra over it. The soul in Akshat’s body is an evil one. Akshat’s soul will end up after the evil soul has left. He says Kanchan has hidden Akshat’s soul. They must find and free it first, only then they can do the cremation. Niyati asks how they can find the soul. Daksh says he would reply to her questions after he has competed the meditation. Niyati asks to shift Maa into another room.
The next morning, Prithvi comes downstairs with a head ache. Everyone felt unwell. Nani couldn’t remember what happened to them last night. Akshat comes with Sadvi (Tantric Lady). Sadvi asks Prithvi about Sumati and Niyati. No one knew about them. Sadvi says that girl Kanchan must have taken them. She can use the powers of her Tantra. She says Kanchan wants to take every one of them under her effect. Sadvi asks Akshat to pick up the glass of water. Prithvi asks Sadvi only to treat herself. He allows her anything, and was ready to take even police help. Akshat thinks he must stop Prithvi, he takes him aside and says first they must do what Sadvi wants. Prithvi watches the lady mix something from a black bag into the jug of water. She asks everyone to drink this water. Akshat stops Prithvi from making the call strictly now. Prithvi could sense Akshat seemed different, and never behaved this way earlier. Prithvi watch Ashutosh and Nani turning into dummies after drinking the water, their eyes were turning red. Prithvi questions what’s mixed in this water.

PRECAP: Niyati gets a call from Prithvi. It was Akshat. He tells Niyati to return with the corpse. If she doesn’t return, he will kill each of her family member.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    Horrifying episode… If news is true this will be last week for this show or may be next week…

    1. Very nice if it ends

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