Tantra 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Niyati sense things wrong

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Tantra 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumati scolds Niyati not to create such tension around the house. Prithvi sends the boys to look into every corner of the house, they will surely find Geeta.
Damini enjoyed a drink in the bath while watching on CCTV as everyone look for Geeta around the house. She wonders what they are looking for. She turns the volume on and wonders how Niyati watch Geeta could get into the wall. Nirwan comes to Geeta’s room and checks into her Almirah. Damini thinks if Nirwan opens the Almirah he might fight Geeta’s clothes and others might find a reason to trust Niyati. She works with her magic which eats up Geeta’s clothes. Nirwan opens the closet and was shocked to see it. Nirwan hurries downstairs and says he knows where Geeta is. He went into her room, even her clothes aren’t in her Almirah. This means

she left the house. Damini was happy that Jalsa gulped the proof in time. Niyati asserts that they are all wrong, she requests Prithvi to break this wall and save Geeta. Prithvi asks Niyati if she wants him to break this wall. Damini was sure Prithvi will never break her dream for a mere maid. There, Prithvi says Break the Wall. Damini was shocked along with everyone else at home. Nirwan argues that the pillar of their house is joint with this wall, their house’s foundation might be weak. Prithvi says if his daughter gets peace by breaking this wall, they may do it. Nothing is precious than his daughter. Damini was nervous and thinks everyone will find out that Jalsa has her magic in its foundations. She wonders what she can do now.
Nirwan carries a hammer towards the wall. Before he could knock the wall, Parth comes with a letter from Geeta. She had written that she regretted what Mohan did, she can’t live here anymore out of all the guilt. Damini wonders how this happened. Kanchan stood in front of her smiling, and says she has interests in the family. She is twice as vigilant as Damini, she left the letter. Niyati wasn’t ready to accept the letter or the vanishing of clothes. Everyone convince Niyati to go and take rest. She claims even Nirwan’s engagement is wrong, everything in the house is wrong. The wire went into the socket, the comb moved by itself, Papa wanted to wait for 2 or 3 years for Nirwan’s marriage. Prithvi doesn’t remember and says it was decided the marriage will take place in a few days. Niyati shouts in panic that they have all changed. A doctor walks to Niyati to give her an injection. Prithvi runs to take Niyati in his arms and apologizes that he had no way to calm her down.
Kanchan says this Niyati is a bomb that has been defused by an injection. But soon, she will wake up with her questions again. And this time Prithvi Khanna will demolish this wall. Damini assures Kanchan that it won’t happen, she must wait and watch her magic.
In the room, Sumati tells Prithvi to take care of his daughter. She is afraid that Niyati might pose hurdle into Nirwan’s engagement. Prithvi reminds Sumati that it was Niyati who forced him consider Nisha for Nirwan. But there is a lot going on in this house, what if this house is really unlucky for them. Prithvi gets a call from JK that they have secured a deal with American chain of hotels. Prithvi invites JK for Nirwan’s engagement. Sumati comes behind him in corridor. Prithvi gives her the news about hotels. Sumati hugs Prithvi and congratulates him excitedly. Prithvi was happy that Sumati called him Prithvi. Sumati gets away and tells him to take care of his daughter, she is young and shouldn’t take such stress. Prithvi says Sumati cares for Niyati even more since they came to this house, his hotel’s dream also came true, and Nirwan’s engagement was also fixed here. Sumati says this house seems to be lucky for them. Prithvi assures Sumati he will speak to Niyati in the morning.
Nirwan calls Nisha, her phone was carried to a terrified Nisha by Kanchan. Nirwan was excited and expected Nisha to be excited, Nisha was unable to speak in return. Nirwan asks Nisha to speak something and asks where she would want to go for honeymoon. Nisha doesn’t reply. Nirwan guess that Nisha must be blushing. He wonders if she is upset because of something. Nisha says she is sleepy. Nirwan says after three days Nisha will be in the house and they will live together forever. Nisha says it’s not what he it appears, and it’s not what he feels. Nirwan doesn’t understand.

PRECAP: Niyati brings the axe towards the wall. Damini was worried; Niyati gets a jolt and fells away from the wall.

Update Credit to: Sona

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