Tantra 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sumati proven wrong in front of family

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Tantra 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Guru jee notices the flower petals now got fire.
Sumati says atleast Niyati accepted she doesn’t care for her. She feels sad for her family who love Niyati greatly and left to look for her instantly. But her truth must get disclosed for them. Niyati tells Sumati to go inside and call anyone she wish to tell. Sumati backs up and angrily goes inside. Niyati thinks she can’t explain to Sumati that she has no time and wants her to go inside. Sumati slaps the door shut over Niyati’s face. The floor of Jalsa had begun to crack. Niyati hurries to strike over the nail, pushing it deep into Jalsa’s floor. There, Saudamini gets a jerk and says Niayti has limited the strengths of their black magic. Niyati fells on the floor of Jalsa in a state of relief. The burning and the resultantly cracking flower had ceased. Guru Jee appreciates Niyati for being successful in her step towards her family’s safety.
The next morning in Jalsa, Sumati, her brother and sister in law were restless. They wonder why Niyati is upto all this. Prithvi returns and questions Sumati why she called him here urgently, she must surely be resentful that she didn’t go with him. Sumati tells Prithvi that he will regret after finding his daughter’s truth. If he found Niyati in Champa Village? He couldn’t, because Niyati was in Jalsa’s lawn in the dark and working with hammer and nail. Sumati’s brother, Ashutosh asks Prithvi to understand at least now that Niyati is a liar. They were shocked to see Niyati walking inside Jalsa with Akshat, Guru Jee and the whole family. Sumati questions Niyati how she came with them? Prithvi says they had gone to bring Niyati. Sumati says Niyati was wandering in the lawns of Jalsa. Prithvi says it was impossible, Niyati was unconscious whole night in Champa Village.
They recall: Kartik and Akshat also tried the number. Akshat was lost while Prithvi was extremely tensed. Akshat gets a message about the location. They head towards the path by foot. Guru Jee appears to them from the forest and greets them. He tells them that he has brought their daughter along as his house is up on a hill. Niyati appears from behind the trees. Everyone was emotional to see Niyati. Prithvi runs and hugs Niyati, crying emotionally.
Prithvi was thankful to Guru jee and says he has saved Niyati, she is alive today only because of him. Sumati asks if she was really dreaming, because Niyati can’t be at both places together. Sumati questions Niyati how she reached Champa village when she was here. Niyati remembers Guru jee had asked her to return to village, he will inform Akshat that their work is done. Sumati questions Niyati what this all is, she rudely claimed to never call Sumati again. Sumati says doesn’t understand why she wants to prove her wrong. Niyati apologetically thinks she will have to lie. She tells Sumati that Guru jee told her she was unconscious for two days Maa. Sumati forbids Niyati to call her a mother, she is sure it was true that Niyati was here at Jalsa. She cannot know how Niyati reached Champa village and met that Guru jee; but she is sure Niyati was here last night, in Jalsa’s lawn. Niyati says Sumati must have felt extremely bad, but she can’t agree not to call her Maa. She will wait for the day when she herself will accept her as a daughter and take her into a hug. Prithvi asks Sumati if she is done. He tells Sumati’s brother and sister in law to say their bitter minds out as well. He tells Sumati that his daughter returned after a fight from death. If Sumati can’t accept her or love her, at least she must stop blaming her then. Sumati thinks Niyati proved her a liar in front of the whole family. She is unaware what Niyati is upto, but she will keep an eye over Niyati. Akshat tells them that they should inform the police that Niyati was shot.
Kanchan was terrified that Niyati will surely tell their names to police, her revenge would end.
The police inspector questions Niyati who shot her, can she recognize the killer. Niyati says she escaped the hospital, she saw Saudamini leaving the hospital and hid herself in her car. She found herself in a forest. Saudamini had held inspector Bharat. The inspector was in a disbelief that Saudamini can control someone as brave as Bharat alone. Niyati says she headed forward to protect Bharat, but Saudamini shot her. She fell in the lake and doesn’t recall anything else.
Saudamini says Niyati only named her and not Kanchan, why so. Kanchan wonders why she lied. Saudamini was curt over Niyati’s game. She says it’s not so easy to cut the effect of her Tantra so easily.

PRECAP: Guru jee throw some coals on the floor of Jalsa and says these coal pieces will lead them to the roots of Tantra here. Saudamini reached the gate of Jalsa and throw an acid bottle inside to destroy Guru Jee’s magnets.

Update Credit to: Sona

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