Tantra 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati caught by Sumati

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Tantra 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Baba and Niyati walk towards Jalsa. Akshat thinks Sumati is in Jalsa, he hopes she doesn’t suffer any harm. He wonders how Niyati will do her work in her presence. Prithvi asks Kartik to drive a little faster. Kanchan and Saudamini follow them. Everyone ask Akshat for the way. Akshat was lost, he thinks he can’t lead them home for at least one hour from now. Saudamini tells Kanchan to switch off the head lights of the car; none must doubt they are following.
Niyati and Baba walks to the gate of Jalsa. The Tantra stops Niyati. The Baba gives Niyati a shield to get protected from the resistance of this Tantra. He reads a mantra and touch it with Jalsa’s door. The Tantra under the Jalsa was lit. The door of the house open.
Saudamini feels there is something wrong in Jalsa, someone has attacked their Tantra. Saudamini tries to connect the camera on her phone but there wasn’t any network.
Baba takes Niyati’s attention to drying flower petals. He gives Niyati only fifty minutes to complete her work. Niyati asks him about directions. Baba tells her to count equal distant steps and gives her a hammer for assistance.
Saudamini says someone has attacked their Tantra severely, even the cameras aren’t working. She tells Kanchan to make a U turn, they must go to Jalsa right away.
Niyati comes to the corner to dig the nails.
Kanchan suggests Saudamini to try and connect some other camera. They watch a girl dressed in white wandering around Jalsa. Niyati’s face wasn’t visible in the beginning, but then Kanchan and Saudamini were shocked to see Niyati there. Saudamini says the news to her death wasn’t false, but she is extremely smart. She made a fake call, and everyone left Jalsa. Kanchan was sure someone is in party with Niyati. Saudamini gets a jerk as Niyati digs one nail into the soil of Jalsa. The Baba continues his Mantra, while Niyati digs the nails. Kanchan race the car. Saudamini says they must think about another way to stop Niyati, they might not be able to reach in time. Baba hurries Niyati as the flower is withering.
In the midst of forest, Akshat thinks its ten minutes to sun rise. Niyati must give him a signal that her work was accomplished. Prithvi and Kartik return helpless. They ask Akshat about it, Akshat says he sent a text message, then tries a fake call. The phone didn’t connect. Kartik asks Akshat to share the number. Akshat wonders what he must do now, for how long he will continue to lie.
The Baba takes Niyati’s attention that the flower is withering. Niyati strikes the last nail into Jalsa’s soil. Saudamini feels the strike over herself. All at once, Sumati opens the door of Jalsa. Niyati was shocked to see her and stops by. Baba hides himself behind the wall.
Kanchan was happy that Saudamini found a good way, Niyati won’t be successful anymore. Saudamini was happy that Sumati didn’t leave with Niyati and it won’t be difficult to stop Niyati anymore. Saudamini calls Sumati, she says she lives in their neighbourhood and asks about Niyati; telling Sumati that Niyati held a hammer in her hand and dig a few nails on the soil of Jalsa.
Sumati questions Niyati what she is doing. Someone said she was in a village 100 miles distant and everyone went behind her. She takes the hammer and nail and questions what Niyati wants now. Niyati was unable to speak. Baba hide himself behind a wall. Niyati says she will tell her everything, but right now she must go inside. Sumati warns her not to call her a mother again.
The flower had started to burn. Baba thinks the nail needs to be dig in the soil soon.
Niyati agrees not to call her mother. They have no relation with each other. If there was any relation, she must have gone with everyone to look for her. She must now go inside and take rest, why ruin her sleep for her.

PRECAP: Baba tells Niyati this house is filled with Tantra. These coals will take them to the roots of black magic. Saudamini reaches the gate of Jalsa thinking she got a solution for Guru Ji.

Update Credit to: Sona

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