Tantra 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati takes help from Akshat

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Tantra 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Niyati appears on the bridge. Akshat runs to Niyati and hugs her. He says he couldn’t understand what to do without her, his mind was lost and it felt he lost his own self after she had left. Niyati parts from deep hug with Akshat. Akshat apologizes for holding her tightly. Niyati says she is fine. Akshat asks Niyati about the incident. Niyati tells Akshat about the whole happening; Akshat wonders if Prithvi has left in a misunderstanding that his brother’s wife and daughter died. He forces Niyati to come to police station. Niyati wasn’t ready. Akshat convinces Niyati that she is on the wrong, they are murderers and attempted to kill her as well. Niyati says she knows everything, right now it’s important to break the Tantra of Saudamini. Saudamini has used blood to cast Tantra on Jalsa. It’s her only mission, and they must never know that she is alive. Akshat asks Niyati how she will do all this. Niyati takes Akshat to the Baba who sat under a tree. Akshat asks who is he? Niyati tells Akshat he is the Maharaj of Tantra village, she recovered so soon because of him only. Akshat greets the Maharaj and thanks him for recovering Niyati. Niyati tells Akshat about the remedy of Tantra in next seven nights. She tells Akshat that Jalsa might attack her or her family and only Akshat can do so; its important to do so before noon. Akshat suggests to call Prithvi and bring the family here. Niyati insists she can’t go in front of anyone. Niyati asks Akshat to help her and shares her plan with him. Akshat leaves with a promise for Niyati. Niyati tells the Baba that if she had told him that her life is endangered anyway, he wouldn’t be able to bear it. Right now, his focus must be protection of her life. Baba says he has for the first time soon someone who is ready to sacrifice her life for someone else.
Dadi asks Prithvi to take rest for some time. Niyati would not return if he continues to stay awake. Akshat comes to tell them that Niyati is alive. Saudamini and Kanchan were shocked to hear this. There, Prithvi asks Akshat where is Niyati. Akshat says he doesn’t know where she is, but she is alive.
Saudamini tells Kanchan that everything is possible. Niyati might return alive.
Akshat tells Prithvi that someone called him from Champa Village; Niyati was found there unconscious, she gave his number to a man who called and informed him about Niyati’s life. Niyati was still unconscious so he couldn’t speak to her. Dadi goes to gift a new Chunri to Mata Rani. Prithvi looks towards Sumati and asks if she would join them. Sumati looks away.
Prithvi tells them to prepare to leave, they must go right now and bring Niyati back.
There, Saudamini and Kanchan decide they have no other way but to follow Prithvi. They are unaware of the exact location of Niyati and can’t waste time to find her in 10km long village on their own.
Niyati and Baba had reached behind Jalsa and waited for Jalsa to be vacated. There, Sumati tells Prithvi anyone who wish to find Niyati may happily go, but she won’t leave Jalsa. Akshat thinks he must get Sumati along, and requests her to stand with Niyati in tough times on humanitarian grounds. She will gain courage by watching her whole family there. Sumati says a lot of true relations of Niyati are going to bring her back, she won’t need her. Prithvi stops Akshat and says it’s alright, Sumati’s heart will never melt for Niyati. He tells Akshat that for Niyati, her father, Dadi, Nani, brother and her friend are enough? Sumati goes to the room. Akshat leaves with the family wondering how to inform Niyati that Sumati is still in the house.
Niyati and Baba watch Akshat, Prithvi and others leave. Near the gate, Akshat suggest about informing Sumati. Prithvi was sure Sumati won’t come. Akshat spots Niyati and tries to signal her from the car. Baba tells Niyati Akshat was signaling about something. Niyati decides not to make it any later, they must complete the task of first night before morning.

PRECAP: In the car, Saudamini feels an attack over her Tantra as Niyati digs the nails around Jalsa. She turns the CCTV footages on but couldn’t recognize the girl dressed in white.

Update Credit to: Sona

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