Tantra 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati vows for remedy of her family from Tantra

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Tantra 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The old man shows Niyati how people came here to be treated for infertility, or to get rid of black magic. He says Niyati’s aunt must have done Tantra ravenously. Niyati says she considered Tantra as a false act till now, but she now came across another face of Tantra. The old man says Tantra is a power which can be used either for evil or for good; it depends upon the intentions with which Tantra is done. Niyati understands that her family can also be saved. The old man agrees to save Niyati’s family from Tantra; but he can’t do it all alone. Niyati was ready to help the old man anyway. The old man warns Niyati that the remedy will cost Niyati something huge. The bells in Kaali Maa’s temple ring. Niyati accompanied the old man for Pooja. The old man tells Niyati that this Tantra started years ago by her father’s blood. The remedy lies in the blood, either of Kanchan or of Niyati. Niyati must confront her sister and sacrifice her own blood. He asks Niyati if she can only treat the Tantra through sacrificing her own self. Can she sacrifice her body for the sake of her family? Niyati thinks about all the love of her family and says she holds family dearer to her own life. Her father has given her a better life than the one who is her true blood, the mother who brought her up well is respectable than the one who gave birth to her. She isn’t related to people like Saudamini or Kanchan. She has thoughtfully decided to sacrifice her own self for protecting her family. She blows the
JK comes to Akshat’s room who sat upset. He asks Akshat to eat something at least, his mother is tensed for him. Akshat says he is tensed about Niyati, he can’t eat until Niyati is found. The police has looked the whole lake and searched all the hospitals, still Niyati couldn’t be found. JK says tomorrow morning, he will have to find Niyati again with police; he must eat something to remain well. After JK has left, Akshat prays for Niyati’s protection.
Niyati sat with the old man for Pooja. He guides Niyati to vow that she will bear anything but won’t leave this remedy in midway. He then gives Niyati a beaded string to wear. Afterwards, a diya platter was given to Niyati to be held in right hand. He gives seven nails to Niyati and tells her to dig them around Jalsa, this will protect her house till he gets a remedy for the Tantra on Jalsa. But she must mind that this effect isn’t eternal. Niyati holds the nails. The old man warns Niyati that this job isn’t as easy as it sounds, there might be hurdles the way the house kidnapped her into the house. This is the first step only. The seven nights ahead will dig these nails deeper into the soil, if somehow they revert then they will fetch Niyati to defeat. No matter Niyati succeed or not, she will have to die anyway. The seventh night will be the night of her death, and if fails the powers of Tantra will gulp her whole family on the eighth morning. Niyati was left upset now. She anyway vows to protect her family from the Tantra of Saudamini and Kanchan. She can shed each and every drop of her blood for the purpose.
Akshat gets a call from an unknown number. He hurries on his bike looking for Niyati on the location. Niyati appears from behind and calls Akshat.

PRECAP: Saudamini and Kanchan were disturbed to know that Niyati is alive.

Update Credit to: Sona

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