Tantra 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati finds herself with Tantra-gah

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Tantra 21st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prithvi shouts at everyone to mind it, he is Niyati’s father and can’t let her get hurt in any way. He now holds Sumati’s face in his hands and says he always bear her hatred because he loved her; but today it seems marrying her was a huge mistake. He leaves her with a jerk. He leaves with Akshat.
Saudamini and Kanchan watch this through the screen. Saudamini thinks the Khanna family which boasted of their love for each other will now kill themselves. She smirks that Niyati wished to bring a remedy of her Tantra but instead died.
There, Niyati wakes up and finds herself in an isolated room. She hears some men doing mantra, then watches the temple building. She could see old Pandit’s treating some people and thinks this is Tantra going on. She was tensed and wonders what kind of a place this is. An old man opens the door of her room and replies this is Tantra mandir.
The rescue teams look for Niyati in the lake. Akshat and Prithvi stood by the side of the lake.
Niyati was terrified at the sight of the old man as he walks inside the room. She recognizes him as a Tantr-ik and says this all is Tantra. She thinks these men use Tantra for their own benefits like Saudamini does. The old man forbids her to be terrified, and asks who she is. Niyati instead walks out of the room.
Prithvi meets JK and sends him to Akshat. Akshat hugs his father who consoles Akshat. Prithvi says one must always cry for the weak, but Niyati is his child and a fighter. She fought her death when born, she has won every race be it a cycle race, race of winning hearts or this race of life and death. He is sure she will walk to him and say that she has returned victorious. Akshat was saddened that he couldn’t be with his friend when she needed him the most. The police team comes to Prithvi and says it seems they might not be able to find Niyati. Akshat furiously grabs the collar of police inspector but Prithvi holds him back. Akshat says his heart witnesses that Niyati is alive. He shouts Niyati’s name, but it echoes back to him.
Niyati runs outside the temple building. There were Tantr-ik all around sitting with fires burnt in midst of them and the families. She slips over an old man and fell right beside him. The old man furiously stands up and curses Niyati that his Tantra strengths will bring destructions to her. all at once, a black smoke cloud raises from the fire box and follows Niyati. Niyati tries to escape but her foot was stuck in a wooden bridge. Niyati climbs the temple stairs ahead of her. A grey haired Pandit comes to stop the devilish cloud protecting Niyati. Niyati watches his hand reddened by burns but they soon vanish. The other old men who met Niyati on the other side of the lake also come there, they tell Niyati that they saved her and didn’t mean any harm for Niyati. Niyati goes with the grey-haired man. The man says his concentration was specifically diverted towards Niyati, and Niyati was sent to him for some special purpose. He asks for Niyati’s name. The old man asks Niyati not to be afraid at all, this is Maa Kaali’s Temple. Niyati tells the old man that her true maternal aunt Saudamini worked Tantra over her house Jalsa. She was terrified and thought they were also hurting others here. The old man says some filthy people like Saudamini have used Tantra for their personal devilish benefits and connected it through black magic; in fact Tantra must be used for solving problems of people.

PRECAP: In the temple, Niyati was ready to sacrifice her own life to protect her family from the effects of Tantra. The old man gives her seven nails to dig into the soil around Jalsa.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    Interesting… Show is becoming really interesting, i am happy with its tym change …..
    I hope niyati don’t die after 7 days

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