Tantra 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Nisha and her mother Damini come to Jalsa

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Tantra 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The brush cease to move. Niyati asks Nirwan if he didn’t notice the brush move by itself but Nirwan mocks her. Nirwan says there are heavy winds in the house, may be it moved because of that. He says he is already extremely nervous, she must not give him anymore tensions. After Niyati and Nirwan had left, Damini had plucked all the hair from the brush making a bunch of them. She then blows the wind, and the bunch of hair roll down the garden of Jalsa, from a drain into the basement.
The sketch maker drew the lady’s sketch as Kanchan narrated. Kanchan rejects a sketch. Bharat warns the lady to concentrate even more.
Niyati comes to the hall and jerks any wrong thinking. She stepped up the stairs still recalling the moving brush and slips off. Akshat had reached behind her and held her in

his arms. He asks if she considers herself a cat who can jump anywhere, she would have fallen down and her face must have dispersed. Niyati asks why he didn’t shout to stop her. Akshat says he did, but her mind wandered so much that she didn’t listen. He suggest her to ease her mind a little. Niyati’s uncle comes from behind and asks how he held her in such a strange manner? Akshat lies that they bet his arms were weak, and if he can hold Niyati for five minutes she will give him five hundred. After the uncle had left, both Akshat and Niyati feel nervous.
After a while, Kanchal approves of the sketch. Bharat says this murderer is extremely beautiful but is unlucky. This is Rathore’s area. She can’t be saved.
Nani comes to the hall and demands a complement from everyone as it took her a whole hour to get ready. Niyati demands Akshat for her money. Nirwan excitedly comes to inform everyone that Nisha is here, then gets serious at once. He happily goes to welcome her. Prithvi and Sumati were happy to see the pretty girl. Prithvi asks Nirwan to bring Nisha inside. Nisha greets everyone by joining hands. Sumati hugs Nisha. Nirwan introduces Nisha to whole of the family. Dadi asks Nisha about the rest of family? Nisha says only she and her mother are a part of her family. The door of Jalsa opens, there were stormy winds as a lady walks over a path of burning strings over the Tantra. It was Damini who walks inside. The storm intensified to the family’s worries. Damini joins hands to greet Khanna family. Nisha introduces her as her family. Damini comes to Niyati and says it seems her daughter will get a good friend along with a good sister in law. She holds her hand to shake Prithvi’s and says she wished to meet him for long. Prithvi was courteous that there is nothing. Damini says he came here in a single shirt and owns a whole empire. She says the whole city knows about him, but she knows a lot because of Nisha and Nirwan. Sumati greets Damini, and introduces herself as Mrs. Khanna. She says its stormy today and Prithvi got the house over such a height that the wind strikes even harder. Damini counters that she like storms.
Bharat takes the portrait and offers to drop Kanchan home. Kanchan requests Bharat to take her to Jalsa, she wants to know what that woman wants.
Prithvi asks Damini what she does. Damini replies she works for Pooja and connect God with people. She exports Pooja items and her items are used across the world. Akshat and Niyati discuss that they have seem Nisha’s mother somewhere. Prithvi asks Nisha why she fall for Nirwan. Nisha says she was inspired by Nirwan’s honestly and most importantly he wish to be like Prithvi. These days, it’s rare that young boys stay so much connected to their family. Geeta comes to inform the family that Bharat came over with the photo of that woman as the sketch is ready. Sumati says there are guests right now and this is more important. Niyati asks Prithvi to keep seated while she can meet Bharat outside.

PRECAP: Damini cuts a cake and watch the family take bites from it. She thinks this cake is filled with the effects of her Tantra.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona.

  2. Ooshi

    Hope Akshat and Niyati didn’t eat the cake. As Niyati went to meet Bharat so hopefully she will not be able to eat it. For Akshat somehow.
    But must say now danger entered the house. Hope Nisha isn’t aware of her mother’s truth.

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