Tantra 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati reaches a temple

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Akshat hears Niyati’s voice. Kanchan thinks she can’t let Akshat save Niyati, she loads the revolver but there was no bullet in it. Akshat had reached close to Niyati. He forwards his hand to Niyati but before they could grip each other’s hand, Niyati fell down the cliff into a deep lake. Akshat jumps into the lake but couldn’t find Niyati. Kanchan and Saudamini watch him suffer from Niyati’s death. Kanchan says she will be happy to see Khanna family cry for Niyati’s death after Nirwan’s. Niyati’s body floated over the water and reach a rock. Akshat couldn’t find her and leaves from the other side.
Nearby, in a temple an old man prayed. One of his younger asks how he lost his concentration, he never looked so tensed. The old man moves towards the temple bells and stop them from ringing. The old man says a girl is approaching. She needs to fight the Tantra, and this Maha Kali wish them to save a few heavy days over her life.
The Pandit calls Sumati and Prithvi to hurry for Havan. Sumati tells Prithvi if he doesn’t want to sit in Pooja she will accept that he holds Niyati dearer than his own son Nirwan. She tells the elders that this applies to them as well. Both elders convince Prithvi to sit besides Nirwan, he has to fulfil the responsibility of being Nirwan’s father.
Niyati’s body float in a lake and she gets conscious by the side of a rock. She tries to get up but her body bleed.
Prithvi joins Sumati in the Havan.
Niyati murmurs Maa weakly. There, Sumati feels a shiver in her hand and wonders what’s happening to her. Prithvi place his hand beneath Sumati’s.
Saudamini and Kanchan enjoy watching the Havan on the screen while they drank.
Akshat comes to Jalsa crying. Prithvi runs to him and screams what happened to Niyati? Akshat stammers that someone shot Niyati. Sumati stops her Havan.
The younger reaches Niyati’s body and carries it out of the water into the temple.
Prithvi was in a disbelief and tells Akshat that his daughter can’t die so easily. He walks to Sumati with reddening eyes. He says her curse was fulfilled, if she is happy now? Tears fell off Sumati’s eyes. Prithvi pulls her to stand up and shouts if she is happy now? The tears also don’t stop him; she has no right to cry for his daughter. Harsh comes to stop Prithvi from being rude to Sumati, Prithvi pulls his collar and pushes him away.
In the temple, the old man tries to bring Niyati to consciousness. The next seven days are hard on her, she needs to protect her family from Tantra.

PRECAP: Niyati was in dreams when she hears someone screaming her name. She wakes up with flashes of getting the gun shot. Her bruise ache.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Omg, episode was great. Thanks for the update, Sona, you are great as always. Acting is very good.. Saudamini and Kanchan are shown to be very cruel and bad women. Saudamini made Kanchan so bad and sick minded like her . I am sure she would also bring her in her Tantra world.. that is very bad. Life of one girl is so ruined. Prithvi was very bad towards Sumati.. I mean ok, she was not good towards Niyati at all, but Nirwan died.. yet, he always thinks just about Niyati and wants everyone to think and care about her only. I hope Akshat will find Niyati soon and bring her back. She is very strong girl and I want to see her back more strong.

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