Tantra 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanchan shot Niyati

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Niyati and Bharat walk behind Saudamini and Kanchan. Niyati asks Bharat if they would really not be able to prove anything against them. Bharat says he can still charge them against attempt to murder a police officer. Niyati says she would then be able to go to Tantra Nagri and break the effects of Tantra. As soon as they reach a clearing, Kanchan runs deep into a cliff. Bharat fires a few bullets towards Kanchan, meanwhile Saudamini picks a log of wood from the forest and hits Bharat at the back. Niyati runs for Bharat’s gun but Saudamini picks it earlier.
At Jalsa, Nani prayed for Niyati’s return. Prithvi returns to Jalsa and asks about Niyati’s cell phone. No one knew about it. He finds Sumati making arrangements for a Havan for Nirwan. Prithvi asks what’s happening here, Sumati says she has arranged a Havan for Nirwan. Dadi murmurs they should wait for Niyati. Sumati asks if she must wait for Niyati, the girl who turned her world upside down. She lost her child because of Pratab, and lost Nirwan because of Pratab’s daughter; she was a reason of all the differences in her marital life. She hates Pratab and his daughter equally, and this is her decision. Sumati’s siblings were also in her favor. Prithvi asks how can they say this when Niyati spent two decades in this family as a daughter, they have seen her grow up; they shouldn’t forget Nirwan was his son. He questions the children if they also think Niyati can do so. They were also against Niyati’s over sweet attitude. Dadi claims Niyati to be innocent, is what her heart witness. Nani was also of the same view.
Saudamini held Bharat at a gun point and asks if he wanted to get them charged for murder of a police man? Now, he won’t be spared. They won’t even get his dead body this time. Akshat had reached outside the forest and stops by Bharat’s car. Saudamini murders Bharat by shooting straight into his neck, then his skull. Niyati was terrified. Akshat was intrigued by the bullet shot. Saudamini places her foot over Bharat’s chest and rolls him down the cliff. Niyati runs from behind Saudamini up on the cliff, but Saudamini shots a fire behind her to stop her. Akshat had come into the forest, and sense the shot was from nearby.
There, Prithvi was ready to stand alone against his family. He believed in his brought up of Niyati.
Niyati stops by facing Kanchan as she appears right from the front. Saudamini reaches right behind her with the gun. Saudamini forbids Kanchan to interfere now claiming Niyati to be her sister. Kanchan stands in between Saudamini and Niyati protecting her sister, demands the gun from Saudamini. She then holds Niyati at gun point saying she will kill Niyati herself.
There, Prithvi and Sumati confront each other. Sumati asks if Prithvi claims himself to be a God, he committed the sin and himself granted the decision upon it. Prithvi says he has never believed in the existence of God but if there exists a God, he pray that Niyati gets justice. Sumati says till Niyati was Prithvi’s illegitimate child, there was some relation. But now, she doesn’t care if Niyati lives or dies.
Kanchan fires the bullet at Niyati, first on her arm and then near her belly. Kanchan says Niyati considered her father’s sacrifice as a betrayal; and their enemy family as a friend. She loads another bullet and comes to point the bullet over her head. She demands Niyati to call Prithvi Khanna as the wrong. Niyati weakly says her father is like a God for her who can never be wrong. Kanchan says Niyati must die then, and meet her brother Nirwan. Soon, her other family members will also join her.Akshat shouts Niyati’s name. Saudamini was intrigued and takes Kanchan along.

PRECAP: Niyati miss on Akshat’s hand grip and slips down the cliff.

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