Tantra 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Bharat comes as Niyati’s savior

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Tantra 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prithvi tells the family that they thought Sumati’s delivery was prior and she had given birth to Niyati. Sumati regrets hating Prithvi each day for the past twenty years. Why he never retreated or told her the truth? She lay her head over his lap. He place his hand over Sumati’s head and says it’s because he doesn’t want her to find Pratab’s face in Niyati and hate her. He wanted to protect Niyati and kept the secret.
Saudamini says after Pratab’s death she took Sunaina and Kanchan to her house. One day when Sunaina came to know how she was preparing Kanchan for Pratab’s revenge she was extremely angry. She clarified that Kanchan would never learn revenge or hatred till she is alive; else she will break all her relations to Saudamini and her Tantra world. Saudamini says she continued finding Kanchan. She found out that Kanchan is studying in a college in Delhi, she met her and told her about her father. Kanchan shook hands with her, then lied to Sunaina that she got a job in Missouri. She took a job in the architect company that constructed Jalsa. During the day they worked for constructions, and during the nights they worked Tantra in the Jalsa.
Niyati question Kanchan how she tried to kill her being her twin. Kanchan says she only lives for her father’s revenge. But Niyati also came out to be Pratab Khanna’s daughter and always came out stronger. Niyati wasn’t convinced and says she now realizes Pratab Khanna was a bastard. Her father is only Prithvi Khanna and everyone living in Jalsa is her family. She stands between her family and their Tantra as a shield, no one can stop her from going into Tantra-gah anymore. She tells Saudamini her intentions can never be accomplished. Saudamini pulls a dragger saying she will have to die then. Someone shot a bullet at the dragger. It was Bharat standing behind them. Saudamini stares at Kanchan. Bharat says Saudamini started this story of Tantra but he will finish this now. He pointed a gun towards them. Niyati runs to Bharat’s side. Bharat apologizes Niyati that he had forgotten that there is a world other than law as well, its Tantra. Niyati says not she, but Kanchan is unlucky that her real aunt provoked her into revenge and hatred and compelled her into Tantra. Saudamini tells Kanchan this girl is still against her father. Kanchan tells Niyati that Prithvi Khanna is the worst bastard in the whole world. Niyati walks to Kanchan and slaps her on the face.
Prithvi says Sumati might take time but he is sure she will love Niyati. Akshat comes to Prithvi and says it’s important for them to find Niyati. They couldn’t even contact Bharat.
Niyati says Prithvi Khanna is a God to her. He poisoned his personal married life to get her love of a family. She won’t bear any false word against that man.
Bharat tells Niyati they won’t be affected anyway. They must remember that Tantra only leads to jail. Saudamini and Kanchan laugh together. Niyati says first they killed Mohan, Geeta, Manager, Aunty and then her Nirwan. The court would surely announce death penalty for them. Saudamini asks what proof they have, law is blind and doesn’t believe on anything like Tantra.
Prithvi and Akshat walk across the Missouri streets asking about Niyati. Some men speak ill of Niyati claiming her to be hot. Akshat clutches one of the man. Prithvi stops Akshat. Prithvi then gets a call from commissioner. He tells Akshat that commissioner wants Niyati’s mobile, maybe she booked some visit through her mobile. Akshat tells Prithvi to go back, he will stay and find Niyati from any corner of the world.
Bharat orders Saudamini and Kanchan for a hands up. Saudamini stares the dragger.

PRECAP: Kanchan takes the gun to shoot Niyati. Akshat had come running there while Niyati was shot

Update Credit to: Sona

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