Tantra 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati’s hidden truth

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Tantra 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Niyati continues to plead while being sent to mental hospital. Her cheerful moments flash in Prithvi’s eyes. Sumati thinks about how she had confessed killing Nirwan through her Tantra. Sumati watches this cunningly.
In the forest, Kanchan stops by Bharat pointing a gun towards her forehead. Bharat bends his head to take the handcuff from his pocket, Kanchan takes advantage and throws mud over his face; vanishing all over. Bharat runs to look for her around the forest.
In the hospital, Niyati resists the grip of hospital staff as they prepare for injections. Prithvi and Akshat were worried for her and peeks through the hospital window. Niyati continues to insist she isn’t mad but was injected with sedatives. Saudamini assures Prithvi that Niyati will soon recover, she will pray for her. She takes a leave from the hospital offering any kind of help. She tries Kanchan’s cell number.
There in the forest, Kanchan was hiding behind a rock. Bharat had come looking for her when the phone bell rings. Bharat reaches close to the rock but Kanchan wasn’t there, however her cell phone lay on the ground. He finds Saudamini Masi’s call, then reads her message that Niyati is going to mental hospital, none is going to be a hurdle in their way anymore. Bharat was about to connect the whole story about Saudamini. Kanchan comes from behind and hits Bharat with a wood log, pushing him down the cliff. His unconscious body was hung on a tree. Kanchan gets the call from Saudamini, she tells her she was in a big problem and asks to pick her up from her location.
In the hospital, doctor asks the staff to change Niyati’s dress into hospital uniform. Niyati wakes up when only one nurse was in the room. She pushes the nurse and jumps out from the window. The staff runs outside to inform Khanna family about it.
Saudamini reaches Kanchan in the forest. Kanchan says Bharat knew she got a fake sketch, he found her phone and now knows Saudamini is her Masi and is responsible for all this. She boasts that she has killed Bharat now. Niyati opens the back carry of Saudamini’s car, she recalls about jumping into her car’s back to find out why Saudamini would do the Tantra on her family. Saudamini appreciates Kanchan that this is being her niece.
Prithvi, Akshat and Sumati come to Jalsa calling Niyati. Akshat calls Bharat. Bharat wakes up on the tree but his cell phone fells down the cliff.
Sumati says she is tired and wants some rest. She turns to go upstairs, Prithvi clutches her arm strictly and says this is it. She must end up her irresponsibility towards Niyati, if she is left with no humanity?
Saudamini turns to leave for home with Kanchan. They were shocked to see Niyati standing behind. Saudamini questions how Niyati reached here? Niyati replies she ran from the hospital, so that she can unveil her secret. She blames Kanchan for being a culprit and betraying them. Kanchan says the day Niyati finds the true face of Prithvi and Sumati Khanna she will begin hating them. Niyati says they can’t turn her against her family no matter what. Kanchan asks what family, the one who left her to mental hospital? Saudamini convince Niyati that she belongs to them, and not Khanna family. They tell Niyati that Prithvi isn’t her father.
Sumati tells Prithvi to leave her arm, she is in pain. Prithvi shouts that they all have bear a lot, but a man must remain humane in every situation. Sumati cries and questions what was her sin, she had hidden his illegitimate child from everyone and only spoke up when she finally killed Nirwan. Agonized, Prithvi shouts that Niyati isn’t an illegitimate child. Sumati questions what new lie they will get now? Prithvi says it’s the truth, he has to break the silence from the secret he kept in veil till today.

PRECAP: Niyati claims Prithvi Khanna to be her father, Saudamini and Kanchan are her family’s enemy. Saudamini says their relation has been established with Niyati long ago, she hates that man Prithvi Khanna!

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Omg, episode was just great. I always knew Niyati isn’t Prithvi’s daughter, but now I think she is not Saudamini’s daughter either. It was very thrilling and good episode.. I hope truth will be out soon. I am wondering how will Niyati react now to all these things in her life..

  2. Wow, nice episode, it’s quite interesting, I knew it niyati is not Prithvi’s daughter, I also knew it that she
    Might be prithvi’s brother’s daughter

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Great episode…. Show is getting nice day by day…

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