Tantra 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Two murders near Jalsa

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Prithvi asks Bharat to be soft, she is Prithvi Khanna’s daughter. Bharat asks Niyati how the lady looked. Niyati says she couldn’t see well as it was dark. Akshay says even he was with Niyati then, they can check in the neighborhood. Bharat agrees to check there.
The old lady brings a rope for Damini. Damini stares at the woman for a while, then takes her permission for water. She mix something in the glass, then asks the old lady that water tastes strange. The lady sips from the water and was hypnotized by Damini. Damini asks if she knows what she has to do. The lady ties the rope with the fan and had climbed up a stool. Damini instructs her to wear the rope and kill herself. The lady hangs herself from the stool.
Bharat had reached the door of the house. They knocked for a while, then breaks open the door. Prithvi, Niyati and Akshay were also there. The lady’s body hung from the fan with a rope. Niyati screams out of fear. Bharat feels the warmth of the body, they bring the body down on bed. Bharat now looks suspiciously towards Niyati and says she is still standing, their Hawaldar Dubey fainted when it was his first time. Prithvi asks what it means. Bharat says it seems his daughter is true. Bharat says it proves there is someone who didn’t want the old lady to open her mouth. Prithvi tells him to go and find that ‘someone’. Bharat sends the old lady’s body for postmortem. Niyati was distressed recalling her interactions with the old lady, then her fears. Niyati spots Damini’s car and points towards the parking saying this is the lady. The police run behind the car, Bharat decides to chase the car but the tyre was flat. Bharat alerts every station about the lady.
At Jalsa, Dadi asks Nirwan if he got the Waaz of this house well. Nirwan thinks Prithvi will blame him for this as well. Prithvi was instead furious over his mother as he doesn’t believe in any such thing. Sumati’s mother says no matter Prithvi believes or not, his mother does; it’s for their safety. Nani asks Niyati to go and get a glass of water for her papa. Niyati abides by and comes to the kitchen. She was lost about the current happenings and the murder. Her hands tremble and her head bang badly. She feels someone’s presence right behind herself.
Prithvi apologizes his mother and says he was a little shattered, he got this house constructed as a dream and a lot happened within a single night.
Niyati carries the glass of water to the hall, but the face of that old lady flashes in her eyes. Sumati takes the glass asking where her attention is. Niyati hugs Sumati who even caresses Niyati’s back. She notices Prithvi looked towards them with a smile. Sumati then parts Niyati from herself and says it’s done, everything is fine now. She asks Niyati to wipe her tears.
Nirwan made all the payments to caterers and allow them to leave. Bharat had returned and says no one can leave. He calls for Prithvi as he got a gift for him. Prithvi asks if they got the woman. Bharat claims he is police, not a magician. Bharat calls the guards who stopped Damini, the guards narrate the story of their encounter with Damini. Bharat points towards the CCTV camera and asks to see the footage.
In the CCTV footage, the clips from 9.30 to 10.30 was missing. Bharat says even on the day, the robbers broke in the footage was missing. If they placed this CCTV to help the thieves. Prithvi asks why he is asking him. Bharat says this is his house, his party and his CCTV footage… whom they must ask then? Prithvi says he can even speak to his seniors. Bharat wasn’t intrigued and qualifies he is aware of Prithvi’s terms with the commissioner but he is a different man. He doesn’t believe in friends or foes when it comes to work.
Damini drove the car and says no one will be able to find her, and her speedy Tantra must have started its work by now.

PRECAP: Khanna family sense strange happenings in their respective rooms.

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