Tantra 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: The police inquiry at Jalsa

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Niyati and Akshay were also alert towards the fire alarm and runs to the family. Everyone looked around to sense the traces of smoke. Niyati notices the smoke emitting from the hole of a room, she wonders if it’s from the store room? She comes near the door of the store room.
Damini had lit the Tantra, absorbing back all the smoke. Niyati enters the store room but couldn’t find any traces of smoke. The table behind Niyati moves at once to cover the hole through which smoke emitted. Niyati turns the lights off and leaves the store room. Damini continues her Tantra which was fully lit again. She furiously says she wish to see them all die one by one.
There, in the kitchen a piece of cloth fell over the burning smoke.
Damini comes to Prithvi’s photo and says she will now revenge him.

He will watch his family members die in front of his eyes and shed blood.
Akshat notices the smoke was coming from the kitchen. They find the stove lit in the kitchen. Prithvi asks who turned the gas on, the catering work is being done outside. Kartik asks Nirwan if he got the gas pipeline checked. Nirwan was ready for another accusation but Sumati scolds a servant Shaam. Shaam says guest’s kids were playing here, else none of them came over. Prithvi shouts over Shaam for not paying any heed towards their work. Everyone leaves the kitchen. Niyati thinks kids can’t touch gas’s knob.
Damini says soon the family will witness its first death, she has begun the countdown. She makes a cross over a photo with red blood. Jalsa recognizes its first prey.
The police mobile stops by Jalsa.
Prithvi calms everyone down that it was an accident in the kitchen. Niyati discuss with Akshay that she gets quite weird vibes from the accident. Akshay instead stared at Kanchal.
Prithvi comes out to the police mobile. The CBI inspector Bharat Rathore introduces himself to Prithvi and says there was a murder at their house. The catering company’s manager Narender Singh died. He recalls they found Narender Singh’s body under the cliff at the back of Jalsa. Bharat Rathore wanted to make some inquiry from the guests. Prithvi counters that they are Prithvi Khanna’s guests and they can’t even think about an inquiry with them. He wasn’t ready to listen to anything against Jalsa as well. Niyati takes Prithvi’s permission to speak; then says she has something to say. She introduces herself as Niyati Khanna. Niyati says whatever she saw and the death of manager seems to be connected. She tells Prithvi that after the theft attempt of Mohan and Shandu she spotted a lady outside their house. It was the next day of the robbery. She also tells them about the neighbor old lady who underwent an accident on the road, then was fearful at her own residence. Niyati says she wanted to tell them about it but they were all so busy. Sumati scolds Niyati but Bharat Rathore says they will now need to interrogate Niyati in detail.
Damini comes at the old neighbor’s house and inquires what she is doing. Niyati doubted her because of her spying habits. The old lady explains that she was tired, she felt Damini had been stuck in the house. Damini pose innocent and says this is of huge concern. Now, even the police is concerned.
The inspector asks Niyati if she means that the lady made this catering manager jump off the cliff and die. Niyati says she didn’t say so and told him whatever she has observed.
There Damini asks the old lady what if she opens her mouth against her. She asks the old lady to bring a rope.

PRECAP: Prithvi, Bharat, Niyati and Akshay came over the old lady’s house but Damini made the old lady hang herself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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