Tantra 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati under Damini’s Tantra influence

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Inside Jalsa, Nani goes to prepare tea for everyone. Sumati mourns for Nirwan. She then questions where is Tantra? Niyati has gone crazy, she must be treated by a psychiatrist. Dadi asks Sumati to calm down, she hasn’t blinked for past four days and should take some rest. She tries to speak of Niyati but Sumati didn’t want to hear her name as well. Damini walked inside Jalsa.
Niyati was tensed because of her conversation with Damini. She runs into the house. Damini held a piece of cloth from Niyati’s dress in her hand and ties a knot with it.
In the police station, Bharat wonders whose sketch is this? Her record meets nothing in police record as well. He wonders if she is any lady or a Tantri-ca. While checking the newspaper, he finds the alike of the sketch but the woman had long died. Bharat decides that Kanchan would now reply if she spotted a ghost or anyone else.
Kanchan sat in her bed and wish Damini’s plan to stop Niyati works this time. Her mother comes with the newspaper and was worried about Nirwan’s death. Kanchan was indifferent, her mother asks when she got so bitter; they are related by blood and Nirwan was her brother. Kanchan replies she feels nothing about those responsible for her father’s death. Her mother says they won’t discuss his father in the house. She notices the strain in Kanchan’s foot and inquires about it. Kanchan recalls being hurt by bookshelf in the shop but lies that she slipped in the office, but will be fine. Her mother goes to answer a door bell; it was Bharat Rathore. Kanchan steals her looks from her mother, Bharat says Kanchan must come to police station with him. Her statement would be recorded there. Her mother insists on coming along but Kanchan insists she will be fine, and they are only recording statements about the case in party.
Damini silently calls Niyati inside to begin the game. Niyati, under the influence of Tantra, walks inside in a serious mood. Sumati was furious at her sight and questions if Niyati is fine? If this house didn’t attack her anymore? She asks where is Tantra? Damini ties another knot in the cloth piece and thinks Khanna family is shocked to see Niyati’s trailer, what will happen when they get the whole drama.
Damini tells Sumati she knew already that Niyati can never be a daughter of any soft hearted woman like her. What Niyati did robbed their children of their lives. Prithvi joins his hands interrupting and strictly tells her to stay out of his family’s matters. Damini says what’s interrupting in their matters is Tantra. She says she spotted Niyati on a road in Missouri with an Aghori Baba. She asks Niyati if she met him. Niyati replies she met more than once. Damini wonders if Niyati is involved in this Tantra or black magic, what if she killed Nirwan and Nisha? Akshat tries to interrupt Damini but Sumati asks her to continue. Damini accuses that Niyati isn’t their true daughter, she must have been jealous of all the love that Nirwan got from them. She ties another knot in the cloth piece in hand, and Niyati accepts that she killed Nirwan through her black magic. Niyati now charges over Damini, clutches her hair from behind her neck and warns that she won’t spare Saudamini anymore. None can stop her from dying like she killed that Aghori. She clutches Damini’s neck, suffocating her. Everyone from the family tries to stop Niyati, Akshat shouts at Niyati and heads forward. Niyati pushes Akshat behind who fell far away. Akshat thinks Niyati is behaving exactly how Nirwan behaved the other day. Akshat stops Niyati and says she was looking for the one who did Tantra, how she can do Tantra? Niyati speaks in a coarse voice that she will finish everyone in the house because she knows she isn’t the true daughter of the family. Prithvi comes to Niyati and asks her to leave her, isn’t she his daughter? Niyati claims Prithvi sheds crocodile’s tears. She will kill him as well, and pushes him away. Damini silently orders Niyati to leave her neck, the drama was enough. Niyati at once leaves Damini’s neck and faints unconsciously as Damini moves her fingers. Prithvi comes to support Niyati in his arms and tries to wake her. Damini weakly breathes thinking Niyati could have killed her today. Prithvi calls for a doctor.

PRECAP: Bharat finds Kanchan’s cell phone and reads Saudamini text message that it’s a good news, Niyati is going to mental asylum and none can stop them from destroying Khanna’s now. Kanchan attacks Bharat with an iron rod, hitting his head.

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