Tantra 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Tantra blown out by Ganga Jal

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Niyati brings the Ganga Jal inside. A crystal from the chandelier fell down and the bowl of Ganga Jal slips Niyati’s hand. The water drops from the stairs reaches the basement and trips down the burning Tantra. Sumati scolds Niyati for creating this bad omen. Sumati scolds Niyati but Prithvi says that their house has been purified as the house has been bathed by Ganga jal because of Niyati.
The lady wonders why the house didn’t fell yet, and burnt to ashes.
During the Pooja, Niyati brings the thaal to Prithvi and also brings Niyati with him. She thinks her parents have a difference because of her only.
The lady finds smoke of aarti coming out of Jalsa. She wonders how could aarti be lit in the presence of her Tantra, she decides to go inside and fix it.
In the party, people

appreciated Prithvi’s determination and effort to construct this house over the cliff. Prithvi brings Sumati to his colleagues and says the interiors are her choice. Niyati was happy to see them together. Akshat stops Niyati sensing something was wrong with her behavior. Niyati thinks this isn’t about her, it’s about her Papa’s repute and doesn’t want anyone to judge her Papa or tries to find out about her mother. She goes to order food for Nani.
The lady in black tries to come to Jalsa. The guards stop her asking what’s inside the bag. The lady says she works for caterers. The guard checks the bag as catering had already arrived. The guard looks inside the bag to find a bunch of green chilli and lemon. The lady blows some mud over the other guard. He takes the bag and hands it to the lady, allowing her inside.
Niyati was irritated of Aditya. The lady watch them together and things they might recognize her if she is spotted. Niyati finds Kartik scolding a female waiter who picked up pieces of a vase. She apologizes Niyati as she didn’t realize how it fell over. Akshat sits to help the waitress, drooling over her beauty. He daydreams of violin playing around as well, but only came to senses when Kartik scolds her. Akshat offers to pay for the vase. Prithvi mocks that it must be 1 to 2 lac of worth. Akshat coughs and takes a side.
The lady brought a lemon cut and sprinkled with red paint at the corner of the ground.
There, Niyati assures Kartik she will speak to Prithvi. Akshat comes to introduce himself to the waitress. The waitress shakes his hand saying Kanchal. Niyati clears her throat and assures Kanchal she will speak to Papa. Kanchal was ready to apologize and requests Niyati to take her there.
The lady comes to the garden and thinks she must avoid a confrontation from Prithvi here. Prithvi turns around and his expressions change.

PRECAP: The Khanna family was busy in celebrations. The lady had ignited her Tantra under Jalsa. Niyati feels something strange.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nice episode, but i feel full family pscycho and have clashes just happy infront of outsiders…. May be that lady is Niyati’s real mom…

    1. Yeah may be

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona

  3. Riana

    Either kill Saudamini (That lady)…. Or bring a stock of Ganja Jal 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Riana


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