Hello welcome namaste!!!! So as I promised a new story on my birthday, here it is “TANHAIYAAN”….. IK I was supposed to post this yesterday but I was so busy and then so tired that I just couldn’t post!!!! So a very big sorry!!!

So now coming to this story… This is a few shots story…. This idea popped up in my mind in night and then this story happened…… I really hope u guys will like it!! And support me!!!

So let’s get started ??


So the scene starts with a beautiful open restaurant in Dubai where a girl ,wearing jeans and shirt and stole covering her head ,is sitting and munching something .


Girl : cant he come on time yaar ? im sitting here for past half an hour … huh… had hoti hai yaar ……..


She turns her head and her beautiful black orbs are shown , and seeing someone coming a beautiful smile covers her lips . she again turns back her head and her pretty face is shown …. she is our beautiful Ragini … she almost jumps in excitement but then breathes in and out to relax herself ……….


RAGINI : control ragz … he has just come … he hasn’t seen u yet … but Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari ….  u hv to notice me no matter wht ……


The same guy seeing whom ragini got excited is our one n only handsome Sanskaar Maheshwari !!! he’s there to attend a meeting in a same restaurant with the people of Dubai !!!

After sometime his meeting is over and the people leave from there . now sanskaar is alone . ragini finds this as a right time and starts crying loudly but no one gives a damn even sanskaar .she gets agitated and starts crying more loudly and to gain his attention she starts speaking in hindi …


Ragini ( the dialogue is in hhindi but i’m writing in English ) : y bhagwan ji y ??? y u always do this to me /???  ( she looks at sanskaar from corner of her eyes and sees him still sitting like before …. now her blood starts boiling ) * wht type of guy he is ?? a girl is crying that to of his nation still he is unaffected …. huh heartless person …*( she thinks .. but then again starts her emotional drama ) u know that i’m  all alone here in this big city still u don’t care n there my blind parents are waiting for me in india … in bharat !!!!!!


Now listening the word bharat and parents sanskaar gets emotional and decides to at least ask her . so he gets up and walk towards her ….

*As she was talking in hindi no other people understood as they were all the ppl of dubai ….. *


Ragini again saw him from corner of her eyes and smiled a bit seeing him coming . she again started crying . sanskaar came and sat beside her , nervously . ragini saw him .


Ragini : wht now u also want something from me ??


She spoke in English and shouted on him . he got a bit afraid due to hr sudden outburst .


Sanskaar ( in hindi ) : listen ms .. i heard u crying thats y i came to help u … i don’t want anything from u …… but tell me y r u crying ???


Ragini , smiling in heart …. she starts speaking but is also crying at the same time . sanskaar was not able to understand anything . he clenched his fist and banged on the table leaving ragini scared . she looked at him with puppy eyes . he smiled seeing her like that . * she looked cute ….. * he thought …..but came out as ragini started speaking ..


Ragini : see u r smiling ….. no one loves me … everyone akes fun of me always …..


Sanskaar : sorry sorry i didn’t mean to hurt u … n who said that no one loves u …. I …..


RAGINI LOOKS at him and they both hv a cute eye lock which sanskaar breaks and continues …


Sanskaar : ….. i mean ur parents love u right …. now stop crying n tell me wht happened ?? may be i can help u …….


Ragini nodded .


Ragini : actually i came from india ….a company offered me a job so i came here … but when i came i got to now that there is no such company and that person who called me wanted ……. wanted ….


She again started sobbong .sankaar felt pity on her and offered her water . she nodded no … he squeezed her hand ( just to calm her down ) and asked her to drink water . ragini felt his touch and shivered down her spine . she drank the water from other hand .


Sanskaar : wht did that persn wanted ??


Ragini : he knew that i need money so h told me to sleep …. sleep with him and his friends and then he’ll give me lots of money ………..


Sanskaar ( shocked  ) : whttttt ??


Ragini nodded .


Ragini : i somehow ran from there but someone stole my … my passport …. n now i cant go back …….


She looked at him . he was still angry …


Sanskaar : u tell me name of that person … i’ll kill him … how dare he do this kind of cheap thing with a girl from india ???/ huh …


Ragini thought arre wht type of guy he’s here I’m crying n he’s talking abt bharat n all…. Huh…..

Ragini: no use of that…..

Sanskaar: y?? I’ll make sure that he doesn’t try to do this again…..

Ragini: he was not from dubai….

Sanskaar: Then???

Ragini: I don’t know…. He went from here……

Sanskaar ; ohh….. Acha listen……

He looked towards her and saw that she was fainting…..

Sanskaar: hey get up….. ( he took her head in his palms so that she doesn’t fall and patted her cheeks) arre get up…. Wht happened to u???

SHe was not getting anything wht to do….. No one was interested to help him…. He sprinkled some water on her face but she didn’t got up.

Sanskaar: arre… Whts this new problem??? Now wht Should I do????? Huh….. Ajeeb musibat hai……….

He sighs and picks her up in his arms in bridal style and makes her lie on the back seat of his car. He sat on driving seat and moved towards his house.


The shots might be short and the reasons given might be irrelevant too ?? so pls dont mind haan ?

So pls do tell me through your comments votes/likes how was it and should I continue or not ??? n yes the pair is RAGLAN!!! BUT ______________ ?

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