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Hello my beautiful friends! What’s up with you guys? I really hope you all are doing well and enjoying!!!! Finally my exams and first year of college is completed….

Earlier i used to rest with tension…. But now I’ll rest without any tension and give you new updates ???

Firstly I would love to THANK all my dear friends who read my stories and give me support and encouragement to write more ? sorry for not replying to your comments but now I’ll do reply and be regular ??

Well as promised I’m back!!! So without wasting any more time let’s get started ???????

Recap: ragsan romance

Ragini is taken inside with ap amd her mom on either side. As soon as they enters the hall all the eyes move towards her and sanskaar stands up from his place as he sees his beautiful angel coming towards her with her head bowed down. Ragini with the reports in one hand and with a heavy heart looks up..

Her eyes were finding someone but she couldn’t find him or her. Anxiety and nervousness can be clearly seen in her eyes. As she looked around her gaze stopped on sanskaar who was staring at her without blinking…..

She didn’t blushed which she should as a bride. Instead tears formed in her eyes. He tilted her head and stared at sanskaar thinking abt his state after few minutes may be….. Her trance broke when a young man in black suit came in front of her sight.

She looked at him. They talked through eyes. He was Zain. ( Zain is played by Zain Imam )

Z: are u okay??

Ragini nodded. Ap and her mom brought her towards sanskaar. They passed through Zain. Ragini and Zain had an eye lock for a moment.

Zain called someone amd then signed ragini that everything was okay. Ragini nodded. She was hell nervous and was playing with her bangles of one hand. Other hand has tightly clutched the reports.

Sanskaar held her hand to stop her from playing. Ragini looked at him shocked. She hides the other hand behind her back in which she was holding the report. Sanskaar looks on confused.

Sanskaar ( whispers ): ragu r u fine??

Ragini nodded and smiled nervously. Dp came there and sanskaar left her hand.

Dp: He’s my friend and my well wisher Mr. Ram Ghai ( played by Amar Sharma ). Ragini looked at dp and then at ram. Her palms turned into a fist ✊ as she pasted a fake smile and greeted ram.

Ragini ( monologue ): friend haan?? Well wisher?? The person who has destroyed your life.. U r thinking him as well wisher n who wanted the best for u n wanted to protect u from this beast u… U…. Killed him…… My abba….. U destroyed my family…

She comes out of her thoughts when sanskaar pokes her. She looks at him and again finds her drowning in his eyes.

Sanskaar: ragu wht is bothering u?? Pls tell me.. At least now…

Ragini: sans… Sanskaar voh.. …

Ap ( comes there ): ragini.. Sanskaar.. Come its time for varmala…

They nod. Sanskaar gives his hand to her and she places her palm on his. Sanskaar smiles and they move towards the mandap. Ragini looks for Zain. He shows her his palm and asks her to wait. Ragini nods.


Sanskaar puts the garland around her neck. Everyone claps and showers flowers on them. Pandit asks ragini to do the same. Ragini looks at Zain. He shrugs. She puts the garland around his neck. Everyone smiles. Sanskaar winks at her. She looks down. They both sit down.

Ragini sees the reports beneath her foot where she has hid it. She gulps and looks up. The pandit starts the pooja. Everyone looks on.

Ragini looks at sanskaar, who’s smiling. Her heart aches. She looks at Zain and asks him through eyes ” wht happened? “. He shrugs and signs her to wait n he’ll see.. She nods.

” gathbandhan k liye aage aayie … ( come forward for gathbandhan ) ” the pandit says.

Ap comes forward and puts a pink chunni around sanskaar’s neck and then takes the end of Ragini’s pallu. Ragini looks on teary eyed as ap ties the two dupattas… She looks down as the tears flow down her cheeks which she immediately wipes…..

Pandit chants some mantras.. Ragini looks for Zain but he’s nowhere to be seen. She gets tensed. and suddenly lights go off.

Everyone gets tensed and starts shouting. Dp shouts and asks everyone to keep calm. The silence surrounds the atmosphere.

Someone pulls ragini towards himself and before she could shout the person keeps the hand on her mouth.

Zain: shssss… ladoo its me Zain…

Ragini ( removes his hand ): u scared me Zain…

Zain: sorry yaar. . Come everything is set…..

Ragini nods and they both move. Whereas sanskaar is finding ragini. He gets worried. He starts to move but something comes underneath his feet. He bends down to pick it. It was a paper….. He looks on confused….

Suddenly a projector gets on and a white sheet comes down and a video starts playing pausing everyone at their places.

Video ——–

Speaker: Mr durgaprasad maheshwari ( his pic is shown ) , a very renowned business person… A family man… An Idol…. Yes??? No… A big NO…. ( everyone gets shocked )

Dp ( shouts ): whts this nonsense?? Switch on the damn lights right now…..

He screams amd the lights are on. Everyone is shocked to see Ragini, Zain and her parents standing at one side near the projector.

Dp: wht is this non sense???

Ragini ( shots with blood shot eyes ): this is not any non sense mr. Durgaprasad Maheshwari!!!!

Ap: ragini wht happened to u suddenly??

Zain: this all is not suddenly aunty…. 10 years… 10 long years we hv waited for this day….

Dp: who the hell are you all???

Ragini: I’m Ragini Khan, daughter of Mohammed Iqbal Khan and Salma Khan… ( dp looks at hr with moist eyes while ram takes his steps back ) Sister of Aahil Khan…..

Sanskaar looks at her horrified. He recalls his moments with her.

” my name is ragini Khan…khanna…. ”

He recalls her sitting in the mosque and praying like a muslim.. He looks on teary eyed which only wanted answers to his questions.. . .

Dp: ladoo….

Sanskaar and ap looks at dp shocked as he knows her..

Ragini ( screams ): marr gayi ladoo…. Ladoo is dead… You hv killed her Mr. Maheshwari….

She screams pointing her index finger towards him. Tears rolling down her cheeks. Dp bow down his head.

Dp: beta listen to me…

Ragini: listen to u?? Listen to u?? ( she holds his collar ) because of u.. Just because of u my abba n ammi hv to commit suicide… ( she recalls her ammi n abbu hanging on the ceiling fan ) just bcoz of u my bhaijaan was killed…. ( she recalls her brother being blown away by a truck ) and this wasn’t enough for u that u killed my phuphi also….. ( she recalls getting phn in Dubai where Zain tells her that her phuphi and his mother was killed ) … Wht was her and Zain’s fault in this??? That they were helping me.. Haan… Answer me???

She pushes him and he stumbles but ram holds him. He looks at her angrily.

Ram: hey u… Wht the hell do you think you are doing??

Ragini ( looking at dp): u consider this person ur right hand na?? This is person is the sole reason for all ur problems!!!

She shouts. Dp looks on shocked.

Dp: wht r u saying??

Ragini: I’m saying the truth… Bcoz of him u doubted my abba and tortured him like anything which made… Made him commit…..

She cries and stumbles. Zain holds her. Dp is confused amd looks at ram.

Ram: I really don’t know wht she’s saying!

Zain: let me help u then…

He switched on the projector amd everyone sees how Ram exchanged the packets of salt with the drugs and how he framed her abba in all this.

Zain: after this when ur name was getting blackened and u asked ram for explanation he cunningly spammed mamu and made fake proofs against him….

Ragini cries while everyone looks on shocked.

Zain: u considered mamu ur best friend and u even funded Ragini’s education for going abroad still u didn’t believed him and throwed him out of ur company….

Dp looks down in shame.

Zain: n this wasn’t enough so u blamed him in front of media for the things he didn’t do and made him commit suicide coz no one was ready to give him work so how was he supposed to survive??? Luckily ragini was in Dubai but Aahil…. Aahil has to pay the price…. U killed him also…..

Dp: no I didn’t do anything…..

Ragini and Zain looks at him annoyed. Ragini comes forward and again holds his collar and pushes him back n forth.

Ragini: u didn’t do anything haan??? Nothing??? Exactly u didn’t do anything but this…. Ur best friend mr. Ram Ghai… He did….. On ur saying??? First he destroyed ur family… U hated ur wife n ur only son coz this man instigated u… Instigated u against them n u blindly believed him…… Look at her ( she goes n brings ap in front of him ) look at her… How she was and wht she has become now?? Just because of u.. You !!! ( she screamed ) n ur son??? Do u know how much he has suffered because of u… No… Coz u were always busy with ur parties n work n wht not… This man ( she points at ram ) He has destroyed u personally amd professionally……

She looks on with rage. Dp looks at ram who’s glaring at ragini. He comes forward to slap her but three hands stop him.. Sanskaar, Zain and dp. Dp pushes him back and gives a tight slap on his face…… Ram looks at him shocked and slaps him angrily. All looks on shocked. Dp looks at him…

Dp feels flashes on his face. He turns his face and sees all the media persons their capturing everything happening there.

Dp: who called them here??

Ragini: I called them….

Reporter: why did u played the blame game with ur employee?? Do u do this with ur every employee??

Ragini amd Zain looks at dp with a smirk. Sanskaar looks at ragini. She looks at him.. Her eyes were now covered with guilt, sorrow, worry and tension. She broke the eye lock and looks at everything but him.

Dp: I…. I….

Ragini: now speak Mr. Maheshwari!! Bcoz of u ur innocent… Innocent son had to pay the price….

Ap: y did u used my son??

Ragini ( teary eyed ): aunty… I didn’t wanted to hurt u or sanskaar but to get till Mr. Maheshwari I had to get close to sanskaar… I didn’t knew that…. I….. ( no ragini stop it… Sanskaar shldnt know that u love him…., she thinks )

Ap: wht u didn’t knew??

Ragini: aunty I’m sorry… But he was the only way for me to reach Mr. Maheshwari and ram Ghai and I couldn’t miss that chance when I saw him in Dubai.. And from there I planned everything… Zain was working in ghai’s office only and when he came to know abt the incident from one of the workers he planned to destroy them alone… But I didn’t wanted him to do all this alone.. Coz I knew how dangerous these ppl were coz before dieing my abbu had kept a letter for me… I knew abt all but I didn’t knew wht to do?? I was confused whether to cry on my parents n bhai’s death or plan against these dangerous ppl…. But when I n Zain got together… We planned everything…. It was decided that I had to somehow reach maheshwari mansion coz here the proofs against dp and ram were there which ram has hided here without anyone’s knowledge….. Thats y I hv to get friendly with snaksaar….. And zain, he made ram believe him and that fool told him everything abt his black marketing and underworld connections…. I’m sorry aunty…. I never wanted to hurt u or sanskaar but… I was helpless… These ppl snatched my family, my happiness, my everything….. N when my phuphi became their target I couldn’t wait more… I didn’t want to lose Zain… He is the only one whom I can consider my family……

Sanskaar heart pained listening her last sentence. Whatever she did he thought was right on her part. But.. Didn’t she consider him her family. Ragini cries. Zain comes to support her.

Zain: aunty I’m also sorry… But we had to do this… These both in the name of helping ppl were destroying their lives by making them work in wrong things and black marketing……

Ragini joins her hands in front of ap and cries. Ap holds her hands and hugs her. Zain looks on. Ap spreads her hand and asked him to come. Zain compiled and hugged ap.

Dp, Sanskaar amd ram looked on along with the guests and reporters. Ap breaks the hug and wiped their tears.

Ap: don’t ever think that u don’t hv a family… I’m there na… Ur mother!! Bcoz of ny husband u lost ur family… But I promise u that I won’t let that feeling of incompleteness ever accompany u….

Ragini and Zain nods. Ragini again moves towards dp.

Ragini: look how pure is she… ( she said pointing towards ap ) n u.. U believed in this man and doubted ur wife foe having extra marital affair… But the truth is u.. U r the one who was cheating on her and was having extra marital affair….

Ap: wht r u saying ragini??

Ragini: its the truth aunty… Ram provoked him and he believed him….

Ap feels disgusted and cries. Zain supports her. Dp turns to ram.

Dp: y?? Y did u do this??

Ram: you r asking me y?? U.. Bcoz of u I lost my family.. U destroyed everything….

Dp: but I didn’t even knew u…

Ram: o really?? Don’t u remember any Vijay Bhaskor… ( dp thinks but then looks at ram ) let me remind u then… Vijay bhaskor was my big brother .. With whom u came in contract 40 years back.. U created relation with my sister and then dumped her with ur child.. Then u spammed my brother and got him arrested for the thing he had never done… My sister was killed by the society as she was carrying a child who’s father was not known. Bcoz she was not married. .. U destroyed my family in five years and then came here and established ur business… After snatching my happiness how could I hv let u live in peace.. Therefore I came here changing my identity… U thought that I also died in the car crash along with my mother… But no.. I got saved but saw ny mom dieing in from of me… It was not difficult for me to influence u.. Coz all u need was money and women and I got both for u.. And without ur knowledge I started doing black marketing in ur name…. I wanted to destroy u completely.. So along with ur business I created havoc in ur personal life as well… I created misunderstandings between u n ur wife… N ur son automatically hated u for torturing his mother…..

Ragini: in all this wht was my abba’s mistake..??

Ram: hia mistake was that he got to know abt my intentions… N he wanted to tell this to dp.. And I knew that for dp in this whole world Mohammed Iqbal khan was at one side and rest at one side…. I knew he was funding your education so I threatened him but no.. He was so stubborn… I killed ur brother so that he backs off but no… After knowing I was the reason behind his son’s death he got more angry and was threatening me to say the truth to media… So before he could contact media and I filled dp’s ears against him with fake proofs and he believed me… The media on my insistence made his life hell and he and ur mom was forced to commit suicide….

Dp couldn’t believe his ears. Because of him two families were shattered. He turned towards ragini.

Dp: beta… ( he joins his hands ) pls forgive me… ..

Ragini: forgive u?? Look bcoz of u how many lives have shattered n u r saying sorry?? Do u hv any guilt of doing this??

Dp looks down.

Zain: inspector… Arrest them….

Many men come forward in civil dresses. Tey are police men. They arrest ram and dp, Zain gives them the proofs and police took them away……

Sanskaar: one minute inspector…

Sanskaar shouted amd everyone looked at him. Dp turns but his head was bowed down as he couldn’t meet his son’s eyes. Sanskaar walked towards dp.

Sanskaar: in my entire life I never felt that I have a father.. I was never proud to be ur son.. But today I hate myself for being ur son…. u never considered us ur family… But as u wanted a heir for ur business u made me study and made me stand on my legs so that I can face the world…. I’m happy that u kept me away from urself coz I never felt any connection with u… But u… U kept me away from my mom..From her love….. I can never forgive u Mr. Maheshwari for wht u did with all of us… U r not even worth of calling a human being let alone father…… I feel disgusted abt u…. Don’t ever show me ur face again…..

He pointed his index ☜ finger and said with blood shot eyes. Dp looks down as tears flow down his cheeks. Ap cries. Zain holds her. Ragini looks on with teary eyes.

Dp ( joining his hands ): beta… Pls…

Sanskaar: u hv lost the right to call me ur son long back mr. Maheshwari.. .. I feel ashamed of myself Coz ur blood is running in my veins … After doing this much also u didn’t had any regret on ur face.. . U were living like nothing has happened…. sheh…. Just get lost from here…. … Gooooo ( he shouts pointing towards the gate )

Dp and ap cries miserably. Ragini amd Zain too have tears in their eyes. police takes ram followed by dp. Ram looks back and gives an evil look to ragini unnoticed by everyone.


Sanskaar moves towards ragini who was supported by Zain. She was looking down as she didn’t have courage to look into his eyes. But before he could say something the media started their questions.

Reporter: ms. Ragini we know that Mr. Maheshwari did wrong with ur family but wht abt u?? U also played with Mr. Sanskaar’s feelings who was not at all at fault?? do u want to say something on this??

Another one: u too back stabbed Mr. Sanskaar just for ur revenge?? Do u think it was right??

Another: yes u had all the proofs then y did u used mr. Sanskaar???

And they all started pouring questions over her. Sanskaar amd Zain tried to control the situation but it was getting out of their hands. Ragini couldn’t take it any more. She ran outside the house crying.

Zain, Sanskaar amd ap looks on. Sanskaar was abt to go behind her when the page he was holding slipped from his hand s. He bent to take it and opened it. He stumbled. His eyes became moist. Zain comes near him and take the paper from his hand and he was also dumbstruck.

Ap: wht happened sanskaar???

Sanskaar: ma… Ma I’m.. I’m going to become father…

Ap: wht??

Zain: ragini is pregnant aunty??

Ap: wht but ??

Sanskaar: ma i’ll explain u everything but first I hv to stop her….

Saying so Sanskaar ran out of the house taking his car keys. Everyone else too left from there. Ap insisted Zain to take her to ragini.. Zain compiled and tried to trace Ragini’s phone amd finally after few minutes he got her location. He immediately told this to sanskaar and then all went in to search ragini……..





Ragini is shown driving ? fastly. Her face is covered with sweat and tears. She’s looking so miserable.

(((( Abhi mujh mein kahin
Baaqi thodi si hai zindagi
Jagi dhadkan nayi
Jaana zinda hoon main toh abhi))))

She drives at the fourth gear leaving behind everything and wiping her tears constantly…..

(((( Kuch aisi lagan iss lamhe mein hai
Ye lamha kahaan tha mera
Ab hai saamne
Issey chhoo loon zaraa
Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa
Khushiyaan choom loon
Yaa ro loo’n zaraa
Mar jaaun ya jee loon zaraa)))))

She recalls all her moments with sanskaar… His love.. His cute talks.. His smile.. His touch… His everything….

Then recalls the reporters words of using sanskaar….. She puts the car in the fifth gear and starts driving rashly in the hilly areas……

((((( Ho o.. abhi mujh mein kahin
Baaqi thodi si hai zindagi))))

Ragini: I’m sooorrrryyyyyy sanskaar….. I’m so sorry……

She cries….

((((((( Ho.. dhoop mein jalte huey tann ko
Chhaya perh ki mill gayee
Roothe bachche ki hansi jaise
Phuslaane se phir khill gayee)))))

She stops the car at the edge of a cliff and gets down. She sits down crying as she recalls her family and then their murder……

She looks up and cries….

((( Kuchh aisa hi abb mehsoos dil ko ho rahaa hai
Barso’n ke purane zakhm pe marham laga sa hai
Kuch aisa rahem, iss lamhe mein hai
Ye lamha kahaan tha mera
Ab hai saamne
Issey chhoo loon zara
Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zara
Khushiyaan choom loon
Yaa ro loo’n zaraa
Mar jaaoo’n yaa jee loon zaraa)))))

God showers rain ☔ as if trying to heal her wounds. But she kept crying ? remembering her moments with her family, Sanskaar and ap…. She curses her fate for her misery. …. … Time passes as she keeps sitting on the ground crying…… And that’s when she heard someone calling her name…

” Ragini… Ragini…. ”

She turned back only to find sanskaar standing there all wet. She got up and wipes her invisible tears.

Sanskaar came near her and took her in his embrace.. Ragini again broke down in his arms.

Ragini: I’m… I’m sorry sa… Sanskaar….

Sanskaar ( rubbing her back ): shssss…. No need to say sorry ragu.. Its me who shld say sorry… Bcoz of my father….

Ragini breaks the hug and moves away from him with her back facing him. He looks at her confused.

” Ragini ” He called back.

” Sanskaar pls go from here. . Leave me alone… ”

” no ways… I’m not going anywhere leaving u here… ”

” sanskaar pls don’t make things difficult for me… ”

” then come with me n make everything easy… ”

She stands still near the edge of the mountain ?. Sanskaar slowly walked towards her.

” Ragini… ”

” sanskaar.. I’m already very tired… n I don’t hv that energy and patience to explain why I did all this… ”

” who’s asking you to explain?? I just want to start everything afresh.. With my new and only family… ”

Ragini looks at him.

” I want to live with my mom, my wife, my sala ( Zain ) and…… and my baby… ”

Ragini looks at him shocked. She stumbles and is abt to fall down when sanskaar holds her wrist preventing her from falling… They both have a deep eye lock.

Sanskaar pulls her upwards and she dashed with his muscular chest. Sanskaar protectively embraced her in his arms.

Ragini looks at him teary eyed.

((((((( Dor se tooti patang jaisi, thi ye zindagani meri
Aaj ho kal ho mera naa ho
Har din thi kahani meri)))))

Sanskaar nods no and wipes her tears with one hand..

” now these tears hv no place in your life… I want my baby.. Our baby to come in a happy family. ….. ”

” how do u?? ”

” I guess u left these reports in mandap only… ”

He shrugs and she looks away.

” Ragini… ”

” I’m sorry sanskaar… ”

” ragini stop saying sorry… U were not at fault… ”

” but I hv played with ur feelings ”

” really?? That means u don’t feel the same I feel for u?? ”

She nods no looking away from him. Sanskaar gulps and pulls her more closer by her waist. Ragini looks away.

” tumhe koi fark nhi padhta jab main tumhare paas hota hun?? ”

She again nods no. Sanskaar looks away and takes a deep breathe. He looks at her who’s looking everywhere but him. He brings her face closer to her and nuzzles on her cheek and ear making her numb at her place.

” now also u didn’t felt anything?? ”

She nods no with teary eyes.

” Ragini…. ”

” sanskaar pls leave me… ”

” I haven’t hold ur hand to leave… ”

” let me go sanskaar.. ”

” where will u go haan?? Ur place is here in my heart.. In my arms.. In ny house… In my life… ”

Ragini looks at him again with eyes filled with tears, love, trust and nervousness..
They have a deep eye lock……

(((( Ik bandhan naya peechhe se abb mujhko bulaaye
Aane waley kal ki kyun fikar mujhko sata jaaye
Ik aisi chubhan iss lamhe me hai
Ye lamha kahaan tha mera aa
Ab hai saamne
Issey chhoo loon zara
Mar jaaoo’n ya jee loon zara
Khushiyaan choom loon
Yaa ro loo’n zaraa
Mar jaaoo’n ya jee loon zara)))

Ragini feels solace in his arms and looks at him with so much love…..

Sanskaar: ragu….. I love you and that is the only truth of my and ur life as well….

Ragini: sans… Its not easy. .

Sanskaar: its difficult ragu but not impossible…

Ragini ( turning her back towards him and walking a bit away ): sanskaar.. Its not easy for me… I can’t forget everything in just one day…

Sanskaar ( turning her towards him ): take ur time ragu… Everything will be fine…

Ragini: no sanskaar u r not understanding… The hatred I hv for ur father cannot decrease ….. ( she looks at him ) I.. I’m sorry. . Voh….

Sanskaar hugs her tightly. he too breaks down. Ragini gets tensed.


It was heavily raining now. Ap and Zain were struck in the traffic. Sanskaar’s phone was not reachable.


Inside a car.. A man was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel….

His pov!

O god.. Baarish bhi abhi honi thi… If i didn’t completed my work boss will kill me. …

He presses the horn hard.


Sanskaar and ragini are standing hand in hand.. Both have tears in their eyes.

Sanskaar: ragini I cannot undo wht my so called father did.. But I don’t want to lose u n my baby bcoz of him……

Ragini looks at him..

Sanskaar ( continues ): take as much time as u want ragini but u don’t have any right to go away from me with my heart, with my soul amd with my baby. ….

Ragini hugs him tightly.

Ragini: I’m sorry sanskaar…. In my misery I forgot how u hv lived in these years…. I.. I….


The man takes a u turn amd takes a short cut. Ap sees this.

Ap: Zain.. See there’s a short cut there… Follow that car…

Zain nods and follows the car and comes on the main road… He notices that the car was going in the same direction as they.

Zain: aunty this car is going in the same direction where we rr going… I hope nothing wrong happens. …

Ap: beta pls be positive and drive fast…

Zain nods and presses the accelerator….


Ragini ( breaks the hug ) : sanskaar I…

” Raginiiiiiiii ”

” Sanskaarrrrrrrr ”

Shouts two people. Ragini and sanskaar turns around only to find Zain and Ap standing there panting. They smile and soon their smile fades away as they see a car approaching them in full speed….

Ragini looks at the person driving the car… She gets horrified.

Ragini: sanskaar this is ram’s man..

Sanskaar: wht??

Ragini: haan I hv seen him today also.. Ram was signing him something …

Sanskaar: o god…

Ragini: sanskaar u go from here..

She tries to push him… But its too late……..

Zain: sanskaar…..

Ap: ragini…..

They both shout on top of their voices as the car takes away ragini and sanskaar in the air…. Sanskaar holds Ragini’s hand ✋. Ragini, Sanskaar and the car flew in the air… Both of them shout.. Sanskaar holds her hand… The car crashed with the other cliff ahead and the driver gets out….. Ragini looks at him with teary eyes and a smile on her face. . She places her hand on her stomach….. Sanskaar too cries… He pulls her towards himself…..

Zain and Ap comes at the edge of the cliff. Both cries. They see the man jumping down from the car.. But soon the parachute opens from his backpack…

Ap sits down crying as Zain holds her. They both look at ragsan who are falling down, hand in hand and a smile on their faces….. …

As god says the fruit of bad karma is given in the same birth.. The person who did the accident.. His parachute got stuck in the tree and he fell down in the valley…….

Zain n ap cries as they see their loved ones dieing in front of them…


I love you soooo much! So wht if we couldn’t become one in this life.. But ur all next lives will be with me… I’ll come again for you.. This time forever to love you, to mark you as mine, to be with you…. ever and forever……

Ragini: Ishq Tujhse Karti Hoon Main Zindagi Se Zyada,
Main Darti Nahi Maut Se Teri Judaai Se Zyada,
Chahe To Azmale Mujhe Kisi Aur Se Zyada,
Meri Zindagi Mein Kuch Nahi Teri Mohabbat Se Zyada

Sanskaar: Tumse kitni mohabbat hai ye main bata nahi sakta…
Apni zindagi mein tumhari ehmiyat jata nahi sakta ..
Meri zindagi ka har lamha tumhi se shuru hota hai..
Tumse door reh ke ek pal bhi akele bita nahi sakta …
Mumkin hai main khud ko bhool jaaun,
Par tumhe bhulna ki khata main kar nahi sakta…
Tum mere dil me hi nahi mere rag- rag me base ho,
Tumse bichhad ke main ye zindagi jee nahi sakta…..

They both knew that these were their last moments together in this birth… They expressed their love for each other and embraced each other in their arms until their vision was blurred and they fell in the arms of nature, closing their eyes FOREVER!! With a promise to come back again and this time to be with each other forever!!!!!!!


5 Years Later!!! In a small house….

As we go inside, we see a woman praying amd lighting a diya in front of two pictures. Pictures of her son and dil., Sanskaar and Ragini!

She turns around and is revealed to be ap. She takes the prasad to a room where a man is lying lifelessly on the bed.

She sits besides him.

Ap: dekhiye ji.. Today 5 years hv passed since our son went away…. Taking away all our happiness…

Tears skips her eyes…

” maa ”

She wipes her tears as she hears his voice. She turns around to find Zain standing there. He sighs and comes near her and sits down on floor.

Zain: ma.. Again u r crying… U know na my laado didn’t like to see anyone crying…

Ap nods and wipes her tears…

Zain: now come have food after that I hv to go also.. Today I hv a very imp presentation….

Ap nods and tey both come out and have their breakfast….. After the death of ragsan, Ap’s and Zain’s whole world was upside-down!! As the news of the maheshwari industries came out all the the shareholders and investors demanded their money back. Amd dp couldn’t handle all this and with a heart attack and kidney failure he was diagnosed with paralysis… .. Ap with help of Zain sold their business to return back money of the investors and shareholders… They came on road. Zain didn’t leave ap in this havoc and supported her. Dp’s sentence of life time was cut short keeping in mind his medical conditions.

It took five years for them to move forward a bit. Zain got a job and he took ap and dp to his house. Everyday Ap lights a diya in front of ragsan’s pic and pray for their well being in their world…. Slowly moving forward to face the life again, Zara ( Aditi Rathore ) came forward and held Ap’s and Zain’s hand to show them that life doesn’t stop if someone close to our heart leaves us forever… We have to move on for them because they would never want us to be like this after them…..

Zara brought new colours in life of Zain nd ap but their happiness was again short lived as dp died during one of his medical session.

Ap, Zain and zara then lived with the happy memories of Ragini and Sanskaar!!!

End of story
Must not be like end of life.
Because death of love
Can not be called happy ending……


So guys here’s the tragic end of my another story!!!! Hope you guys liked it… For the first time I had tried something mysterious so I hope u liked it… Its not my genre still I tried ….

I don’t know whether I could do justice with the story, with their emotions and also with ur expectations but I tried to do my best!!!

Please do give your thoughts and review on this story… I would love to hear it from you people ??? and if you liked it do press the star button and bring a smile on someone’s face ?????

This chapter is dedicated to each and every person who has read it, commented and voted! ( Silent Readers also count ) Thank you for always being there❤♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Do drop your views and till then keep smiling and stay happy ????

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With Love



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