Tamanna 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Gaffur saying Chaurasia plays music in anger and still music sounds sweet. He says music is always good to hear. Chaurasia plays tabla in anger. Dhara hears the music. Sanjay tells Verma that Mihir has video camera and is always shooting things around, this is not good for them. Verma says Bhai ji asked you to take care of him. Sanjay asks him did Mihir come to see school here.

Ram Prasad asks students not to involve them in any fights. The students say now we will not fight with ourselves, we will fight with opponent team. Class is dismissed. The students run to play game. They do not see Dhara, and wait for her. Virat comes there. They all surround him. They ask him to come and play with them, else they will drag him. Virat refuses to play cricket. They insist and ask him to come, you are wicket keeper and have to play, no use to waste time like this, will you come or not. They take Virat. Mihir checks some pics he shot and smiles. He calls someone. Dhara sees the students playing. Virat says I will complain to principal, I have to go to bakery. Dhara signs Basheer. The students make Virat practice and throw ball. Dhara smiles. Virat says you all called me fat, what happened, did you get all tired now. The guy asks him to catch the ball, I will bowl now.

Virat gets ready and takes wicket keeper position. He catches the ball. Dhara smiles. Virat asks will anyone else come now. Basheer goes to bowl. Virat catches ball and asks anyone else. Virat does not miss any catch. They all praise him. Mishra and Dhara look on smiling. Mishra tells Dhara that the team is now ready after wicket keeper joined. She says yes, but we have to choose captain now, it will be tough. Mishra says that’s tough. She says yes, decision should be taken honest ways. He says the problem is there are two guys who want to become captain, they will fight for captainship. She says no, my captain is not from those two. He asks what do you mean. She smiles.

Mihir asks Sanjay will you take me on bike, I have to pick up small parcel. Sanjay agrees. Mihir asks where is city hospital. Sanjay says bit far. Mihir asks how is it, if patients have emergency, is there modern technology. Sanjay says its good. Mihir asks about powercuts. Sanjay says its main topic in elections, city does not have enough power. Mihir asks about OT in hospital. Sanjay says yes, specialists also come, riots happen here, so hospital did arrangements, why are you noting all this in diary. Mihir looks at him.

Dhara goes to declare captain. Arjun and Imran argue that they want to become captain. She says Dinesh will become captain. They say everyone will laugh on us if Dinesh becomes our captain. She says captain does not do biasing in his team members, he plans strategies with cool mind, this are qualities of captain, I think Dinesh can become good captain of our team, it will be just good. She asks them to say something, why are they silent, you all promised that they will always agree to her, and today…. You all are liars, but I m not liar, I promised myself to make you a team and make you win, if you believe me as your coach, then trust my decision.

She says we have to win trust, this trust brought us together, like you trust me and each other, trust your captain, then see no one can stop us from winning inter school championship. Veer shows his drawing. Dhara smiles. She shows the drawing to them and says this is our dream, Dinesh winning the trophy. She says this can turn true if we get together. Everyone clap for Dinesh and join him heartily. Dinesh is taken aback. Dhara smiles.

Sanjay asks why are you doing research, are you writing any book. Mihir says I told you, its confidential contract, I can’t reveal more, you don’t ask anything now. Dhara talks to Shubhangi over phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Mihir is planning to file custody case….

    1. I think u r right mihir will say shubangi is nt safe with dhara in meerut and he will file for custody

  2. I hope dhara finds out somehow and he doesn’t succeed if he is.

  3. I think so too mihir is gathering proof against dhara to show court for custody of shubhangi. Such an evil man?
    Nice episode I love the way the kids are teaming up and support dhara decisions

  4. This man is so evil. I hope He won’t win his custody case just because she lives in one city cannot determine if dhara is a bad mother. What a evil guy I hope someone beats him up. But he will use that against Dhara 🙁

  5. Me too thinks the same


  7. Even I think so… but I guess sanjay will help dhara…

    1. I agreed. Sanjay will help dhara.

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