Tamanna 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Tamanna 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Deepak calling out Mihir. Mihir gets tensed seeing him. Deepak says see the desi treatment, you got fine. Mihir says yes, I felt so light when I went office, we will tell Dhara. Deepak laughs. They meet Dhara inside the restaurant. Deepak says there is no bathroom here. Dhara says its here and shows restroom. Deepak says I have seen it, its rest room. Mihir says bathroom is called restroom here. They laugh. Deepak says I went out and saw Mihir running, see my desi treatment. Dhara asks Mihir why did he run. He says I was eager to meet you. They have a talk.

Mihir asks Dhara to come out with him fast. They come out. Mihir surprises Dhara by gifting her a bat. Dhara gets glad and hugs him thankfully. Deepak says Mihir asked my permission in morning, and Dhara did not. Dhara smiles and says Papa helped in choosing right, thanks Papa. She hugs Deepak. Deepak says we will have food now, come. He goes. Dhara hugs Mihir.

They eat food. Deepak eats food anyhow. Mihir laughs. Deepak asks whats this and eats without any complains. Mihir says my foot got fine by your desi cure. Dhara says more of it is not fine. Deepak sees a man with foot sprain and says I will cure him. Dhara asks Deepak to sit, Mihir is your son in law, don’t go to others. Mihir says help is called interfering here, have food. Deepak says food was really nice, you both did not eat anything. Mihir says we felt you won’t like it. Deepak says it was first class food.

They come home. Deepak asks what do you mean, you made food at home, why did we go there. Mihir says to show you that place. Deepak says I liked place. Dhara says you won’t like food. Deepak says it means you took me there to make fun of me, but food was very nice. Dhara says I made khichdi for you here, I thought I will serve it when you dislike the food. Deepak says then serve it now, I will eat khichdi made by Dhara after many months. Mihir asks will you really have it. Deepak says yes, come. Mihir says I m done, you have it.

Dhara thanks Mihir. He says I know you did not lie before, this is called love. She says Papa said new bats come costly, so you heard it. He says I was desperately looking for some gift, thanks to Papa I got this idea. She asks what was he saying about tomorrow. He says I will tell in morning.

Its morning, they go and have chaat outside. Deepak gets Baa’s call and gives to Dhara. Dhara says we came to have panipuri at beach. Baa says Deepak will settle there, send him back. Dhara laughs. Deepak says Baa’s lines. Dhara nods. Dhara asks Mihir the good news. Mihir says I m getting new boss, my old boss was a bad man, he ate my three promotions, I will do anything to impress my new boss. Dhara says your work will impress him. Mihir says I have to follow orders to impress him, I m ready, what are you seeing, you are cricketer and would do this when selector comes. Dhara says no, century is needed. Mihir says I m doing this to earn money. Dhara and Deepak look on.

Deepak tells Dhara that I got Saroj and you here many years ago. He says Mihir said right being in his place, he did not play cricket, what will he know about our passion. Mihir joins them. Deepak tells him that Dhara made temple here in sand in her childhood. Mihir says we will make it again. They made sand temple and join hands inside. Mihir sees Dhara and smiles. Deepak laughs as Mihir was holding his hand. They all laugh.

Lavanya asks Deepak to have continental food made by her. Dhara says Lavanya cooks well. Deepak says but I m going tomorrow. Lavanya says why, extend for a day. He says I want to, but I have work. Dhara asks him to stay for one more day and hugs him.

Roy tells all students about Deepak. He says Deepak is Dhara’s father and her coach, he made her a great player, I want him to share his experiences. Deepak says I m speechless. Kulkarni says please say few words. Deepak says I can’t talk. Dhara goes and says I will say on his behalf. She says I had scrapbook in which I used to paste cricketer’s pics. She says we should try to win over opponent, if opponent plays well, we should appreciate, he taught me to think, he taught me life whole teaching cricket, thanks Papa for becoming coach of my life. They all clap.

Deepak is leaving. Dhara asks him can’t he stay more. Deepak says you did not give Ghar Sasur proposal to Mihir. Mihir asks him to stay here, its your house. Deepak says you will be fed up of me in one month. Mihir says then you stay here with Dhara, and I will go and stay with Sasumaa. They laugh. Deepak says I will go, take care of yourself and Mihir. He hugs Dhara and says play cricket well. She asks him to take care. Mihir goes to drop him.

Dhara gets ready to leave for cricket practice. Lavanya compliments her and says uniform shows a great side, you were looking in tension, you cancelled our plan, what happened.

Dhara tells Mihir that I feel guilty, I m lying to your family, families unite after marriage. Mihir says you know why we lied, stop this nonsense and don’t waste my time, do anything, either lie or leave cricket.

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