Episode 13

The episode starts with Anirudh in his bed. He has just opened his eyes. He searched for Bondita but she was not beside him. Suddenly he saw that Bondita coming out from the bathroom, soaking her hair. She was looking very beautiful. Anirudh was lost in her.

Bondita- Why are you looking towards me like an monkey??

Anirudh- I am not a monkey.

Bondita- Then wake up and get ready.

Anirudh- why ? Anything special today???

Bondita- Hey Dugga Ma , give this man some brain to remember things. Today is Somnath’s and Tapur’s wedding!!!!

Anirudh- Oh! Sorry , I totally forgot.

Anirudh rushed towards the bathroom. Bondita gets ready in that time. Bondita was looking like a princess. She was wearing a cream coloured saree in Bengali style and had a light make up along with jewelleries.
Anirudh came and he was totally lost in his wife’s beauty. This time he could not hear anything but only a song was playing in his mind while looking at Bondita.

Tumko Paya Hai To Jaise Khoya Hoon

Kehna Chahoon Bhi To Tumse Kya Kahon

Tumko Paya Hai To Jaise Khoya Hoon

Kehna Chahoon Bhi To Tumse Kya Kahon

Kisi Zabaon Mein Bhi Woh Labaz Hi Nahi

Ki Jeene Mein Tum Ho Kya Tumhein Mein Bata Sakun

Main Aagar Kahoon Tumsa Haseen

Kaynaat Mein Nai Hai Kahin

Tareef Yeh Bhi To Sach Hai Kuch Bhi Nahi

Tumko Paya Hai To Jaise Khoya Hoon..

Bondita pinched him and then he came to his senses.

Bondita- Shall we go ??

Anirudh- Yes!!!

In the hall, everyone was busy in the preparation of the marriage. Kaka was happy as today Aabha was returning home after completing her course.
Everyone came in hall hearing horn of a car. Everyone stand at the door to welcome her.

A beautiful lady jumped out of the car and was proceeding forwards. Her hair was blowing in the wind beautifully. Everyone was seeing her for the second time except Batuk. He was staring at her like a idiot.

Music plays in Batuk’s mind.

Ishq Jaise Hai Ek Aandhi, Ishq Hai Ek Toofaan

Ishq Ke Aage Bebas Hai, Duniya Mein Har Insaa

Ishq Mein Sab Deewane Hain, Ishq Mein Sab Hairaan

Ishq Mein Sab Kuchh Mushkil Hai, Ishq Mein Sab Aasaan

Dekho Pyare, Ye Nazare, Ye Deewane, Ye Parvane

Hai Ishq Mein Kaise Gum

( Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Hal Kya Kahein

Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Ye Kamaal Kya Kahein )…(x2)

Bondita noticed him and coughed to bring him in senses.  Batuk came in senses. Aabha greets everyone and hugged Bondita and got emotional.

Bondita- Why are you crying???

Aabha- This tears are tears of happiness.

Bondita hugged her.

Marriage rituals take place.

During marriage, instead of throwing flowers on the bride and groom , Batuk was throwing on Aabha. Kaka gava a fierced look towards Batuk. Batuk stops throwing.

After the marriage was over…

Kaka- Today’s kids don’t have Shame.

Anirudh- Why Kaka????

Kaka narrates him the whole incident how Batuk was throwing flowers on Aabha. Aabha blushed and everyone present there can’t stop their laughter any more and burst into laughter…

Somnath and Tapur were brought in separate room as it was their kaalratri.

The next morning Bondita went to court. Today she has to keep her points in front of the judge to pass the act. She keeps all her points correctly. Judge approves widow remarriage act. Now, widow remarriage can be legally done.

When she came out of court, some good people praised her but some people taunted her who didn’t want the act to pass. But as the act was already passed so some of them want to take revenge from bondita.

A man taunting her said- There are so many things to do to improve this country but your limits is upto a certain point. Will you be able to make India independent??? (Laughs) you can only do household chores … !!

Bondita thinks something and said- You are totally wrong. Who told you that women can only do household chores?? Well , let me tell you that I can do anything. I can gave up life while changing the society . If my life can gave India independence then I want to die and save India from the clutches of the British.

The man got his answer and everyone was clapping watching Bondita’s courage.

Song plays….

Desh se hai pyar to harpal ye kehna chahiye
Mai rahoon ya na rahoon bharat ye rehna chahiye
Silsila ye baad mere yunhi chalna chahiye
Mai rahoon ya na rahoon bharat ye rehna chahiye

Meri nas nas taar kar do aur bana do ik sitaar
Raag bharat mujhpe chhedo jhhan jhhanao baar baar
Desh se ye prem aankhon se chhalakna chahiye
Main rahoon ya na rahoon bharat ye rehna chahiye

Shatru se kehdo zara sima me rehna sikh le
Ye mera bharat amar hai satya kehna sikh le
Bhakti ki is shakti ko badh kar dikhana chahiye
Main rahoon ya na rahoon bharat ye rehna chahhiye
Main rahoon ya na rahoon bharat ye rehna chahiye
Main rahoon ya na rahoon bharat ye rehna chahiye..

Bondita returns home. Anirudh gets a call.

Voice- Agar app apni patni ko bachana cahte hain to mujhe 100 ladoo dene honge. (If you want to save you wife, gave me 100 ladoo’s.)

Anirudh(mind)- Which kidnapper wants food instead of money?

He slowly we to Batuk’s room and saw him holding telephone. Anirudh take the landline with him and asked.

Anirudh- Whoever you are, I want to hear my wife’s voice for the last time.

Batuk- No! You can’t .. as…

Anirudh- As…

Batuk- As she is busy in eating rosogollah!!!!

Anirudh went inside his room and pulled his ears.

Batuk- Sorry dada!!!!

Bondita came there and laughed at the scene of the brothers. Suddenly she feels dizzy and fainted. Anirudh holds her by her waist.  He brought her to their room.

After sometime doctor arrived and checked Bondita.

Anirudh- What happened to her Dr.  ???

Dr. – She is fine and I want to tell you a good knew…

Anirudh- What good news??

Dr.- Mrs. Bondita is pregnant..

Anirudh jumped in happiness and he can’t control himself any more. He roamed the whole house and tell everyone the good news. Everyone dances along with him…

precap- miscarriage and Bondita broken.

I know that you all will be upset with the precap but to bring my story ahead, I have to bring some twists and turns , and I will assure you something that happiness will be in their life soon. 

Lots of love!!


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