Tales of epic…part 4

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Lakshman Urmila -Mango Orchard Conversation

..there is one more story about lakshman and urmila found in a mytho book…its about their Mango Orchard conversation
after marriage lakshman and urmila lived blissfully in ayodhya He was a caring and loving husband and she was devoted and dutiful wife together they looked like Ram and Sita” once urmila and sita were roaming in the mango orchard garden of their kingdom urmila looked at the mangoes and went ahead to pick them’..lakshmana who was present nearby pierced the mangoes with his arrows and gave it to urmila

Urmila teased shri lakshman and said “does my lord’s arrows only pierces the mangoes or have they ever been used to slay the demons and devils in the battle”
Lakshman replied playfully “What can I do wen Shri Ram is present with me he doesn’t gives me the opportunity hence me and my arrows quietly watch shri ram killing the dreadful demons.”
To which urmila retorted “how could u merely watch wen Shri Ram fighting alone with demons as the younger brother its ur prime duty to serve ur brother first”wen u have brother like shri ram and mother like sister in law sita ur primary goal should be providing them with comfort no dharma is greater than this one”

Lakshman smiled and said “if this is the wish of my lady I promise before lord ram mine arrows will come out of the quiver and face the dreadful demons”
Later on wen laskhman expressed his wish to accompany Ram in the forest he told her about this incident where he pledged to serve lord shri ram on her request.Tale 13 : Urmila- a great Scholar and talented painter

Urmila was known to be a great scholar and a talented painter.She had spent the entire fourteen years painting the scene of Rama’s wedding to Sita.And serving mothers Kaushlya ,Sumitra and Kaikey…

one day urmila was painting rama protrait then mandavi asked her about the painting she said kausalya maa has asked her to make the painting.Mandavi praised her for her dedication and Urmila replied,she has her own selfish reason behind painting ram and sita maa wedding…she said with the mere touch of lord rama ahilya got liberated, demon like taraka attained heaven so if she paints him maybe he will gave his blessing her all sins will be purified and she will never bear the pang of separation lord rama even praised hersacrifice and said he will always remain indebted to her embarrassed

sitamaa was feeling sad for her sister urmila she was in pain lakshman saw this and softly replied

“Dont feel guilty…I and urmila have all that anyone needs the hand of god is often upon us and we see and feel each other more often than we deserve…In my dreams she comes to me and dreams are more often real and satisfying than acutal sight and touch as shri is to narayana as shakti is to shiva urmila is to me without her i m nothing at times i feel strength surging through my body and i know tht she is thinking of me praying forme reaching out in spirit and embracing me…if i act like a god its becoz her love makes me one”

feeling sad for her sister urmila she was in pain lakshman saw this and softly replied
Though a gruhashta, Lakshmana was a great brahmachari. The sages of Rama’s time declared that his victory over Indrajit was superior to that of Rama over Ravana. Because Indrajit had the power to become invisible and he had mastery over the magical art and there was no way in which anybody could defeat him. Except one person, who had practiced purity for fourteen long years! And that qualification, Lakshmana had. For the fourteen years that he was in the forest, through the dedicated service that he did to Lord Rama, he had acquired that purity of heart to defeat Indrajit.One day, Sri Rama wanted to test his brother Lakshmana.Sita is sleeping in the forest in Sri Rama’s lap. Rama pretends that He has some urgent work and says: “Lakshmana, I have some work, I have to go; but don’t disturb Sita. You come and take My place and let Sita sleep without any disturbance until she wakes up.”

So quietly they change their positions; Lakshmana takes Rama’s position and Sita is with her head on Lakshmana’s lap. And what does Rama do? He converts Himself into a parrot and goes and sits on the top of the thatched hut, and looks to see what is going to happen to Lakshmana. But Lakshmana is not any ordinary person! Do you know what he did?Look at him! He was alone with a woman! There was nobody else. This is his brother’s wife. And look at what Lakshmana did.
‘Sumitra’Sumitra’Sumitra..’ he was reminding himself constantly that the woman who is sleeping in his lap is not Sita, but Sumitra, ‘my mother, my mother, my mother’ he kept saying to himself.”

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