Tales of epic…part 3

Where to begin? Where to BEGIN?! The love story of Rama and Sita is absolutely lovely! Even more lovely than these Apsarasas. I could spend weeks telling you the story but I see you don’t have that kind of time so I will just give you the Spark Notes version! Just take a seat on this rock and, Apsarasas, you need to remain quiet also. This story cannot have any interruptions. I tend to go over the top with this specific love story, so bear with me! For more entertainment, I will open my records of all of history’s relationships to the Rama and Sita page. The book has magical powers, thus it will present life-size scenarios of Rama and Sita as I tell the story. I hope you’re ready!

Rama was a prince of the greatest kingdom on Earth, Kosala. Sita was a princess who was born from the Earth. It was destined that these two unique individuals would end up together. Rama was in a young teenager, the same age as Sita. His youth, courage, and valor made him stand out from all the rest. Oh you should have seen his physical appearance! He had light green skin, with dark green, flowing hair, and emerald green eyes. His physique was that of a statue. Just look at him right here!
“Oh how handsome! I just want to steal him away from Sita and keep him to myself!” one Apsarasa said.

Ah, don’t say such words! Hey Rama! I hope Rama and Sita remain together forever and no one places the evil eye on them. Anyways, if Rama had god-like features, Sita surpassed all ladies in all three worlds. Sorry, Apsarasas, she is more beautiful than all of you put together.
“ Hey! There is no one prettier than us!” another Apsarasa squealed.
If you do not believe me, look at her here. She had a slender waist, round br*asts, lustrous, black hair, almond-shaped eyes, and soft, full, red lips. When she walked, it seemed like she was floating. Her presence brought the sun out and brought all the gods, including myself, to watch her.

“Wow, she is as pretty as Laksmi!” an Apsarasa said in awe.
She is Goddess Laksmi! No more interruptions now. One day, Rama was with his dear brother Lakshmana and his guru Viswamitra, when they all wandered into Mithila, the kingdom of King Janaka. Sita was King Janaka’s only daughter who was to be wed to the man who could bend Shiva’s bow. Many strong warriors came to attempt to bend Shiva’s bow, but no one succeeded of course! Rama easily took the bow and did not only bend it, but snapped it into many pieces! The world rattled when that happened, and must I say, Shiva’s third eye almost opened because of it! Rama wed Sita, which, in fact, was love at first sight. Trust me, I had nothing to do with it! They knew they would be together forever.

After some shocking twists and turns, Rama and Sita ended up living in the jungles of Southern India. One day, Ravana, the horrendous Demon King of Lanka, came to their cottage, and kidnapped Sita while Rama went to fetch a golden deer. It was all part of Ravana’s evil plan. Ravana took Sita to Lanka and demanded that she give into his desires. Sita firmly stood her ground and said she would always remain faithful to Rama. All the demons in Lanka would taunt and scare Sita, and Ravana could not bear the thought that he would never get what he wanted from her. He was absolutely disgusting the way he kept after her! Rama, not knowing what had happened to Sita, searched for her all around the world with the help of Sugriva’s monkey army and Jambavan’s bear army. Hanuman spotted Sita in Lanka and the battle was on! Rama defeated Ravana after a blo*dy battle and rightfully took back Sita. Not only did Rama save Sita, he saved the world from Ravana’s clutches. Every being in all three worlds was rejoicing in the union of Sita and Rama. Rama went back to Ayodhya and became King of Kosala.

Now Sita and Rama are very happy as King and Queen and stories are still told about their undying love. The two together look like Vishnu and Laksmi, which they are! Just look! I visit them every once in a while whenever I am feeling down because their pureness and love makes me joyous! But me being Kamadeva, I know that their love story has not overcome all obstacles yet. There is still more to come, and I only hope that everything works out for both of them…..

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