Tale of Tales – A Revenge Saga- Episode 1

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Hello friends!!!!!!! I’m back again after 3 years with a new ff….This time it is going to be a combination of many serials which I like personally……..And I’m not disclosing it here because it is going to be a surprise that the characters will be introduced in middle of episodes!!!!!! Wait for it….

Epi – 1:

Scene 1: At Ishani’s (MERI AASHIQUI TUM SI HAI) mansion

An early morning a girl wakes up and gets ready and does pooja in her home….Her mom calls her….

Mom : Ishani get ready today is pournami we have to go to Nagdev temple and should do pooja so that your naagdosh doesn’t affect you…

Dad : Even Ranveer is coming today with us to the temple

Ishani : Does his mom allowed him???

Dad : Yes she allowed….Despite being a eminent businessman, he respects his parents the most…I’m sure he will keep you happy….

Mom : Yes my daughter will receive all the happiness in the world…..

She blesses Ishani and they leave for Ranveer’s home

Scene 2 : At Ranveer’s mansion

Ranveer’s mom taunts him as he is going to marry a girl who is with naagdosh…

Mom : I’ll see many other nice girls….why are you behind her?? She has this dosh and I’m scared of you getting into any problem…

Ranveer : Mom you like her even before i liked her….leave this dosh aside she is beautiful,intelligent and good character girl and she will be the best daughter in law…Don’t worry….Even Rithik(NAAGIN 1) has this dosh….For that are we leaving him??? no nah so just be cool…everything will be fine…just bless us…

Mom : Do as you wish…I just wish all my kids including ishani to be well…I’m not against her…She is my brother’s daughter and I love her more….

Just then Ishani’s family comes!!!!! All greet and Rithik comes and teases Ishani…

Rithik : Welcome Bhabii!!!

Ishani : you little kid …from when you started to respect me??

Rithik : I was just kidding…I wont call you as bhabi and all….I’ll always will call you as pumpkin…(and laughs)…

Ishani runs behind him and hits him….She hits Ranveer instead….He pulls her inside the room and closes the door……He gets mesmerized in her beauty…

Ishani : chaloo….This is not the time to romance..

Ranveer : Its ok just give me a kiss …

She gets shy and turns back…He hugs from behind and kisses her…Just then Rithik knocks the door…

Rithik : O the romantic couple just come downstairs…Everyone are waiting for you both…

(they all leave)

Ranveer with Ishani’s family leaves for temple….

Rithik goes to the office….

Just then Rithik’s photo falls down which shocks his mom!!!!!!!

Scene 3 : At an isolated shiva temple

Shivanya(Naagin 1) is seen dancing infront of shiv idol with her revengeful eyes…Sesha comes there and they both dance together…..

Sesha : When will you start your revenge???

Shivanya : I’m too eager to enter into that family and kill that man who killed our parents…You were child and you don’t know that boy but I saw him and I won’t leave him…

Sesha : But that incident took place before 20 years…and even you and him were kids…how will you find him…

Shivanya : I know him well as Shivji showed him with his 3rdeye…his name is RITHIK KHURRANA….

Sesha : What are you going to do???

Shivanya : They are planning for his brother’s marriage but I won’t let that happen instead a death will happen…..

Sesha and Shivanya pray to god and leaves as snakes….

Precap : Shivanya helps Ishani in choosing her dress…Sesha is shown hugging Vikrant infront of Vish…Vikrant promises to marry Sesha…Vish cries to Bela and Mahir…

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  1. TSY

    Nice episode
    But its a request plz dont turn neither shesa nor vish as villen
    Bcz i love both of them equally

    1. Don’t worry and wait for the things to turn

  2. Supriya_r

    Tanq all for your appreciation…it really matters a lot…pls do comment and share your views…you can also comment which stars I need to include in my story as I said before it is a big story and more number of characters will be coming…..wait and watch

  3. Jasminerahul

    happy to see ishveer after a long time.shocking that ishani n ritik have naag dosh n they are going to doit to sort itout.ishveer scene was romantic. shocking that Shivanya is targetting ritik.but why?do was also small.how can he be the killer?hope Shivanya doesn’t kill anyone

    1. Supriya_r

      wait for the twists

  4. intresting supriya . I like episode 1 and all the best and i wish unlike the show shesha and vish is positive also vikrant and shitik behir ishveer are cute couples also wish ajitaph may there

    1. Supriya_r

      who is ajitaph?/

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