A tale of love by Farin (Shivika ss) Epilogue

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Hello everyone.Today chapter 6.
Chapter 5

Shivay P.O.V-

Anika was feeling better and I was obviously best.She slept all the night keeping me in strain.She might have enjoyed seeing me so tormented all over the night.But actually she couldn’t see me.She herself was in so bad condition .

I went outside to arrange all the maps and this time I had to oversee all the directions by myself.I didnt want the last night mistake to get repeated.Files,maps,navigation papers were scattered in the main office tent.I started fixing up the table in middle of the tent.My eyes got stuck on something.


A file had all the information of some hollow and void areas of this jungle where our mission would not occour at any cost.I stirred the papers of the file and somehow I could figure that one of those place’s map was matching with the one I had been carrying the last night.It really matched!!!

And Anika had her supervision on all those thing.It didnt take me much time to understand the whole thing.The knots were being connected.I went to a place where I was not supposed to go at all and I knew who was the mastermind of such plan.

I was not shocked nor was I dissapointed at her.I,knew things would not be in my terms when I had to travel with Anika.She would leave no stones unturned to make me suffer just to let me down.

I kept the papers at its place arranging them like before and took my necessary files.I behaved like nothing just happened.When I just turned back to leave,my eyes met her.She was standing in the door.Her expression was full of a mixture anger,disappointment,irritation.

Yeah…she was dissapontment as I hadnt reacted the way she had had expected me to do after learning about her plan.I made her loose again.

“Won’t you say anything?”Anika asked me bluntly.

I stayed mum.I didnt want to say anything.I guessd a big storm in its way.

“I am asking you something,damn it!! Speak up!!”she shouted at her top.
“So,you got to know about my plan and now what?? you will hit me or do anything else? How can you so calm,Mr.Shivay singh oberoi?”she added.

“Anika,let it go..I need to go now.Officers have already reached our south point.Let’s not waste time anymore”,I said while trying to make a way in the door which was blocked by Anika.But it was in vain.She pushed me to the tent in retort.

“Are you having pity on me?I don’t need that..Just come out of your faked gentleman attire and shout at me…come on!! shout!!!” she snapped at me.

“Its nothing like that,mam.I beg you just let go the matter,please”,I begged at her literally as I knew digging the matter would hurt her the most.

“Let it go!!! How?? How can you be so submissive?Is that only your decency or you got to know that you deserve that only?”she accused me.

So,I was right.A big storm was on its way or should I say it had come already.

“Calm down Anika.You are not in a way to shout like this.You are still very weak.Please rest in your tent”,I requested her keeping my hand in her quaken hand as I saw how weak she was while talking.

She jerked my hand from her.She kinda hated my touch.

“Dont you dare to touch me,Shivay..I am gonna kill you.I don’t need your blo*dy sympathy at all.I am better alone dying,okay?” she shocked me by her piercing words.

” Hey,Listen what goes around comes around and your deeds are coming back to you,okay?? I will never feel regretful for each time I have hurted you till now…you deserve that…did you hear you deserved that?” she again shouted like a roaring lioness.

“You had killed my brother…and see what you got in back?I have been killing you since years bit-by-bit”,she chuckled while saying Those.
I couldn’t held myself more.She just grubbed the old past of us.

I howled at her,”Just stop it,Anika…just stop it..I have had enough of you now.Why cant you just forget the day?I have been saying sorry since then.Why can’t you be a lil bit understandable for once?It hurts me also, damn it!! How many times will I say sorry to you??How??”I collapsed in the floor crying loudly.


Anika and shivay were having the most understanding and mature relationship.They were madly in love since their childhood.First it was named as friendship and then slowly it turned into a cuddling love.But it had to be their opposition that made them a lovely duo but then again that antithesis of them had suddenly turned out to be a curse for them.

She was always a simple and straightforward girl with her substational reasion to leading her life.She just had one expectation from her life-LOVE!!

He was a caring lover boy and a perfect life partner one would crave for.He fell in love with a non-ambitious girl for whom love is the only thing in life.He had his love always flushed for Anika and an nother thing in his life that drew him far from Anika that was high ambition.

She loved him and he loved her.Destiny then but had to play a cruel game to them.

On one night of a stormy summer,

Anika’s brother Sahil was playing outside in the road.Anika was inside the house talking with Shivay who had a flight to Canada after one hour.Shivay had got a big project to accomplish it by two days and the winning price would cost him a permanent luxurious life in Canada with costly accommodation,flat,cars,a lifetime job and what not!!For shivay,it was a best chance not to miss it out.

He had been rambling on the project since two years and finally he could achieve it.Anika had tied her emotions,not letting it come out as it would cost Shivay to let go the project.Shivay didn’t want to leave Anika nor did the project.Still,he had to chose between his two precious thing.His dream or his life.He chose his dream as he knew his life,Anika would never leave him.

“Hey,Anika..dont cry…I will make you come here once I settle down”,Shivay’s straight assurance over phone.

“I need you,shiv.I can’t loose so many years without you”,Anika cried out as his departure time was coming close,at the neck.

“You have to baby.For our future,please?”shivay asked her final consent.

“Hmmm”,Anika made a tacit sound.

Suddenly some noise came in Anika’s ears.She flipped the phone and rushed outside.She had just wished her eyes should have betrayed that moment ,not letting her watch the scene.

A car had run over Sahil.The little life was lying in a pool of blood with his ball in hand.Anika couldn’t believe her eyes.Just in a moment,a big crowd had taken over the place.She went to him making a place in the crowd.His hand had become numb,so did Anika’s body.

Then ambulance to hospital-a worst trip Anika could ever had.

Doctors had told her Sahil needed ‘0 negative’ blood group.And unfortunately that night being the Christmas eve,all blood banks had been closed.Anika only could remember shivay whose blood group matched with Sahil.

“Hello…hello…Shivay??” she had called shivay just 10 minutes before his flight.
The network was not clear making nuisance in the connection.

“Hello..hello!!”,Anika kept murmuring.But no respond.She decided to send a voice nessage..

“Shivay,Sahil has met an accident.He needs your blood.We will not be able to save him otherwise.Come fast,Shivay”,She made her message as short as she could,not crying at all.She had to compose herself.

Anika got a notification of sending the message successfully.She was sure that he heard the message and would come soon.She kept waiting.

But her waiting journey never ended as shivay had never came.She lost her brother and he lost her forever.

Flashback Ends.

Shivay P.O.V still continued–

“Do you think your blo*dy sorry will make my brother come back to me?”She asked me,sitting in floor matching my height.She had fire in her eyes.

The same fire,I had seen when I came back from Canada two years after the incident.I never expected that I would be held responsible for Sahil’s death.His death and the accusation-both confounded me.

That day,she hadnt believe me that I had had never got the voice message as my phone had broken by mistake.And after that I never could contact Anika from Canada as she had changed her number.

My all kinds of explanation fell short to her grief then.She had left me when Sahil had died but the official declaration had been passed to me that day-Face to face.

She hadnt believe me that day and still she didn’t belive me.

“Anika,I have told you so many times that I really didn’t get the voice…”she cut me off,holding my collar tightly.

“You didn’t get the message, right?”She finished my sentence,but sarcastically enough.
“You didn’t get the message,then my number changed and then you couldnt contact me for tow years…blah blah.Do you think I am so fool that I would believe you,baby?”she added gripping my hairs tightly.I was hurt,not by her actions but by her words.

“I am not saying lie.I really tried”,I kinda shouted at her.

“Don’t shout at me..Don’t you ever dare,okay?? I am not scared of you.If you really had loved me then you would have tried your back and forth to meet me.You would have died just to meet me.You would have pitched your best.You would have stirred this whole universe.But No!! you didn’t.Do you know why?!!! Because you dont blo*dy love me,damn it!! you just loved yourself and your dreams,your world where I never existed”,she pierced my heart all over again by saying her brusque words.

That time I couldn’t stop myself.I took her hands from my collar and head and pinned them to her back.I knew I was hurting her.


“I love you,Anika…I always have and always will.The thing is you will never understand my love,never”,I groaned at her,tightening the grip on her hand more.

“Just leave me,Shivay…”,she couldn’t finish her words,rather I didnt let her finish.I locked her lips with my frantic hands.

“Shhhhhh…Dont open your mouth now..I have had enough of your allegations.Now you just listen to me,Ms Anika Raichand”,I kinda threatened her.

I wish I didn’t hurt her like that again.She was getting hurt both physically and mentally.But I couldn’t let go the chance of speaking on how much I always have loved her.

“My project was of two years and it was a confidential theme that I can’t contact with any of my family.Still I tried to contact you as I had guessed something wrong with you.But as you changed your number and made yourself out of all social network,it was impossible for me to contact you.Even after that I had come to India lying my boss that I only need one day leave as my grandmother is ill.I had come to India for you but then again your home address had also changed,right?”I shouted at her while she couldn’t move a bit from my clutches.

Her eyes had become swollen and tears made their way through her cheeks heavily.

“I always have loved you,Anika..I left no stones unturned to find you.But you had blocked me from all the way.What could I have do?Tell me what could I have more to do?”I broke down while crying.

“You shouldn’t have left me,never..Why did you leave me,haan??I needed you that time the most,but you were not there for me..I craved for your touch, I craved fIir your love..you just stayed on your dreams..Do I mean nothing to you?”,This time,she wasn’t asking at all.She was pleading in front of me.She had turned into a composed pretty elves then.She actually had missed my LOVE.

“Its okay..its okay..Dont cry,na?”I consoled her.

“I wanted you..you were not there..not there”,she kept blabbering the same thing yet again very softly.

“Its okay,Anika…its okay..calm down”,I again tried to calm her down.But she wasnt being calm at all.

“I needed you,shi….”,before she could finish,I placed my lips on her because I knew she could be calmed only that way.

P.O.V ended.

Before Anika could speak more,shivay locked her way of speaking.She loved the moment,he understood and hence didnt stop then.

Placing his one hand in her back head,he pushed it to his lips giving no chance to Anika to break the kiss.She wasn’t prepared for the dominancy at all,though she didnt hate the act as a part of her was still craving for his love since years.

Anika was weak enough not to reciprocate the kiss back and hence Shivay had to do it all by himself.He very perfectly knew,if he leave her head for a second,the tig might get lost and he couldnt afford to let go her lips so soon.His another hand made its way to her waist clutching it tightly.

Shivay had tasted those lips many times earlier..But didn’t find more tastier and lustful before.Her saliva was urging him more to go inside it.He started exploring every bit of her mouth.Their tongues met and he bit it softly,yet very effectively.Just when he realized Anika moving a bit,he gripped her waist more making her inflamed,though he knew even if she wanted,she couldn’t go from him staying in that position.

Anika felt a graze in the most impressible place of her body-her waist.She was sitting in his lap literally in lying position and he stretched all his legs around her body to clutch her more.Just as his hand traveled her waist,she got shoved,letting her lips go more inside him.She was cursing her body for being so effected by his touch.She felt her both hands numb lying beside her body.Those hands were only clinching the grass floor at every attack on her lips.

Till now,Shivay could only travel her inside mouth and her lip surface was yet to be jolted.Starting from her upper lips,he gently bit them first then turning them into a rough ride being more vigorous with time.She was shivering in his warmth.She knew,she has lost all rights on her own lips.And he knew,she can’t go from his clutches,still kept pushing her head to his lip making the kiss more vigorous.Anika was out of the oxygen and so did Shivay.But who cared??

He kept eating her upper lips then lower one and then again her mouth.He pushed her body to him changing her siting position.He made her sit up,not breaking the kiss.He parted her both legs and threw them beside his two sides making her sit in his lap totally.He tored her cardigan and then her tops making her more vulnerable to him.She wanted to move but he again locked both her lips altogether by pushing them into his mouth giving them itself a small break in between.

This time,he wasn’t rubbing her lips,he was just sucking them taking all the water from her holes.Whenever she tried to move a bit,he started sucking more her lips and finally she gave in to him.Her skin was burning with the fire of his body.She couldn’t stop herself from kissing back.

She started running with him on the race of eating each other fully.Anika no longer was less than shivay.She attacked his lips like a lion eats his prey.They were at their passion.Still,Anika couldnt beat his speed thus again giving up to him.He again dominated over her giving her back the kiss.

Unknowingly,her hands travelled over his body opening up his jacket.He could feel the warmth of her hands.He got more ignited and started rubbing her back vigorously with both her hands and kissing her mouth altogether.Anika was cursing shivay for making her so weak in front of him.They both felt the need of oxygen again and he left her mouth for only a second.Her head was hung in air in shivay’s right hand while his another one is still busy in thrusting her waist.

Their eyes met all over again.

“Stop it now”,Anika spoke very weakly.

“Dont you trust me?”shivay asked her holding the weight of her head.

She closed her eyes and he knew the hint was of positive answer.He started kissing her earlobes gently.His watery mouth was melting every inch of her body.He licked her earlobes to the extreme then turning to her neck,started biting them continously.

Her hubbing sound coming from her mouth compelled him to put more pressure on her everywhere.He pulled her more closer to him through her lips again.He again kissed those tasty limbs of her.His teeth were hurting her but she wanted more of that tormenting.She made a vague howling sound and he rubbed more her back,waist and neck.

She undressed him and so did he.Their whole body finally met.Not a inch bit of her body was unwet by his kiss.She already had become wet,still he made her more by kissing her armpits.She had become so aroused that couldnt handle more and started howling in incite.Her howling coudlnt stop her,rather he grappled more of her pits and warmed her to the immense.

Her legs wers already parted and he knew she had no objection.He entered in herself successfully,bucking her up.Her groaning sound made open her mouth and his lips had again the chance to enter in them peacefully.

The End….



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