Swipe of love : Valentine’s Day : Episode 12

Vansh: idc if its a diamond or not u r the most prized possession to me , I can’t imagine my life without you .

Riddhima : will u marry me ?

Vansh: yes

Then they kissed their lips moving rhythmically it was their first kiss they were engrosed in it soon they broke as they needed to breathe vansh kissed riddhima’s collar bone with full possession.

Riddhima : vansh do u wanna dance

Vansh : why not sure

They danced on qatra hi to maanga hai …..

After the dance they went towards the tent and slept in each other’s arms

Next day they woke by each other’s side smiling they played for a while in the beach they reached Riddhima’s home

Riddhima: goodbye vansh

He held her wrist making faces indicating her not to go Aaryan came out to collect the paper while they kissed .

Aaryan : ( fake cough) Morning

Riddhima blushed and buried her head in his chest Aaryan left giving them some space

Vansh: riddhima come to my house with Sejal and Aaryan for breakfast

Riddhima : why

Vansh : just come

Inside her house

Riddhima: guys we are going to Vr mansion

Aaryan: we go their everyday

Riddhima : ik both of u get ready quick we have breakfast at thier place .

Sejal : yes ma’am , btw how was ur date

Both noticed Riddhima blushing and started pulling her leg.

They soon got ready Riddhima wore a berry lush pink backless strapped mini dress with those silver heels with wings in the back the ones vansh had gifted her she left her hair open with one sided Dutch braid .

Sejal: so should we go

Riddhima : ya one second

Aaryan : riddhu fast

Riddhima came out and thier jaws dropped

Sejal: I need to confirm my gender,or no need.

Aaryan : wow riddhu u look I don’t have any words to describe.

Riddhima: thanks both of u .

Meanwhile in VR mansion

Vansh : everyone listen please Riddhima,Aaryan ,Sejal are coming for breakfast.

Angre: boss don’t they kinda live here

Ishani : ok I’ll go get ready

Dadi: wow finally Riddhima is coming here with a smile I’ll make something good .

Soon they arrived

Aaryan, Sejal and Riddhima got down

Ishani and sia went running towards her and hugged her

Ishani: riddhu im so glad to meet you

Sia: u look amazing .

Kabir : breathtaking ( he said while looking towards Aaryan )

Aaryan noticed it and smiled as gesture for thanks.

Sejal: see u all forget me

Ishani rolling her eyes : u r so melodramatic.

They soon went inside vansh came he was wearing blue denims with a white shirt he hugged Riddhima

Vansh : u r going to kill me someday gorgeous.

While they were having breakfast vansh and riddhima sat next to eachother vansh got up

Vansh: I have to make an announcement today he showed his ring Riddhima proposed to me

Kabir chocked on his food Aaryan offered him water they shared an eyelock

Vansh : and we are planning to get married soon .

Ishani : wow

Sia : yesss mission accomplished

Sejal : I thought so

Vansh: which mission

Riddhima who knew everything

Riddhima : nothing

Dadi: thank God vansh beta u have given me a very good news now finish this marriage quick I need to go to shridi for some peace of mind.

Vansh : yes dadi

Sia: marriage i would prefer staying a bachelor my entire life

Ishani: oh shut up sia none asked for ur opinion.

They all laughed

Vansh slid a VR ring in riddhima’s hand

Vansh : ( whispered) forever mine.

Riddhima blushed

After breakfast they all were planning for what to do today

Ishani : let’s watch a movie as few movies have been released and if we don’t like them we can watch the re- released ones

Aaryan : sounds great.

They reached the movie theatre

Aaryan : bhai me and Kabir have decided we want to go for tenet.

Sia: I am going for wonder woman anyone wants to join?

Ishani : me

Sejal: I want to go for t and f

Ishani: srsly Sejal

Sejal : what

Vansh: Sejal u cannot go alone

Angre: vansh I’ll go anyways I’ve no interest in any of the movies

Sejal : ok

Riddhima and vansh went for malang which was re-released

Riddhima: u know I missed this movie last time. I was in Paris doing my course.

Vansh: u can watch it now.

All of them enjoyed thier movie except

Sejal: Angre u snore soo much u know what bhai he was sleeping the entire duration of the movie .

Ishani : so Sejal how was ur movie did u enjoy

Sejal: a lot infact I had a Dolby extra sound speaker right next to me snoring ( sarcasm)

They all burst out laughing

Kabir and Aaryan also joined them

Riddhima : Sejal even u snore

Sejal : really

Riddhima: yes thats the reason I don’t sleep next to u

Vansh : what about lunch

Kabir: let’s eat out !!

Vansh : can u guys go together and me and riddhu go somewhere else.

Ishani: privacy ppl.

Sejal: see everyone forgot me

Sia : oh shut up Sejal everything is not about u stop ur drama

Aaryan : ya bhai sure u guys carry on we’ll hit the gaming zone and eat at the food court.

Kabir: sounds good

Ishani: cool let’s go

Angre : I wish I joined u both for tenet Sejal bored me to death that I went into a slumber

Kabir : lol we enjoyed a lot

Aaryan: ya it was a movie which had concurred physics

Ishani: ok u guys go to the gaming zone meanwhile we go for shopping.

Kabir: i knew it

Aaryan : come lets go , angre do u want to join them.

Angre : srsly

Meanwhile they reached a cafe

Vansh: Riddhu did u enjoy

Riddhima: yes

They sat on a two seater table everyone’s eyes were on riddhima

Vansh : riddhu u look so gorgeous that every one is looking at you .

A man of vansh’ s age got up and went towards Riddhima .

Unknown: hello beautiful would u like to have a dance with me.

He ignored vansh

Riddhima: I’m sorry I’m here with my fiance.

Vansh : exactly why don’t u go and enjoy with whoever u came with or with urself .

Vansh was burning with jealousy the unknown person left the cafe.

Riddhima : I’ll have a mocha with a chicken cheese grilled sandwich

Vansh : I’ll opt for the same

The waiter took thier order vansh whispered something in the waiters ears .

Riddhima: what did you say

Vansh : I just told him to get the food hot last time he gave us cold

After a while the waiter bought the coffee and kept it in front of riddhima she saw there was a heart

Riddhima: is it so, ig last time he forgot to make a heart.

Vansh smiled

After they were done with lunch Ishani called

Ishani : bhai come fast otherwise Kabir,Aaryan and angre will finish the whole food court.

Vansh : ya coming

Cuts the call

Ishani : will u three stop eating now !!

Aaryan: shit guys I forgot desert

Angre: I’ll have a Belgian waffle and a brownie

Kabir: I’ll have 2 popsicles

Aaryan : and I’ll have a brownie and a popsicle.

Sejal : how much do u eat ??

Kabir : what! u girls wasted a whole hour and bought only 1 shirt

Angre: atleast we are doing something productive.

Vansh and riddhima came by that time

Vansh : so, good to go ?

Angre: wait we didn’t have our sweet dish yet.

Vansh: ok take ur time . Meanwhile me and Riddhima are outside. They went

Sejal: no one…

Ishani: oh shut up Sejal since riddhima came u have started behaving like sia I cannot handle two monkeys and it’s not funny we are sick of ur dialogue.

Sejal : Ishani I was saying no one ate pizza especially you.

Sia : oh shit

They all bursted out laughing

Ishani: oh sorry πŸ€“

Sejal : it’s ok πŸ˜‘


Vansh : Riddhu do u want to buy something

Riddhima: no vansh thanks . Wait I’ve something for you.

she took out a mini sketch book from her purse

Riddhima : here , open it

Vansh opened it and he was surprised

Vansh : you made them they are amazing

They were sketches of vansh .

Vansh : wow Riddhima this is the best gift.

Riddhima : happy valentine’s day

Vansh : happy valentine’s day .

They hugged eachother

Ishani : can we go now

They broke

Vansh : ya

It was evening they reached vr mansion

Dadi: come fast all of I need to tell something

Angre: yes dadi tell

Dadi: Riddhima ,vansh we need to finish ur marriage in this month because after that there is no auspicious moment the month is over almost.

Riddhima vansh ( unision ) : ok

Ishani : yass so jm taking riddhu for shopping tomorrow

Sia Sejal ( unision) : I’ll join

Soon they enjoyed a movie night and slept

Precap: woah srsly.

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