Swim Team 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The epsiode starts from a Girl Rewa matur..Who is wearing a yellow swimming suit tells that she is a sales executive but swimming is her passion..Rewa jumps into swimming pool,,swims and comes back.. Coach tells where Rewa is going??REwa tells she have to go..Coach says for boyfriend..Rewa tells for best friend..Rewa is one the way stops and collects drinks for part…Rewa gets a call from her mom asking where is she??Rewa tells that she is at job will come after sometime..Mom says she know that Umang has won award may be she is there,,Rewa keeps the phone saying will come soon..Another girl in green swimming suit jumps into pool..The girl swims..Rewa comes and tells everyone to be quiet..The girl Umang peeps from pool..Rewa shouts “congratulations”…Rewa falls in pool gives flower’s to Umanag..Umang gets happy and says thanks..
A boy comes saying that one girl who win championship in swimming his great sister “UMang”…He tells to play the music…Song goes on background..”Raat ko honga hungama”…Everyone dances…Umang tells Rewa that the party is faboulous…Rewa tells that one more surprise is there..Umang introduces Rewa to her friends Priyanka and deeps..Priyanka tells where did Umang hide Rewa..Umang tells that Rewa is a life saver,,She is good at swimming..Priyanka tells that she is glad to meet Rewa..
Umang tells lets play a game and she known she will win..Umang’s brother jai comes and tells yes,Umang tells no as she is confident that she will win..Jai goes along with priyanka..Rewa tells surprise has came..Umang tells she will be killed in suspence…Rewa tells to think..A boy comes in red jacket saying hi gals…Umang gets nervous..The boy tells to chill and not to feel shy as he is coach..Rewa tells that she will bring drink and goes.The boy tells he is a Coach..Umang smiles.Coach asks what the game..Umang tells they will play..Coach says he will not as he is a coach..Umang smiles and tells okey..Everyone enjoys the party in swimming pool..
One boy throws bottle…Umang and Rewa goes..Umang tells if she loose what will coach think of her..Umang and Rewa swims and goes…Rewa gets the bottle but she gives to Umang..Umang takes it and tells thanks to Rewa..Rewa sits and drinks..Umang puts medal and tells thankyou to rewa..She tells that Rewa is her bestie..Rewa tells that this is the medal which umang won in koria..Umang tells yes..Umang says to keep it..Rewa says no..UMang pleases..Umang says that she still remeber in class five it was a race and she was unable to breath Rewa was close to win but loose because She(Umang) cannot tolerate loosing the compedition..Umang tells that she think all the time of Rewa during the compedition..And Rewa is her inspiration..Rewa smiles..Umang’s brother comes and asks for a dance with Rewa…Umang tells him to stop it..As she known he like her,,,Umang tells she will kill him if he hurted Rewa,,
Coach comes and meets Rewa..Coach tells that medal looks good at rewa..He tells that Rewa think about swimming profesional anytime??Rewa tells no as it is not her cup of tea..Coach tells that Umang is good but Rewa can give her compedition and defeat..Rewa tells he is not intrested..Coach tells he cannot see talent wasting..Umang is nervous..Jai tells he also forced Rewa..Rewa tells jai to keep quiet..Jai tells this time he will not..Coach tells Tommorrow morning at 10 he will wait..

precap::Rewa’s mother tells that sports will give only depression

Update Credit to: Ansari

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