Swim Team 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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In the Nationals, TK, Jugnu and Jai arrive at the venue. Umang and Rewa come together. Rewa thinks about her watch that Kanika had asked her for. There was an announcement that five girls and boys will compete today and from them only one each will go to Olympics. The male and females having the highest points will be winners. They ask if swimmers are ready for races. Rewa looks at Umang who looked forward, determined. Rewa thinks that Umang had said that Rewa will not win Nationals, only time will tell but she will do her best today. Umang looks at Rewa for a while.
Umang was in washroom when Neel comes there. Umang asks if he is insane, this isn’t their academy that he can come here anytime. She says he must say sorry to her about yesterday. Neel says time is up, he doesn’t want her to fight with him till Nationals. He gives Umang a rose, Umang hugs him. Neel leaves saying he will make her say sorry to him, but after Nationals.
Bhagat was in changing room, straightening his back. He takes a glass of water but it slips off his hand. He bends down but had back ache and couldn’t get up. He makes a call to Neel but he doesn’t pick the call up. He finally sits up, then dials Rewa’s number. Rewa watches the phone ringing, she thinks he must be wanting to wish her luck but she now needs to work out. Bhagat keeps on calling, Rewa thinks she can’t talk to him right now. She cuts Bhagat’s call. Bhagat fell down on the floor in pain. He takes his phone and makes a call again. Rewa’s focus was lost but she doesn’t pick up Bhagat’s call.
On their points, Rewa thought about her watch. TK and Jugnu come to Rewa and UG respectively, TK tells Rewa that only one swimmer can match her timings that is her best friend. Umang says she isn’t her best friend, but a rival only. Umang and Rewa take their positions, the race begins. Umang takes a lead. Rajeshwari was on fourth position. Umang maintained the lead, followed by Rewa. Jugnu shouts at Umang to get fast. Rewa won the race. TK cheers. Umang was upset.
Rewa comes out of the pool. TK hugs her. Neel hugs Umang who watches Rewa upset, then goes inside. TK tells Rewa that he is impressed, but this is the beginnings. Rewa says she will maintain this focus and energy in the whole Nationals. TK leaves.
Neel was in washroom, he was finding something. He wonders what to do, then thinks about calling Umang. He says he has forgotten something. Umang asks what that is.
In the café, a waiter makes a call for therapist and says there is some Bhagat Kapadia who won’t be able to participate in any race. Rewa thinks this is why Bhagat had been calling her. She hurries towards the changing room. TK meets her and says her next race is about to begin, she must not miss it. Rewa says she will soon be there. She comes to Bhagat and asks what happened to his back. He asks about her race. He tells him to leave it, she asks what happened to his back. He asks if she won. She nods. He says he knew it. She asks about his back. He says there was a single mattress in the academy where Neel slept, when he woke up he was like this. Rewa gets TK’s call, TK asks where she is as Kanika’s race is about to start. Rewa says she is in rest room. Bhagat asks her to go and focus on her race, his medical therapist must be coming. Rewa says she knows how to make him feel better, she learnt it in her life guard training. He tries to argue, but she hushes him up. She asks him to lay down on bench and begins to give him massage on his spine. She asks if he feels better now. Bhagat struggles to sit up. She asks how he feels now. Bhagat says thanks, he must go to his race. Rewa asks if he feels good or not. He looks at Rewa, comes forward as if to kiss her. She backs up, he jerks himself away. Rewa says it seems he feels better, she is glad to help him. She stands up to leave, then turns and says she wanted to come to his race. He says he knows she won’t come. She says she has to focus on her race.
Umang asks Neel what he is doing. Neel complains that she doesn’t have a razor. Umang says she isnt a bear to carry it along. Bhagat brings the razor, he asks him to use his razor. Neel says thanks to him, Bhagat says he must thanks for his timings, he would be able to save a whole one second by shaving his legs, that’s a gift for him.
Kanika had made a record in the race again. TK watches Rewa who looks at him apologetically.

PRECAP: Bhagat sings around the fire. Rewa looks at him, moved.

Update Credit to: Sona

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