Swim Team 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhagat mother tells him to bring sofa and put curtains,,Mother tells that he didnt remeber the anniversery,,Bhagat asks did they do the party..Mother tells yes they did but she was eager to see Bhagat.. Mother tells that before twenty five years when everyone refused to marry his father she married..Bhagat asks why he married??Mother tells Bhagat has no right..Mother tells after twenty five year’s she is sitting here to have a drink with her son,,Bhagat tells this is now there drwaing room..Mother tells let come..Bhagat and his mother drinks..Mother tells that Bhagat is really happy here..Mother takes a selfie..Bhagat tells that she is the coolest Mother ever…Mother tells yes..Jai tells Umang how Jugnu know about the Butterfly stroke,,Umang ask what does he mean??Umang’s mother comes..Mother hugs Umang and tells congrats and she is very happy..Mother tells Umang to tell Jai about the idea,,
Umang tells Jai to think about Business expansion and work as a trainer of Jugnu..Mother tells to think once..Jugnu messege Umang and tells to come..Jugnu tells that olympic registration are taking a drug test and have to give every information where they are going,,What they will do in the morning..JUgnu tells that deadline is for only one week…. TK comes tells that everyone has to regular otherwise would ba banned..Jugnu tells that there is one week deadline and have to submit all the timings..Jugnu tells once the timing are given it cannot be changed..Rewa gets worried..Umang asks Rewa is she okey?Rewa tells yes..Umang’s Mother tells lets go..Umang goes..Kanika tells Pixy and Deepum that its Rewa’s trick..Deepum tells that Rewa known Butterfly stroke very properly..Kanika tells no way As they cannot practise whole night..Kanika tells that Rewa did friendship with Umang and lost..
Rewa tells she didnt wanted..Rewa tells Umang was better..Pixy tells she already heard alot of stories…Pixy tells stop it..Pixy kanika goes…Deepum tells Rewa is a loser and backstaber tells to give back the friendship band back,,Deepum goes..Rewa cries..Rewa tells she is a loser..she let down coach,,teammates and Father…She doesnt deserve anything..Jai text Rewa and tells to come…Jai tells Rewa to stop it..Rewa tells she is angry with Jugnu,,God..As jugnu gave Butterfly stroke..Rewa tells she would have done any other stroke..Jai tells himself that he known Umang did this all..Jai gives Rewa ballons and tells to Smile..Rewa tells she is feeling upset as she wanted to go back in time To win the Race..Rewa tells she have seen struggle in life its very different..In jai’s life his father gave money and Jai is running his business..Bhagat searches his envelope..Bhagat tells its very important and his whole life in that…Bhagat runs up stair’s. and bumps into Rewa..Rewa asks to see properly..Bhagat tells why Rewa is eating two chocolates..Rewa tells because she is the best…Rewa ask what Bhagat is searching??Bhagat tells it was very important..Bhagat snatches choclate and tells Rewa is really sweet..Rewa asks Jai from what time she and Jai are dating???Rewa tell two months,,Bhagat tells Jai is Umang’s brother and Rewa’s family friend So it was easy to get in the relation..
Bhagat tells How two people love soo easily its weird..Rewa tells If Bhagat fell in love with someone will Understand..Bhagat and Rewa looks at each other…

Precap:Precap:Rewa tells Bhagat that they have to go in Jugnu office and find something soo that they can blackmail

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