Swim Team 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rewa jumps in water and swims coach TK comes and see…Rewa gets happy tells that she have decreased 2seconds..Coach tells What Rewa wanted to do in life???Ritika comes and asks exactly what Rewa wanted to do??Rewa is shocked..Ritika tells Coach sorry for interrupting..Rewa tells that she will change and come…Rewa and Ritika comes home..Ritika tells she would have tell truth to her mother because of father death anniversery she is quiet..Rewa gives all belongings to Ritika..Ritika she will tell to mother later..Rewa cries..Mother comes and tells to come for Pooja..Mother tells Rewa not to cry as she and Ritika are there…Kanika tells that team will be good without Umang..As deepsi have to loose weight…Kanika tells that …..Deepsi tellls that TK is serious about his team..Coach TK comes and tells to stop gossip and practise..kanika tells if Tk replace Umang ??TK tells has not decided yet… Coach TK search on internet about Rewa’s father..TK tells his peon to Bring all the information about Mahesh mathur,,Umang’s mother call Umang but soesnt pick up..Umang removes her jacket and jumps into water..Umang swims…At night Jai text Rewa to meet..Jai comes at Rewa’s room hiding..Rewa turns and gets shocked to see..Rewa tells that How jai known sh ewas sad..Jai tells he known That Rewa is feeling sad because of Ritika..Jai tells Rewa to close her eyes..Rewa closes..Jai gives trophy of Rewa’s father…Rewa gets happy and tells where he got??Jai tells that he saw Ritika thrown in dustbin..Rewa tells thankyou hugs Jai..
Deepsi and umang sees Umang in the pool…Pixy tells Umang stiches are not healed till now and is swimming…TK shouts at Umang to come out..Umang’s mother tells Umang that her lawyers will talk to TK they need a solid reason…TK tells his reason are personal..JAi tells Rewa that Umang is injured..Rewa goes to academey..Ritika stops Rewa and tells she known where she is going..Rewa tells she is going for Umang..Ritika tells that Rewa is lying Rewa shows the message,,Ritika tells that may be Rewa’s friend is lying..Rewa tells whats wrong with Ritika???Ritika tells Rewa go and sit in the room….. Rewa hides and goes From window..Rewa tells that the girl who came at Pool is her sister..Rewa tells that she cannot come..Coach tells that he is not here to solve everyone personal problem..TK tells first only Rewa have given committment of two weeks and cannot step back now…Rewa tells that her mother will never agree…Coach TK shows the pictures of Rewa’s father..TK tells that Rewa’s father passion was swimming He won awards but cannotdidnt come up..Tk tells Rewa to fullfill her father’s passion..rewa cries..Next day Ritika give water to plants…Rewa shows magazine to Ritika…Rewa tells that her father was professional swimmer..Ritika remberer’s about her father…Rewa tells please to Ritika as it is only one week left..Ritika cries..Rewa tells that atleast Amresh puri did for kajol and she is Ritika real sister…Ritika tells that Rewa likes water alot..Ritika throws water on Rewa…Rewa to throw..Mother comes and tells to stop it…Ritika tells Rewa to go…Rewa goes….Rewa tells Tk that she is coming..Umang tells Rewa that TK thinks that he can can replace with anyone..Umang tells she should have not confess her feelings to TK…Umang tells that she will teach a lesson to TK..Umang tells that TK need four girls..Umang tells Rewa to take her name back..Umang tells Rewa no swimming nothing..Rewa is upset and thinks..

Precap:Precap:Umang tells Rewa to ditch TK,,Rewa thinks…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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