Swim Team 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Swim Team 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rewa goes in Jugnu’s office..Jugnu tells he known Rewa will come..Rewa tells How Jugnu came..Jugnu tells he known Rewa want that Grant but he will not let Rewa get that Grant..Rewa tells that a boy can also go from TK’s teams..JUgnu tells that no boy in TK’s team..Jugnu tells that he known TK will not train a boy..Rewa tells there is a boy in academey..Jugnu asks who??Rewa tells that the boy is very talented and TK noticed that..Rewa reads Bhagat’s record..Jugnu asks who is the boy..Rewa tells he is a real champion..Rewa says he works as a pool cleaner.. Jugnu tells Bhagat a illiterate,,rude boy..Rewa tells when TK will take Bhagat in olympics then Jugnu will sit and see..Rewa goes..Jugnu asks If Rewa has Bhagat number??Rewa tells that Bhagat works in Academy and may be he have number…Rewa goes.. Umang’s mother call Rewa and tells that she sent something oats..Umang gives TK and tells that her mother sent Oats..TK tells he will eat at home..Umang tells no TK have to eat here..Umang takes out Dosa and sambhar…Umang puts plate and sambhar…TK eats..TK tells Umang to eat..Umang tells one minute.,Rewa comes..TK and Umang sees…Rewa tells that Jugnu is calling Umang..Umang tells she will come in ten minutes..Rewa tells no…
TK tells what is going onn??Rewa tells that Jugnu is angry..TK tells he will eat later..Rewa tells he will pack in tiffin..Rewa hold Umang’s ear..Rewa tells Umang’s mother sent Oats for her and she gave to TK..Umang tells How Rewa known that she was in TK’s cabin..Rewa tells she is smart..Rewa tells After TK and Sana breakup Umang is getting too close to TK…Umang tells what????Umang tells that Sana and TK broke up she dont know..Rewa tells to stop lying..Rewa asks what Umang was doing in the party with TK??Umang tells nothing…Rewa tells that Umang should do such a big mistake again…Rewa gets a call..Umang slowly goes in TK’s cabin and wear TK’s coat..Umang acts like TK..Rewa comes and laughs..Kanika text Jai that she is really happy spending time with him,,,Jai tells that Kanika is very serious about diet,,,Kanika text who care about diet its dinner…JAi tells sure..Kanika says they will discuss about Diet also..Jai tells noo they will eat at academy..Kanika tells what the hell she is more hotter than Rewa..Jai tells Good night..Kanika tells will meet tomorrow..Rewa eats Choclate..Bhagat calls and thanks Rewa..Rewa tells for what???Bhagat tells what Rewa did..Bhagat tells that Jugnu called him at his office…Bhagat asks how Rewa Convinced Jugnu??Rewa tells she will tell later…

Precap::Bhagat hugs Rewa…Jai sees and gets angry..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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