Swim Team 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jai tells that Between Rewa and Umang Kanika won..Umang tells no,,,,Priyanka tells Deepsi to check her phone,,Priynaka tells that Umang had done case again RBUS and shoot cannot be continued…Kanika tells why Umang did that???Kanika tells that Umang is jealous From her and did this,,,Anotherside Umang gets happy…
Another side Umang tells that she did a case against RBUs,,Rewa tells that First Umang known that she(Rewa) was doing the RBUS deal,,Infact of knowing she did Case?? Umang tells that For Rewa Swimming is a hobby But for her it is LIfe,,Umang tells that her mother doent care she is well or not,,But cares about Swimming..And she gave twelve years to swimming…Rewa smiles nad ignores…Rewa tells Coach she has only 13 days and she want to to practise and to complete the race in thirty one seconds..TK tells that means Rewa wanted to break Umang record??Rewa tells yes..As now she will not give importance to friendship.. Rewa tells she want to do for herself now,,As she realised her mistake,,Coach tells ok,,Rewa goes…COach TK comes and asks Umang how is she??TK tells that Swimming association is forcing him,,Umang tells that it means she wil be out??COach tells that No-one can take her place,,,Coach asks What happeend to Umang why she lost the focus?? TK asks what Umang wanted to say???Umang tells that she is best student of TK,,,Umang asks If she said the truth Coach will no punish her??COach tells he will not,,Umang tells that her problem is her feelings that distract her everytime..Umang tells that that she doesnt loose from any swimmer but from her feelings..Umang tells “I love you” to coach..Umang tells”I Love you”..TK gets shocked…TK sees Umang,,,Suddenly Sana comes…
Sana tells TK that she doesnt like Umang,,Sana tells that Umang is a teenager,,a small girl..and for her all his her coach…TK holds Sana’s hand and tells that she is very mature..Sana tells TK to go..TK goes…Umang listens and cries…Rewa sees Jai bleeding and asks who did that???Rewa sees Bhagat too bleeding,,,Rewa tells to explain,,Jai tells If Rewa known Bhagat..Nurse calls Jai,,Jai goes away…Rewa asks Bhagat What happend???Bhagat tells that Jai loves his car alot and he loves Bike also..BHagat tells he was going and Jai came accidently bike crashed with Jai’s car,,Jai came out beat him,,So he beat him back…Rewa tells for his old bike he fought??Bhagat tells that its not question of Old or new…Rewa slowly pull Bhagat nose..Bhagat asks why???Rewa tells because Bhagat gave lecture..BHagat tells he is right why always Rewa hide Umang’s fault???As Umang was distracted her focus was somewhere else or may be she was not prepared…Bhagat tells that no one pushed Umang it was her fault..Why Rewa is hiding that ??Bhagat tells Rewa to do for herself and stop saving Umang Everytime,,,Rewa tells If it was accident like of Bhagat’s parent??Bhagat tells may be but Umang is wrong…Nurse calls Bhagat..Bhagat goes…Jai comes,,Umang hugs and asks Hw is her???Jai tells that Doctor said him one kiss per hour..Rewa tells stop it…Rewa and Jai hugs each other..
Umang and her mother packs the bag…Mother tells why Umang cannot focus??Asks what happeend to her??Mother asks there was TK???Umang tells that he was not there as it was shoot not a swimming practise..Mother tells okey,,Rewa comes..Mother tells thankgo dRewa came.. as she can help her…Rewa smiles..Umang tells Sorry to Rewa,,, Mother tells What Umang did now???Mother tells that Umang will loose her bestie…Umang hugs Rewa and tells she will not….Jai,,Umang and Rewa goes home in car..They see Priyanka,,Deepsi and Kanika near home….Umang’s mother ask what they are doing??Jai tells may be here to welcome…Umang comes out of car Priyanka hugs and tells Congratulations as she is back…kanika gives flowers..Umang thanks,,,Umang asks them Where is Coach??Priyanka tells he is buzy..Umang tells okey…Rewa and Umang goes inside the house.Umang shows a box to Rewa…Rewa asks what is this??Umang tells to open the box…Rewa sees all the stuff of TK….Rewa asks what happend??Umang tells she said to TK that she loves her..Rewa asks then what happeend???Umang tells someone came,,,Rewa tells to go and tell sorry to TK,,,Umang asks why??Rewa tells that Coach TK has already have girlfriend..Umang’s mother comes..Rewa goes..MOther tells that she have an idea how to bring TK closer to UMang!!Umang gets happy…….Coach TK sees letter of legal notice from Umang’s mother…Umang shouts at her mother as why she include TK???Umang tells that TK will be hurted..Mother tells that After seeing the letter TK will be scared and cannot replace Umang with any othe girl..
Umang calls Rewa tells that she Know What her Mother did???Rewa tells that her mother did what Umang said…Umang tells not…Rewa tells Umang to tells Sorry to Coach TK,,Umang tells okey..TK recives messsage of Reporter’s saying it was his fault of Umang’s accident..TK is frustrated,,,Umang comes,, Umang tells that Coach TK didnt distracted her,,,Tell that because of her feelings only she pushed herself and became talented..She is inspired..Umang opens the box and shows the articles..TK tells to throw it..Umang tells no..TK tells to throw,,,Umang cries tells no…

Precap:Precap::Coach TK tells Umang to stop it otherwise he will leave Umang…Umang tells her parents will never let happeend that…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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