Swim Team 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diretor tells that Rewa will go first…Rewa first goes up from the stairs turns backside and jumps in water,,Diretor tells Superb Rewa,,,kanika gets jealous,,,Umang goes up and thinks about Coach TK,,,Umang jumps meets with a accident,,Fall in pool,,UMang is bleeding,,,Rewa is shocked..Bhagat picks up Umang and takes to hospital..Rewa,,TK along goes to hospital… Dr sana comes and tells that Umang has an internal bleeding,,Tells that Umang is in ICU,,Rewa tells that they cannot do anything??Sana tells no..Rewa sees Umang in ICU and cries,,Director comes and tells that sorry for Umang..Director tells that Rewa can replace Umang,,He tells that Rewa will get the Deal of one year pacakage..Rewa tells that she will tell later..
Rewa sees the Video of Umang tells that she was perfect in taking the dives,,but what happened now??Jai tells Rewa to come..Dr Sana tells Coach TK that reports will only tells that Umang has suffered any minory injury,,Rewa tells Umang that she is a fighter and will become good soon,,Rewa tells Jai that Umang is fine,,Jai hugs Umang..Jai drops Rewa to academey,,Rewa tells she dont want to practise,,Jai tells If Umang will come to known will be angry..TK sees picture Of Umang,,Chairperson comes and tells TK to comes as Conference will start.,Chairperson tells that team has to register for olympics as soon as possible..One reporter tells that Umang is not well what will happeend??Coach TK tells that Umang will be good in some days will be joining the team…Another reporter asks Umang is star of team would TK would replace with backup???TK tells no way,,Chairperson tells TK that Who will replace Umang 1000 sqfeet record,,TK tells that no one will replace..Chairperson tells that as early as possible the team have to register..
Rewa and deepsi practises,,Coach TK shouts tells to practise…AT lunch Coach TK tells Priyanka to eat eggs and stay healthy as they have to preapare for olympics..he know that Priyanka is good but to focus,,TK tells Rewa its not her academey or pool tells Rewa to concentrate and a perfect swimmer,,,Jai calls tells Rewa that Report came and Umang has a injury,,,Anotherside Sana tells TK that nthing is good..TK cuts the phone..Rewa and TK looks at each other,,Priyanka asks Coach how is Umang???Coach tells that Umang is not well..Priyanka tells that hope she will be fine..Peon comes and tells that RBUS director came and wanted to meet Rewa,,,Rewa goes…Coach TK listens and gets angry…TK goes back of Rewa…Kanika tells what the hell???How come RBUS deal can go to Rewa???Deeps tells that atleast they would have wait till Umang recovered!!
Director asks Rewa If she is ready???Rewa tells that Umang will be good..Director tells that If Umang would be good also will take time be recover,,,And her credibility will be less,,She will be not active as it was before As it take time her to be perfect,,,Rewa tells that Umang will be fine she will ask Umang then only will answer,,Director tells that Umang is unconsious and he dont have time to wait tells that he want a final answer,,Rewa tells she will think and say…Coach TK comes tells Rewa talks about passion and about friendship??TK tells that Rewa is a swimmer not a model,,TK goes..Rewa tells that they came to her she didnt gone..Coach TK tells Rewa practises…Rewa does swimming while TK notes the time…COach tells to Hurry up…COach tells four minutes thirty seven seconds,,,TK tells that with this time he cannot beat anyone…TK tells that Rewa have to work hard as in this way she cannot replace Umang,,Rewa tells that she is not Umang,,TK tells she can be..

Precap:Coach TK tells that Rewa have to change her swimming style..As she cannot be a good swimmer…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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