Swim Team 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jugnu tells that Interactive women organization have organised a grant,,who will win may get two lakh…Kanika ,,,Pixy and Deepum gets happy…Jugnu asks who want to take part??Pixy,,Deepum and Kanika raises hands.. Umang and Rewa raises hands…Jugnu tells that he known that winner will be from his team..Jugnu tells that his team international swimmer is Umang..TK comes and tells that one need to practise for that..Deepum and Pixy practise..Pixy sits..Pixy tells that that stupid waitress is back of her father’s money..Pixy tells that how foolish is her dad….Deepum calls Ritesh malhotra..Deepum asks Pixy what is the name of waitress???Pixy tells “DOLLY”..Deepum tells that she is marrying a big man So her blouse size hould be increased by 6meters.,,,Pixy gets happy…Deepum tells that he dupatta colour should be baby pink and lengha orange colour..Deepum tells that its perfect…Pixy hugs Deepum..Sana calls TK but he does’nt pick up…Sana sees her and TK pictures.. Song goes on background “saiyaan”…Sana cries and tells he miss TK..TK calls Sana but she doen’t pick up…TK shouts on Rewa,,Kanika,,Pixy and tells that Girls will decide something and do something..TK goes..Girls are shocked..
Jai asks why everyone is excited??Deepum tells nothing coach..Pixy tells they known Jai from very much long time..Jai tells today they will start from muscle excercise…Jai takes out his shirt…Kanika sees Jai…Jai jumps into Swimming pool..Kanika thanks God and tells that Jai is soo hot… Jai tells that he will give all the girls some diet,,Soo all the girls have to fill this forms….Kanika snatches the from Jai’s hand..Kanika tells that she wanted to discuss some important with Jai..Jai tells not now as he wanted to go with Rewa…Kanika tells please as its important…Jai tells he wanted to drop Rewa..Kanika tells that Rewa is a independent girl and she can go….Rewa goes…Jai tells Kanika to ask..Kanika tells they will drink Coffee and discuss..Jai tells he is waiting outside..Jai goes…Kanika tells that Rewa insulted her infront of all..Now she will snatch her boyfriend..Jai tells that Kanika is very intelligent and Beautiful..Kanika touches Jai’s hand and says really???Kanika tells that Jai is too got to date Rewa mathur..Kanika sees Jai,,,Jai goes and tells will see tommorrow..Kanika tells yes “DARLING”…Jai says bye and goes..Rewa miss Bhagat..Rewa thinks all the moments spent with Bhagat..

Precap::Bhagat throws a rose flower for Rewa..Jai and TK sees…Bhagat hugs Rewa while Jai gets angry..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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