Swim Team 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Umang tells Rewa is ready??Rewa it will be some more as Kanika cannot handle..Umang tells ave decided..Umang tells that Kanika everytime torture Rewa..Umang tells that this is not a small thing..If they dont teach a lesson then Kanika will not be good..Rewa tells Umang is right..Umang tells that she will text…Umang sees Deepum and Pixy practising..Umang text Rewa,,,Umang acts cries and tells no..Rewa tells jokes..Umang acts as if worried..Umang tells its was her Presidence medal..Umang cries..Rewa tells she cutting the phone as its time for Drama..Umang tells her Presidence medal lost..What she can do now???Deepum tells they saw on Saturday only..Umang tells what she can do now???Deepum and Pixy tells to relax..Deepum tells to chill..Pixy tells Umang will be very upset as it is a big loss…Umang takes out Medal and places in Kanika’s locker..Umang tells where should she search her medal..Umang comes home tells that it was awesome..Umang sees a gift and gets happy..Jai comes..Umang sees Jai..Umang tells to take it as she dont want..Jai tells whenever they go park one he will wear and another Umang..Jai tells he is idiot who dont know how to handle things..Jai tells sorry as misbehaved alot..Jai tells he said angrily..Jai tells to forgive him..Umang tells Jai have to lerarn to trust..Jai tells he have to share one more thing..Jai tells he joined TK’s team as assistent,,,Umang tells Jai to get out…Mother asks What both are doing????Umang tells mother that Jai joined TK’s team..Jai tells that he known whom to train..Jai goes…Dr Sana calls Rewa…Rewa tells to come till 9:15…Rewa asks mother is she not going office???Mother tells that today there was no work in office so she is going late..Mother tells to do breakfast..Rewa tells that Mother is sitting If Dr Sana comes it will be Problem…Rewa eats…Rewa tells Mother is not late for Office??Mother tells she will go..Rewa tells that Umang is coming to pick up..Rewa call Sana but it shows switch off..Dr Sana comes.. Rewa tells her mother this is her Boss..Rewa tells that her Boss is hving some work soo She is taking in the room..Rewa tells that her Mother dont know about swimming..Sana tells that she saw Rewa’s report and she is completely fine…Rewa tells she called Sana soon because Sana was going out of town..Sana tells TK said Rewa also??Rewa tells yes…Coach was very excited about the surprise..
Rewa tells that TK was so confused about rings..Rewa tells why Sana is not wearing ring,Rewa tells that Coach loved Sana alot..Sana gets upset..Sana tells she have to go..Sana goes..Rewa tells that Sana and Coach broked up Thats why Tk came in Umang party..Rewa tells that Umang known before only about Coach and TK..

Precap::Rewa tells Bhagat that she will talk to Coach

Update Credit to: Ansari

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