Swim Team 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Rewa stands upstairs as Bhagat gets a note sitting down on pool side. He picks it up, Rewa asks him to open it up. He reads that she had made a mistake breaking up with him, it was a wrong decision and shouldn’t be only hers. She apologized in the note and live as well. Bhagat doesn’t say anything and goes inside. Rewa was upset, but Bhagat had come upstairs. They both kiss each other, Neel and Bhagat come there. Umang asks Rewa if it is done and laughs for her. Rewa leaves shy. Umang comes behind her downstairs, she says it is party time. They jump in the pool. Jai watches Rewa and Bhagat together and is curt. TK says to Neel that he has to talk to him, Neel was worried all at once. He says he hasn’t done anything, but TK says it is important.
TK says to Neel that he has to share something confidential with him. He tells Neel that Kanika said while leaving that she wasn’t in a right state of mind because of breakup with Jai so she started to take PEDs. Neel tries to defend him but TK says what Jai did was wrong. Jai will soon be expelled from the academy, he is offering Jai’s post to him. TK says that swimmer at times lose their confidence and leave after losing, he say he doesn’t want Neel to go and get another job; is he interested. Neel cheers and hugs TK.
Rewa and Bhagat hold each other’s hand and cheer drinks. Rewa says she is glad he gave them another chance, she will never do this again. Bhagat sat there upset, he withdraws his hand from Rewa’s. She asks what happened. Bhagat says he is sorry about the confusion but they aren’t together, he isn’t her boyfriend.
TK gives the contract to Neel and says he must sign it and join from Monday. He asks Neel to keep the information confidential and not tell anyone specially Neel. Neel says that he loves Umang a lot, if this job means he should leave Umang he won’t accept this job. TK smiles and says everything will be fine, he is being hired for part time.
Rewa says to Bhagat that he had forgiven her then. Bhagat says they broke up for a reason, their reason hasn’t ended yet. Olympics is still left, they must not lose their focus. Rewa says he must not say this, he can never distract her. If they love each other, this relationship can make each other strong. Bhagat says they will be back again if their training remains the same, but right now he can’t lose their focus on their careers. He says he loves her a lot, then leaves. Rewa was left alone.
Umang hugs Neel and says she is really happy for Neel that TK has offered him a job. She looks at Neel and says he doesn’t seem to be as happy as he must be. Neel says she cheered about his job, she didn’t ask once whose job he was offered. He asks Umang to read the letter, and tells her Jai is being thrown out of the academy. He says TK had forbidden him to tell her about it. Umang was upset for a while. Neel holds her face and says if she is his side. Umang says Jai has broken the rules of academy, she is really happy for him and will always he his side.
In the ceremony, Rewa and Bhagat are appreciated. Mr. Jamwal gives a speech for them. Mr. Jamwal appreciates Rewa that she won the Nationals in her debut year. He calls them both for felicitation by the minister. Bhagat and Rewa receive their medals. Mr. Jamwal says it would have been a proud moment if he could see them go to Olympics. They all looked at each other quizzically. Mr. Jamwal says a few months ago, in such an event Umang Tandon raised a question why two male swimmers are sent only. The ministry changed its rules and a male and a female swimmer was sent for Olympics, but for budgetary contraints only a single swimmer will be sent for Olympics. He says to Rewa that she is still India’s best National swimmer. He cheers them all up to come for a group photo. Rewa looks at Bhagat and comes heavily. Someone comments what will girls do in Olympics. Rewa takes her medal off on stage and hands it back to Mr. Jamwal. She tells him to keep it to himself. Mr. Jamwal asks how dare she. Rewa says this wasn’t her dream, she didn’t want to be the best female swimmer in India. She wanted to represent her country in Olympics but if for budgetary restraints she can’t go to Olympcs, she won’t accept this medal as well. She gives her one lac cheques as well as she doesn’t want to pressurize ministry. Umang was the first one to stand up clapping, everyone else did too. They all cheered Rewa, Rewa. Rewa comes back to her seat, and comes to confront TK. Rewa goes to stage, she says to Mr. Jamwal that he said there is budget issues, there is no relation of gender in choosing a swimmer. Ministry should send a swimmer who is worth winning a medal for India. She says 200 free style swimmings current record is 2.39 sec to men and 2.15 sec to females. She waits for a while and says she challenge Bhagat for competing with her. If she achieves the closest time to world record, no one would stop her from going in Olympics. Minister was enraged and shouts how this is possible. Mr. Jamwal calms him down. Bhagat comes to mike and accepts Rewa’s challenge. He smiles at her.
Jugnu was enraged and asks TK why he didn’t say anything to Rewa. TK says he thinks it is perfect. He says years ago he had challenged Jugnu, and now his student continued the streak.
Bhagat was doing boxing vigorously remembering Rewa’s words of challenge. He stops himself.

PRECAP: Rewa was going in the car, Bhagat came behind her on cycle calling her but she couldn’t see him.

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  1. Hey it’s not full epi
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  2. It was 1hr episode & u have updated oly half the plot……

  3. it was going to be finished…. thn incompleteness??

  4. guyz can someone tell me if the show is over or is it still telecasting with a different timing. if it is not then how does the show get over n wats the end.
    someone plz update it na i wanna knw d end of dis serial.

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  7. oh GOD…THIS SHOW WAS SO AMAZING…y did it have to end so suddenely??? will miss the cast crew

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