Swim Team 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Priyanka tells Umang that she is angry,,Priyanka takes out gun,,Umang tells to chill..Prinka raises gun against Umang,,Umang tells its not a joke,,Priyanka tells that Umang did cheating with her best friend..Umang tells her carrer will finish,,Priyanka tells Umang backstrab her best friend..Priyanka shoots Umang..Umang shouts and gets up realises it was just a dream..Bhagat calls Rewa,,Rewa asks what she want??Bhagat tells Race..Bhagat says If Rewa did a race with him he will give job,,Rewa tells she dont want,,Bhagat tells that If Rewa is scared ??Rewa tells that she is not scared..She will do race..Ritika comes and asks If Rewa didnt got job??Rewa tells yes,,Ritika tells If she work hard then she will get..Ritika tells that she known that Trophy is very important for Rewa,,,But its just failure that their father got and nothing..Rewa gets angry and goes in washroom..
Bhagat calls Rewa,,Rew tells yes lets Race tommorrow,,Bhagat gets happy..Anotherside Mang swims,,,Priyanka and kanika tells to swim faster..Umang comes out of pool..Priyanka tells why Umang is soo much distracted??Coch TK tells why Umang is soo much distracted?As she only said that wanted to go olympic..Coach tells umang to leave swimming If she cannot Swim,,As she cannot go olympics in such position..Coach TK tells that he wanted to meet Priyanka at office..Priyanka goes…Umang calls..Jai and Umang comes at Rewa’s house..Rewa comes outt of house and sees Umang and goes in,,Umang comes and tells Rewa to stop..Umang tells that Jamwal thretened her and said that will give a chance to go into olympics..UMang tells that If Rewa would on her place have done the same..Rewa tells that she wouldnt have even sacrifice her friendship because of Career..Umang tells sorry to Rewa..Umang tells Rewa that she will set all,,Jai tells Rewa and Umang to hug..Rewa tells Jai she is not in mood to come with him..Rewa goes..Jai tells Umang what she did??Umang tells she will set all….
Bhagat excercises..Rewa comes..Bhagat asks If Rewa was seeing him??Rewa tells she is not have such low standards..Rewa tells Bhagat why he does such show off..Bhagat tells he is a swimmer and he have to do excercise regularly and stay fit..Bhagat tells Rewa has alot of confidence..Rewa and Bhagat jumps in the pool…As the race starts…Rewa and Bhagat swims,,Rewa reaches the Finishing line before and comes out of pool..Bhagat is breathless..umang drinks juice..Priyanka shows new car keys to Umang tells that father gave bribe,,So that can marry..Umang asks what coach gave her punishment??Priyanka tells that she have banned for 2 weeks,,It means that she can come and watch swimming but cannot swim,,Umang tells herself that still time is left out one chance is there,,,COach TK excercises in the gym..Umang tells that for two weeks they have to practise..And Priyanka is banned..Coach tells soo what??Umang tells her friend Rewa is there,,If she come Practise will be easy,,Coach tells noo..Rewa asks for scissors,,Bhagat tells that Scissors and desk will be of Rewa..And job also..Rewa tells she dont want..Rewa tells that this is her last race she will not swim,,TK”s girlfriend tells TK that Rewa is good listen to Umang once..Coach thinks..

Precap::Umang tells Rewa,,What she want???Rewa tells kanika jamwal out.,,Umang and Jai checks the video,,,

Update Credit to: Ansari

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