Swim Team 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rewa tells Coach should have a taken directly kanika directly,,She known that Kanika’s father is influential…Coach gets angry and tells Rewa what she seeing??Rewa tells she is telling truth.Coach tells at 5’o clock Rewa should give the medal back,,some voice comes,,,Coach TK goes and sees.Priyanka throws all things on floor..Priyanka shouts at her father tells how can marry a girl of her daughter age…Coach TK sees gets angry tells that it is his academey not their bedroom..He tells Priyanka to meet at his office..Coach Takes Priyanka’s phone,,
Rewa goes to her academey..A boy comes out of pool carrying a small kid…Rewa tells thankyou..The boy asks is she small kid’s mother..Rewa tells no,,She is the lifeguard..The boy tells he is new lifeguard..Rewa tells its hardly only one day she left the job,,And she didnt even officially given the letter..The boy tells it already happened..Rewa tells she left the job,She congratulates him for “Second hand job”..Rewa slips The boy holds her..He tells girls like boys attention Rewa shouts to leave her..He leaves Rewa gets up..Jai call Rewa,,Rewa tells she will be coming,,Jai tells hope everything is fine,,The boy listens and tells tells boyfriend,,He tells that Girls like Rewa are proudy,,Boyfriend run behind them but they dont care just enjoy..They only like attention of Boys,,Rewa tells thankyou..Rewa says his parents will be very happy to be have a son like him,,The boy says his parents died in a accident…Rewa tell she have to go,, Jai comes Rewa sits in Car.Jai asks Everthing is fine??Rewa tells hope yes.Rewa tells Jai that Umang will handle..Jai tells Rewa not to take tension,,,Rewa tells that Jai is soo sweet…Jai tells thankgod she said at somehow..Rewa thinks about the boy and tells Jai that she is ready,,Rewa puts her hand on Jai..Jai tells to focus on driving or her???She smiles..Rewa gets a call..The boy calls her and tells that he has coupon of Coffee,,And Rewa can come,,Rewa tells How he got the number??The boy tells that he saw from register..Boy tells not to worry about boyfriend as he will wait..Rewa tells no and cuts the phone..
Rewa calls Umang,,Umang tells that meeting is going onn,..Priyanka tells that If committe member banned Umang it will be not good…Umang tells it will be good..UMang asks Priyanka what about her father??Priyanka tells that his father is marriying and she will not let happen!!!COach asks what she will do???Priyanka tells that she will kill herself..UMang gets shocked..Priyanka tells that she is just telling..
Rewa goes home and finds Ritika her sister Ritika tells that she got placment in the campus..Rewa tells its very good..Rewa sees trophy and tells its father’s trophy…Rewa asks How she can sell them??Ritika tells that its waste thinks,,Rewa tells its not waste things..its his father achievment and emotions..Mother tells to be quiet…Rewa tells she is also doing she will get a job..Ritika tells When??Rewa tells till five”o clock,,,Ritika tells to keep the trophies till that time,,Rewa tells If she will not get a job wil back the trophy,,,Ritika tells okey..Jai text “Hi” to Rewa,,Rewa tells she is sad as Ritika came back..Jai sends an emoticon to be “Happy”..Rewa gets happy..Rewa tells hope in the meeting it will be good..Umang goes inside the office..Coach tells he known..Coach TK tells that they have decided that this time one male and female swimmer will go to olympics..Umang gets happy..Umang gets happy and tells that she did not believe..Umang hugs Coach TK,,TK tells to control and thanks Kanika’s father,,,Umang thanks,,He tells its okey,,Rewa comes..Coach asks did he brought the medal??Rewa tells didnt Umang said??Coach asks what??Umang ignores and tells that she dont know…Rewa cries Throws the medal and goes…

Precap::Rewa cries..Priyanka shoots Umang

Update Credit to: Ansari

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