Swim Team 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Rewa show Kanika the video playing on the big screen in front of her. She asks Kanika if she will confess about PED or will want to humiliate. Deepam calls her a cheater. Kanika says she is really sorry and begins crying. She curtly looks at Rewa, Rewa says she is glad about her confession. She says this is an inspiration, because if she had said yes for PED her tests would have been negative because she replaced her medicines with a saline solution. If a person takes a high dose of asthma medicines, his heart shuts down for a fraction of seconds and may cause a heart attack. Kanika leaves saying she won’t leave Rewa. She hears people calling her loser and cheater. TK says on Mike, well done to Rewa. They all clap for her. TK says if Rewa wasn’t this alert, they would have sent a cheat swimmer for Olympics. Jugnu asks for beginning the race, but Rewa takes a leave for a few minutes.
Mr. Jamwal stops Kanika in the corridor, she says he must have sided her. But he scolds her and tells her to leave now, he will talk to her at home about it. Kanika gets in the car, it stops with a jerk but rewa had stopped the car. She opens the door, drags Kanika out of the car and opens up the watch on her arm. Rewa says Kanika’s time has ended, it is Rewa’s time and she is going to shine. Kanika gets in the car, Rewa says finally she has got rid of the negative energy. Bhagat comes with a tissue paper for her, wipes her tears and says she was superb. He takes her into his hug as she cries. She says.. Bhagat says he knows she has to go. She leaves.
Rewa comes in the hall, Umang and Deepam come there saying sorry to her. Rewa asks what are they doing. Umang says they came to congratulate her, then they thought that this clapping won’t be enough for her heroism. They salute Rewa. Deepam says they didn’t know Kanika would take drugs. Umang says it feels like a hero. Umang says she got psycho for winning, she feels horrible and stupid. Deepam says she knows she won’t select in Olympics, she doesn’t want to leave with a guilty conscience. She says she saw Kanika with her locker but couldn’t get it. She says they had kept the letters in Bhagat and Neel’s locker, and they had locked Rewa out of girl’s locker room. She says sorry to them, she has lost everything including Pixie. She says she doesn’t want them both lose their friendship, it is special. Umang says now that she feels guilty for creating problems between her and Rewa so she should also be sorry creating problems between her and Neel. Rewa stops the argument, she asks if they can speak for a while. Umang nods.
Neel sat on the stairs upset. Bhagat comes to him and says he doesn’t like him not getting selected. Neel says Bhagat is a good swimmer. Bhagat asks friends again? Neel asks if they aren’t rivals again? Neel stands up at once, both cheers as Neel asks for party. They hug.
Umang says to Rewa that she knows she has been behaving really stupid for the last few days. Rewa says this began when Umang had signed the letter at once. Umang says she knows she had submitted it all at once, she also know that Rewa had started the practice for long distance as well. Rewa says she told Tk that she won’t practice long distance. Rewa says that in fact Umang had started short distance training before the letter, TK told her. Umang says Jugnu said something else. They both get it all at once, that their coaches tricked them. Umang says Jugnu made a fool of her, she regrets
TK and Jugnu come there, they both say that one race is left. If they lose their focus, someone would snatch their position in Olympics. Tk says rivals can never be friends. Rewa says they will always be friend, best will win. Umang poses about not hearing Jugnu, he shouts at Umang but TK stops him. Umang and Rewa apologize each other, Rewa asks her to promise there will never be a misunderstanding between them again. They hug. TK and Jugnu look at each other.
On the pool side, Rewa kissed her father’s watch. Her mother was also there. She and Umang give high five to each other. Her mother also cheers her. They announcement about two friend’s race is made. Umang’s career had started from the age of six, Rewa is relatively new swimmer. Their race began. Nine months ago, Umang was the best swimmer of India. Rewa swim with Umang’s curt words in her mind. Rewa and Umang had a draw. Rewa wouldn’t have been here, had Umang not introduced her to TK. Umang’s pride ran into Rewa’s mind. Jugnu cheers Umang.

PRECAP: Final announcement, Bhagat was the best athlete. Rewa says to Bhagat that humans make mistakes, Bhagat says anyone can.

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