Swim Team 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sana tells TK that they should take a break So that they concentrate about future..And Carrer..Sana gives back the ring and tells sorry..Song goes on Background “SAIYYAN”..Sana cries and goes..TK feels bad and goes…Umang serves drinks..Christ and all comes.Umang tells she is shocked..Kanika comes..Umang tells she is very happy that Kanika came..Umang tells she still respect Kanika as swimmer…Rewa comes..Umang tells Rewa to go and ready..Jai tells Rewa that he arranged the party but he is not going in it…Rewa tells to come and she is going..Jai tells because of Rewa he took out footage and stop talking to his sister…Rewa tells Jai that they are dating for only two months and she known Umang since childhood…Rewa tells she is not able to understand..Bhagat comes and tells Hi to pixy..Bhagat tells he want one drink..Umang hugs Pixy..Umang introduces Pixy to Bhagat…Jugnu comes and sits..Bhagat tells hi to Jugnu..Bhagat tells Great is jugnu he known how to win Race without effort..Jugnu tells he dont have a word,,Jugnu tells Pixy that Bhagat is pool cleaner..Bhagat tells yes…
Umang tells that Jugnu choosed Butterfly stroke it was most surprising..Umang asks Jugnu where did he got idea???Jugnu tells its secret…Umang tells she too share secrets with Jugnu..Jugnu laughs,,Umang asks How jugnu known??Jugnu tells that day Bhagat and Umang was loudly talking about Rewa’s injury and he heard that..Jugnu tells who will not use this type of Information..Umang tells its means Jugnu know about Rewa’s injury..Jugnu tells that Rewa cam and was trying to become over-smart..Bhagat tells his smart friend is a editor and will print “WORLD CHAMPION BY CHANCE”..Bhagat tells specially about the record he have made..Jugnu asks Bhagat who is the sports editor friends??And what Bhagat is telling he dont know..Bhagat tells that first loosing and then winning known as “BAAZIGAR”..But for loser like Jugnu should search a special word..Bhagat goes..Umang is shocked..Bhagat goes,,Kanika tells Bhagat that they met before??Kanika stops Bhagat and tells that Party is very boring and they should go some where..Bhagat tells that wrong timing..One girl comes and tells Bhagat to clean the dress..Bhagat asks why should he???Girl tells that Bhagat is a dry cleaner..Bhagat tells he is pool cleaner..Kanika tells Bhagat is pool cleaner??Kanika tells her time wasted…Kanika goes..The girl tells Bhagat to clean,,Bhagat tells to see there..Girl sees…Bhagat goes..
Bhagat tells Rewa hi and tells she is looking nice..Rewa stands..Bhagat tells one thing is missing that she should wear black..Rewa tells why Bhagat came here…Bhagat tells he wanted to talk..Bhagat tells that enough now..Rewa tells at main moment Bhagat ditch her,,Bhagat tells Rewa dont need anyone…Bhagat asks Atlast what happened??Rewa tells why Bhagat want??Bhagat tells Rewa to sit,,,And Black shoes suit her not silver..Bhagat smiles and sees Rewa,,,While Rewa is angry..Bhagat puts Black shoes on Rewa’s feet…Songs goes “ISHQ BHULAVA”..Bhagat smiles…Bhagat tells its looking good at Rewa..Bhagat tells he forgot that Umang known before about Rewa’s injury..And when he and Umang was discussing Jugnu was there and heard all…Rewa is shocked..

Precap::Jugnu tells that he had changed the starting block..Rewa tells that she has confession of Jugnu and will tell to Association..Bhagat and Rewa dance..Bhagt tells that Rewa looks cute while smiling

Update Credit to: Ansari

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