Swim Team 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Umang practises to apologise To coach..Coach comes and tells to come..Umang tells she want to tells something…Coach tells stop talking as she have to swim,,Coach TK and UMang goes near pool..Coach tells all girls that If fourth person come in team then they will be worried..As they are ignoring ,,Priyanka tells thats all happeend because of Umang,,Umang tells that she too dont want Another girl in team,,Umang tells she have todo something..Rewa comes and tells hi to Umang,,Rewa tells that she is thinking to tell all to coach,,Rewa tells what that Umang loves Coach..Umang tells noo not that,,Rewa tells that aleady coach is irritated with her and Not to take soo long,,Rewa is carrying form..Umang tells that she dont want any fourth girl in team??Rewa asks If the fourth girl will also be friend..Umang tells no way..Rewa throws the form..Umang asks whats that paper??Rewa says nothing its paper..Umang goes inside the coach’s cabin,,Sana tells Umang to knock before coming..Umang gets upset and goes..Rewa comes outside Jai asks what happeend?She submitted the form??Rewa tells noo!!!Jai asks what happeend??Rewa tells she dont want to talk..Rewa goes.
Umang sits A girl comes out of pool and asks for autograph for Umang..Umang gives..But girl tells that she only takes the autograph of Khel awards..The girl takes out glasses..Umang tells Kanika??Kanika tells yes her father is sponsaring the race,,,She will be the fourth girl in Coach TK’s team..Kanika tells that last time she lost against Umang because she was unwell but this time she will be in the race by anyhow..Umang tells no way As Race will be cancelled..Kanika tells this time noo as her father is sponsering..Coach comes..Kanika thanks Coach for giving permission for swimming in the pool..Coach tells he want to talk to Umang tells Kanika to excuse..Umang tells its okey and goes..Umang tells Jai that Kanika jamwal is back,,Umang tells that Kanika father is sponsering the race..Jai gets shocked..Jai tells in previous race kanika would have defeated Umang,but cannot because she was unwell,,Umang tells she only lost the race from Rewa when she was age of 9…Umang tells she got an idea who should stand against kanika!!jai asks whom??Umsng tells its suspense..
Umang tells Rewa that she want Rewa to join her team,,Umang tells that Coach TK need a new girl and she want Rewa,,Umang tells that its soo much fun..As they will be no old rivalry between them..Rewa tells yes and gets happy,,Rewa tells that she and Umang will be already together..Umang tells that Rewa have to win the compedition..Rewa tells that she didnt even have training nor she won any compedition..Umang tells not to worry as Jai will help Rewa..Rewa gets happy and tells that she has waited for this soo much long..Rewa says even if loose??Umang tells Rewa cannot because “who have sees Unseenable dreams can even reach to impossible”,,Rewa tells thats right..Rewa and Umang hugs each other..Umang tells only Rewa have to think how to convince her mother..Rewa tells thats what..
At night Rewa cuts fruits and tells her mother that there is no gain without risk,,Anotherside Umang says sorry to coach and tells she will not do like this..Rewa tells her mother that mother that her interview is in sports managment..Mother gets shocked..Rewa tells in Sports managment its difficult gets job..Rewa tells that she will be late and her mother would not like that,,Mother says yes..Rewa can apply job..Rewa gets happy…Umang says coach sorry as whats she said in khel awards..Coach tells once Umang should have asked him and said..Coach tells that he is giving a chance to her to realise the mistake…Umang gets happy…Rewa and Umang gets happy and hug each other..Rewa tells she cannot believe that she is with Umang in her team..Umang tells its happened..Rewa tells that she will submit the form and come..kanika comes and sits near Umang..Umang tells she didnt got place??Kanika tells that soon it is going to be her place..Umang says that Overconfidence can kill sometimes..Umang tells that there is a big wall infront of kanika and thats “REWA MATHUR”..kanika asks who is she??Umang tells that Rewa is a new big thing..Umang tells that Rewa is the girl to watch out..Rewa comes and laughs…kanika tells what “rewa”?Rewa laughs and tells yes..May be her parents like narmada river..Kanika asks what??Rewa tells that she dont have generel knowledge??Kanika tells she known only about “Swimming”..Kanika says that she is “Kanika jamwal”..Rewa gets shocked…Kanika goes…Rewa tells Umang that it is Kanika Jamwal,,,Umag tells that only Rewa can defeat Kanika..Rewa tells that its kanika jamwal..She won in international at four times and atleast 12times gold medalist..Umang tells that she believe Rewa can win.. Rewa swims…jai shouts comes and tells that her mom is near reception,,Rewa tells that her mom cannot see her like this..Rewa comes out of pool and runs..

precap::Rewa’s mom comes and asks at reception about Rewa..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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