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Rewa holds Kanika’s arm at the point of injection, she says to Kanika this is Nationals and she knows it. If she is trying to hide something or doing something wrong, she must confess about it right now else the reputation of TK and academy will be ruined. Kanika says she is taking medicines for her elbow injury that is approved from federation. Rewa needs to worry because she is going to lose the race. She shows Rewa her dad’s watch and says they are getting late. Rewa follows her to the pool.
It was women’s 600 meter free style race. Five people were to compete. TK comes to Rewa and wish her all the best. Jugnu tells Umang not to ruin his respect again. The announcer says TK has brought two of his swimmers to compete directly, if Rewa beats Umang today she will come closer to Kanika in rating. And if Kanika, whose performance has been undisputable, beats Rewa and Umang she would be unstoppable. Kanika’s arm ached where Rewa had held her. She looks at Rewa and straightens herself. Jugnu calms himself down. The race begins. Kanika was on a lead. TK and Umang couldn’t compete Kanika. Jai bucked UG up to do well. Jugnu and TK stand up on their seats in excitement. Suddenly Kania begin to lose her control. The announcer says there is something wrong. Rewa watches Kanika drowning, TK was also worried. Rewa goes to help Kanika, the life guards come in the pool but Rewa holds Kanika out of the pool.
The administrator calls the doctor to hurry up and get the best team here. He says to TK that if he comes to know he pressurized Kanika more than needed, he won’t leave him.
Bhagat comes running to Rewa and says he heard about Kanika. He says she saved her, she is the real hero. Rewa says anyone would do this. She says Kanika behaved strange before the race. Bhagat asks if it was a muscle cramp. Rewa says she doesn’t know. She gets Tk’s message, Bhagat hands her sandwich to her and asks her to eat.
Jai confirms if Kanika had cramps in her legs. Umang says this is nonsense, she is sure she didn’t faint because of those leg cramps. She says Kanika won’t be able to race and is giving this excuse. She was irritated and says technically she won this race, Rewa wanted to become a hero. She says to Jai that this is really important for her to win this race. Jai calms her down saying she must calm down.
The association members announce that this race has been cancelled. It is yet to be decided how they will compensate the points. Umang complains to Jugnu that hadn’t he pushed for re-race she would have won. She leaves.
Rewa comes down to Umang and says those who are confident about winning are never afraid of re-race. Umang must be sure that she is out of the race.
At night, Rewa comes to locker room asking where Bhagat is. Neel says he doesn’t know about him. Rewa comes to look for him. Bhagat was working out, his foot injury bled because of skipping. Bhagat says he has to beat Neel in his race. Rewa asks if he did dressing on his injury. Bhagat was panicked, he says Jugnu told him he is four points behind Neel, he will have to beat him else he will be out of Olympics. Rewa says alright if this is the way to win, she will also do skipping with him. He stops Rewa. Rewa asks if he just doesn’t want to go to Olympics now. Bhagat says she was right, he was stressed out and was trying to divert his attention.
Rewa says he always asked her if she trust him. She says she has complete faith on him, she says she just want him to remember that he is doing this all, this dream for his sister, he must not forget this. She takes him inside and does the dressing on his injury. He says ouch, she asks if it is painful. Bhagat says he is doing a drama. He calls her the biggest drama queen of the world, gets her an award for the biggest drama queen. Rewa cheers, she asks if he thinks this trophy is small for this big an award. They both laugh. Bhagat says he will gift her a bigger one later on. Neel comes there, he asks if they are done with cheering he wants to sleep. Rewa says she was just leaving. Bhagat and Neel look at each other.
The next morning, Rewa was working out by the pool side. She pants, stops and comes to the stalls of juice with her inhaler. Umang says to Rewa she came here first, just like she came first in yesterday’s race. Rewa says she could have come first if.. Umang asks if Kanika didn’t have a cramp in her foot. Rewa was shocked to hear this. Umang tells Rewa to get ready for losing, and prepare a reason for it too. She leaves. Rewa wonders when Kanika had a cramp in her leg, she says Kanika is lying and there is something wrong for sure. She thinks that Kanika was having palpitation and she was pressing her left hand. She thinks she was having pains on her left side, for a young swimmer it only happens when he has taken performance enhancing drugs. Rewa thinks she knows what she needs to do now.
Downstairs, Rewa thinks that the medical officer had told her to keep her medicine safe, its overdose can kill a person. She thinks about Rewa’s condition.
There, Bhagat worked out when he gets Rewa’s call. He tells her to say it soon, his race is about to begin. Rewa gets casual and says she wanted to say best of luck. He asks if she is sure, she says yes, he must remember she trusts him well.

PRECAP: The announcer says Rewa’s dream of a swimmer is relatively new. Nine months ago Umang was a champion but since Rewa joined TK’s team things have changed. Rewa and Umang swim closely in the race.

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