Swim Team 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Umang comes home..Umang tells her mother that she was with Rewa..Mother tells that Umang why Jai dont want to be trainer.,,Mother tells Umang to solve the problem..Umang tells that stop it..Umang tells that in every situation she is the villain..Umang tells that Jai is her darling Son and she is a trophy..Mother tells its nothing like that,..
Umang cries and tells that she feels that she is a swimmer and If she leave swimming then Mother will never talk to her..Mother tells to sit and not to be worried..Mother tells that she throwed a surprise party for Umang..Mother tells to call all friends..Umang tells that she dont have any friends all in academy hate her..Mother tells that umang is “UMANG TANDON”….Umang invites Deepum and Pixy..Deepum tells that Umang is inviting in party who will go..Umang calls Rewa and tells to come..Umang tells Party is open chance..
Kanika tells Pixy that Umang’s party will be a flop..Umang and Rewa comes…Umang asks all If they got party invitation…Deepum tells she cannot come..Pixy tells she also…Kanika tells that they are royal with their team..Rewa tells Kanika only known to come at another person home and expose them…Pixy asks what does it mean????Kanika tells If she didnt agreed then Deepum and Pixy will not talk to her…Kanika smiles and tells its really sweet and Coach TK tells to sportsmen ship..So she will come in the party..Umang tells Pixy and Deepum to come..Pixy and Deepum agrees..Umang tells great,,Kanika,,Rewa and Deepum goes…Rewa and Umang laughs..Umang tells she will teach a great lesson to Kanika jamwal..Only one thing is left out…Umang comes in TK’s room…TK asks what Umang want???Umang tells TK to believe her as she didnt did cheating and won the race..Umang tells she didnt said Jugnu anything about Rewa’s injury..,,Umang tells she is trying to become a good person..Umang tells she swear that she didnt did cheating..Umang tells she came to invite for party..Rewa text TK saying that she hide about the injury because TK will be disappointed,,And she promised Sana to hide that thing….TK gets happy..TK tells Umang that he cannot come as He and Sana are going on a vacation,,Umang tells thats okay..
TK sends a message to Sana saying Sorry..TK tells that this weekend will go for vacation..Rewa tells that she booked three tickets..Umang asks why three tickets???Rewa tells for Jai…Umang tells If Rewa wanted go with her boyfriend she can..Rewa tells that Jai is Umang’s brother…Umang tells she known whom they can call..Rewa asks who???Umang tells Bhagat…Rewa asks Bhagat dont have work came such a short notice…Bhagat tells who will miss the chance to see a horror movie with two hot girls???If they are scared can hold the hand of Bhagat..Rewa laughs and tells Bhagat was really scared….Bhagat tells Umang was more scared,,She will open all the lights of her house and will sleep..Ghajanad calls Rewa tells that important information is there..Bhagat asks what happened???Rewa tells Ghajand called and said to come..Ghajanad gives the envelope to Bhagat..Bhagat gets happy..Rewa asks whats important in this envelope???Bhagat tells nothing..Ghajanad tells that Jugnu called a worker from outside to change the block..Rewa tells that Before race one starting block changed..Jugnu has changed…

Precap::Rewa and Bhagat hugs…Song goes on background “MUSKURAANE KI WAJAH TUM HO”

Update Credit to: Ansari

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