Swim Team 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Coach talks to rewa..Rewa tells that in 57.2 seconds she will swim and reached till finishing line do what will happened??Coach tells If she done then he will take in the team..Rewa jumps while Coach notes the time…Umang runs and come..Umang tells that Rewa is having asthama..Coach tells its serious??Umang tells yes..Rewa comes out of pool..Coach tells 47 minutes..Coach tells welcome to the team,,Rewa smiles..Umang gets happy..Coach gives the swimming suit..Rewa takes it and goes..Rewa tells Coach that it was her fault not Umang’s..Rewa tells that she said soo that Umang should become famous..Rewa tells that she dont wanted her friend do that to give back the award..Coach asks what about her ??Rewa tells she cannot do swimming as only Umang can do that,,its not her cup of tea..Coach tells goodbye and goes..Rewa comes..Jai says hii..Rewa says where is Umang..Jai says that parents scolded soo much..Jai asks from where training started??Rewa tells no training!!Rewa tells she refused because its Umang life..
Anotherside Ministry person tells that Umang should apologise from them..Coach tells that he will not force umang to tells sorry as its his final decision..Ministry person tells that his decision may backfire him..Coach comes and tells Umang to come first near pool..UMang gets happy..Rewa sits and cries..Rewa’s mother comes amd asks If Umang had a fight,,Rewa tells its nothing like that as Umang is busy with her tournaments..Door bell rings..Rewa thinks..Rewa tells idioit..Umang comes and tels that is Rewa..Umang hugs Rewa tells that where is dosa??Rewa tells she didnt eat..REwa’s mother tells that she knew that they had a fight..Umang tells that she want dosa with lots of sambar and chutney..Mother tells okey and goes..Umang says sorry to Rewa..Rewa tells its okey,,
Coach swims and comes out of pool while one girl comes and sees..Coach comes out..Girl asks what coach has stress off..Umang or Ministry??Coach tells he is thinking of Umang..Coach tells he wanted to give a chance soo that she should realise her mistake..Nextday Coach counts all girl do pushups..Umang do pushups..Coach counts 100,,101,,102,,103..He tells Umang to do more..Umang shouts to count..Coach tells he wanted to talk to Umang..Coach and Umang sits in canteen..Coach tells Umang that he didnt got time to make friends..Coach tells why he telling all this..Coach tells that Rewa is very deep friend of her..Coach tells all things Umang share with Rewa..Umang tells not all the things..Coach asks like what??Umang tells that she didnt took the award because she want to be different from all..She want to show family friends that she is unique and she want her name to be famous..Coach tells this is the time to say..Coach tells he has a interview at 9,,,Umang tells okey..Coach goes..Umang smiles..Umang sees the interview.at ipad.Where Coach says that he is keeping a compedition and who will win the Race he will give them free trainig..Umang sees and gets angry,,Rewa’s coach see the interview..Umang calls Rewa..Rewa is gets asthama attack in swimming pool..Rewa tries to come out,But cannot..Rewa’s coach comes and throws tube..Rewa comes out..He tells sorry as he forgot to say that sprayed chlorine in pool..Because of that asthama triggered..Rewa tells its okey..Rewa’s coach tells Rewa that TK coach is searching a swimmer for team..He tells Rewa have to prticipate in this At it is a good oppturnity..Rewa thinks..Coach tells Rewa what she is thinking??Umang calls Rewa and tells that If she has seen the interview..Umang tells that coach wanted to replace her with someone girl but she will not let happened that…Rewa is shocked..

precap::Umang tells Rewa that Coach wanted some other girl in place of her..Rewa is confused..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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