Swim Team 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kanika says that she is sacrificing her new credit card, she says they must sacrifice something to win in Olympics. She vows she will never shop before Olympics. Neel appreciates the idea and offers some eatable. Kanika asks Rewa if she would sacrifice something, she needs it the most. Rewa looks at Bhagat and says she has sacrificed everything she had, what is left with her. She was about to leave, Kanika asks if she doesn’t believe in sacrificing love. Umang, Neel and Bhagat stand up, Rewa leaves. Bhagat comes to Rewa who was crying sitting on stairs, he asks if she is alright. She says she is, he must leave her alone. Bhagat sits on stairs and says she knows she can talk to him. Rewa asks him to leave her, she doesn’t want to talk to him. He says alright, she won’t now talk to him. Rewa asks why he didn’t talk to her. She says Umang told her everything that he didn’t want to break up with her. She had come with her confusion to him, and he lied to her. Bhagat was irritated and complains what she thinks, if she is the only one in problem. The girl he loved so much was in problem, he couldn’t see her like that; he had to lie to save her from that problem. Rewa says if she knew he didn’t want to break up, she would never have. Bhagat says it is the hardest decision of his life, he couldn’t see her suffer. He says he loved her so much, but what he got, just pain; still he can’t stop himself; because he loves her a lot. Rewa cries. Bhagat also wipes his tears, he says it is better they don’t talk about love, it hurts a lot.
Kanika makes bed with her stuffing it with pillows. Umang comes in, Kanika poses to sit up and asks if she can’t see they are all asleep. Umang looks around, then quietly locks the door from inside. Rewa was still not in bed. Umang stuffs her ears with ear piece. Kanika wish her good night and waits for Rewa thinking now it will be fun.
Rewa comes to the locker room, the door was locked. Rewa knocks the door. Kanika sits up but doesn’t wake anyone. UG’s ears were stuffed so she couldn’t wake up. Jai wonders what the voice is, and asks who is there. He comes with the torch. Rewa hides herself under the staircase. Jai leaves saying it is no one there. Rewa was upset.
There in boy’s locker room Bhagat was still awake, thinking about Rewa saying she sacrificed everything. The door knocks, Bhagat goes to open the door and asks Rewa what is is about. Rewa says she is locked outside girl’s locker room. She asks if she can sleep here, or if there is some extra sleeping bag. Bhagat says this is boy’s locker room. Rewa says she has no other option. Neel wakes up and asks what she is doing in boy’s locker room. There, Jai curses himself to be the guard. He says he has checked everything, now he can sleep sound. He wonders how boy’s lockers room light on is. There, Neel shows Rewa that boys sleep in shorts and shirt, she can’t stay here at all. He suggests to Bhagat and Rewa that he will sleep outside. Rewa says she is their friend, she says she just want to sleep here because she is locked up here. Neel says he is just saying he won’t sleep here if she does. He says he won’t be a part of the trouble that they will have to face if she sleeps here. Jai calls the boys, Neel was afraid. Jai was curt what they are doing in lights on when they were informed that after ten there is a curfew. Neel panics further. Bhagat tells him to shut up and think about something. Rewa asks Bhagat what they will do. Neel reminds that he is coming. Neel tells Rewa and Bhagat to get in a single blanket. Jai asks why the light was on here, he calls Bhagat to wake up. Bhagat poses to be asleep and murmurs which light was on, who was talking? Jai forces that light was on. Bhagat says Neel must have gone to washroom. Jai says he is snoring, how he could be awake just a while ago. Bhagat asks Jai to spend a night with him, he will know. Jai says alright, he is just following TK’s orders. He asks them to sleep, and leaves the room. Rewa comes out of the blanket. Neel jumps to lock the door. Bhagat and Rewa look at each other being really close. Neel says he has left, and asks what they would do next. Rewa says she guess she must go from here, else they might have a lot of problem. Bhagat says he will come with her, she says she will figure something. Bhagat keeps a hand on her mouth. He asks her to come with him, he has a solution for her problem.
Outside, Rewa tells Bhagat that this is risky. Bhagat says he has no option. He will enter the locker’s room from window and will unlock the door for her. Rewa says he has a race tomorrow as well, Bhagat says so does she. He tells her to hold the ladder well. Rewa shut her eyes tight. Bhagat tells her to keep an eye, else he will fell off. She says she is afraid. He tells her to face her fears as always. He goes down the ladder.
Kanika wraps Rewa’s bed sheets and lay down. Bhagat steps down. Kanika was happy that this empty bed will do its work. Bhagat tells Rewa that he is going to the locker room, she must meet him outside. Rewa was worried what if some girl watches Bhagat in the locker room. Bhagat was relieved that the girls are asleep. He steps up a glass that breaks. Kanika sits up at once asking who is there.

PRECAP: Rewa blames Umang that she locked the door, because of race they have tomorrow as she knows that to compete in race one has to take rest. Umang says she would have beaten Rewa in pool other than doing this all. Rewa tells TK that she wants to compete UG in back stroke she has been practicing, she will beat Umang again, she is confident about it.

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