Sweet spice love story- YUVANI FF epi-4

Next morning yuvraj was been sitting on a couch in there balcony with a cup of coffee suhani to comes with her cup of coffee and sits on yuvraj lap
yuvraj – suhani the view from here is beautiful na
suhani- yaa yuvraj its lovely because of it I fill that I have achieved my goals and now I fell completed but they tell na picture abhe baki ha mara dost
yuvraj- yaa suhani we just have started over new relationship we competed over friend ship relationship now we have play a new relationship of husband and wife we are all alone right now it’s starting there will be lot of responsibility and challenges and also happy time
suhani – yaa like our collage day sweet and spice just like over test I like spice and you sweet and they both smiles
yuvraj – suhani but I still thing we just meet and we also don’t know when we became friend and then best friends it was so sudden
suhani – yaa yuvraj

and they both lost in flashback
bg plays Zehnaseeb
Zehnaseeb.. zehnaseeb..
Tujhe chahoon betahasha zehnaseeb..
Mere kareeb, mere habib
Tujhe chahoon betahasha zehnaseeb..

1 fb
Suhani was reading something loudly and all class room was empty and only yuvraj was beside her and was admiring her
Both where running from stairs a principal has came principal saw suhani. yuvraj somehow managed to run but stopped as he notices principal shouting suhani he went back and stand beside her and told principle that it was his mistake
Tere sang beete har lamhe pe hamko naaz hai
Tere sang jo na beete uspe aitraaz hai
Is qadar hum donon ka bandhna ek raaz hai
There fight when on holi suhani putted full bottle water on yuvraj and then suhani hugging from back and convincing him to accept her sorry
Hua Ameer, Dil Gareeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnasib..
Zehnasib Zehnaseeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnaseeb..
There idiotic dance on ganapati vesarjan
Suhani scolding yuvraj for not doing homework and then helping him in his exams
Lena Dena Nahi Duniya Se Mera
Bas Tujhse Mujhe Kaam Hai
Teri Ankhiyon Ki Shahar Mein
Yaara Sab Intazaam Hai..
Khushiyon Ka Ek Tukda Mile
Ya Mile Ghum Ki Khud Chale
Yaara Tere Mere Kharche Mein
Donon Ka Hi Ek Daam Hai..

Yuvraj shouting on suhani for cleenlyness to keep her room clean
Both arranging the pappers in suhani’s lawyer uncul’s office which was near to their collage
Hona Likha Tha Yoon Hi Jo Hua
Ya Hote Hote Abhi Anjaane Mein Ho Gaya..
Jo Bhi Hua, Hua Ajeeb..
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zehnasib..
Zehanaseeb Zehnaseeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnaseeb..
Suhani and yuvraj running from collage bonking it without telling anyone and going to marine drive
Hua Ameer, Dil Gareeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnasib..

Zehnasib Zahanaseeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha
End of fb and song

Suhani – it was the beautiful moment
Yuvraj- yaa suhani it was awesome one I miss toes days but not that much because with whom I have made those memories is still with me and I will not ever live her and they both smiles and kisses each other
Suhani- by the way yuvraj putting her both the hand on his shoulder – can we keep ganesh ji her also you know na he is my brother I want to get him please
Yuvraj – okk we will get him so we will go to boke gansh ji in day after tomorrow okk
Suhani hugs him- thank you.. so… much.. my hubby come on now we will sate everything on right place
The whole day do work and together makes a biryani to eat and have it and then again starts to do work at 8 clock when she was working she saw a picture of a boy and a book yuvraj saw it and went and sat beside her

There was a class room of VIII C suhani was sitting on last bench when teacher told her to sit on second bench when she saw a boy and she got thinking how is he but she ignored her felling after few day they started to talk a little and they us to had a small small eye locks which was been broken always by suhani she started to fall for him but always us to not talk with him when he was near her she us to get scared this thing goon till 10th std and she never talked till last day as she us to thing that he is a rich guy may be he will ignore her may be he will tease her or insult her she was dam scared but she us to think that she loves him a lot a lot
Flashback end
She stars to cry and then hugs him
Suhani- ihate him I hate him throw this out and she crys harder
Yuvi to cry’s seeing her in this state he comforts her and makes her sleep

Precap – the boy to be relived, yuvi flashback and the book’s misty

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    beautiful episode….really interesting

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